I Shouldn't Fall For You

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The sound of my 3inch stilettos hitting the floor echoes through the penthouse as I make my way down the stairs. We have a schedule, a literal schedule, and it is a lot. I’m not even sure how I’m going to be able to be a human during the weekends. Tonight is date night, the first of many, then the next night is the engagement party. The weekend after is friends night, I get to go out with Dominic, his friends, and mine to a club. The only good thing about all of this is the alcohol.

Dominic is standing in the living, dressed in a dark navy blue suit without a tie, his eyes glued to the phone in his hands and the pads on his thumbs run across the screen.

His eyes glance up at me quickly then towards at my hand at the large 5-carat oval engagement ring sitting on my finger, before turning back to his phone. I can’t stop my eyes from rolling as I reach the last step. It is far from my style, something I wouldn’t pick out and I can only assume Dominic bought the first ring he was shown when buying it.

My dress is a simple black dress that hugs my curves and makes me feel confident in myself. My makeup, like always, is simple and light. I have never been someone who wears a lot of makeup, and my dirty blond hair falls in waves down my open back.

I follow Dominic down the elevators, out the lobby, and into the waiting SUV out front. Neither one of us speaks to the other and the car ride to the restaurant is quiet.

The SUV comes to a stop and I look out the tinted window to find paparazzi waiting outside. It's amazing how many people are interested in Dominic's sex life. I must be the topic of choice in all the woman groups in town.

Dominic gets out of the car first and then his outstretched hand appears in front of me. I take it with a small smile attached to my face as I place my fingers lightly in his as I step out of the vehicle.

Dominic’s hand leaves mine and goes towards my lower back as I look up at him, his grey eyes piercing into mine speaking words unspoken. Words no one notices, but I can see the disdain behind them, the want to be anywhere but here with me. I look away, leaving the smile plastered on my face as we walk inside the restaurant.

His hand doesn’t leave my lower back until we reach the table.

I sit in the chair then smile my thanks to the hostess before she walks away. Neither one of us speaks until the waiter walks over, asking for our drink order.

Dominic orders a bourbon and then stares at his phone. “I’ll have the same thanks,” I say before the waiter walks away. My words cause Dominic’s eyes to jump up from his phone to me, there’s a look of shock and surprise on his face. Better than the disdain and hate that he showed me earlier. I quickly shrug at him before looking down at the menu on the table in front of me.

When the waiter finally arrives with our drinks we order dinner - Dominic a steak, medium rare, and for me, the duck.

I grab my glass of bourbon and take a sip, surprised by how smooth it is even though there is still a small burn as it slides down my throat. The silence between us is deafening but I bite my tongue, swallowing down the words that want to come out. I’m not entirely sure what to say and it doesn’t seem like Dominic is interested in any type of talking.

The minutes tick by slowly, too slowly, and I can’t keep quiet anymore. My eyes move up from my empty glass to look at him, his gaze fixed on his phone. “The engagement party is tomorrow, do you know what you are wearing?” I ask.

Dominic doesn’t respond, doesn’t even make a move to show he even heard me.

I try again, “what are you reading?” My question is met with silence again.

I can feel the annoyance grow in me from his child-like behavior in giving me the silent treatment. So I reach my hand across the table and grab his bourbon, taking a sip from it. This causes a reaction from him, his eyes meet mine and I can see the fire behind them. I’ve pissed him off.

I smirk at him before taking another sip, “oh sorry, were you going to drink this?” I ask him sweetly. I stretch my arm out, holding his glass out towards him. He says nothing, makes no movement towards the outstretched glass. “No? I can have it? How sweet Dominic.” I say bring the glass back towards me and up to my lips, finishing the dark amber liquid in one quick gulp, shoving back the strong urge to grimace at the burn from it.

I place the empty glass in front of him, “Maybe next time you’ll answer me.” I hold his dark gaze, refusing to break the apparent stare game that has been started.

Our waiter places two new glasses with bourbon in front of us and Dominic looks away first, causing a smile to form on my face. The rest of dinner goes by quietly, neither of us speaking to the other. My fun with stealing his drink obviously didn’t do anything but at this rate, I’m not really sure what to do to get him to be nicer to me. He could at least try, I don’t think I’m asking for much given our situation.

We leave the restaurant the same way we arrived, smiling faces and Dominic’s hand on my lower back.


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