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Knuckles - Black Sails - Book 3

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Born into a life of poverty wasn't easy for me. I was brought into this world as a product of my mother's hard work, as she would call it. She was a prostitute, and my father could have been one of 20 different guys she fucked the night she conceived me. She often would say that she wished she had just aborted me or left me at the hospital, but some guys paid more at the thought that a baby was in the room while they got their thrills. I wasn't allowed to talk much as a child, which perhaps is why I don't speak a whole hell of a lot now. Sure, I talk but it is only in the shortest sentences as possible and only when necessary. I'm known around the club for just grunting my responses. I like it that way, and no one fucks with me about it. Well, they mostly don't because they know that I could kill them with just a couple of punches...hence the name Knuckles, which I have proven enough times that they just don't fuck with me.

I'm the youngest patched member of Black Sails MC, only being 24. I was patched in a few years ago at 17, when I fought off some dope dealers that were trying to steal product from BSMC. The president at the time, Pirate, saw my loyalty and rewarded me with getting my patch. I had been a prospect for about a year at that point, and apparently, it was a big fucking deal what I did because the whole club at the time threw me a party to celebrate that I kept us from losing the product and the money. I'll take it because this is the only family that I have now. Things have sure changed though in the last few years. Our current president, Kid, has gotten the club out of the illegal sex trade businesses and tries to keep the club on the up-and-up as much as possible. His wife is the doctor in town, and she is known as a cleaner...which means, if you want a body to be unrecognizable, then she is the one you go to for that. Our VP, Slade, is married also with a couple of kids now. They run a ranch just outside of town, and I live out there so I can help with running things. The money from the ranch helps fund the MC quite a bit so we can get out of the illegal shit completely.

Like most other people in this world, I have secrets of my own. My biggest secret, I've only had sex with two women and they were both just once each. The guys at the club don't know this about me. I've had a shit ton of blow jobs, ate my fair share of pussy, but when it comes to putting my dick into that pussy I draw the line. My mother ruined intercourse for me. You see, my only two experiences were both with pros that my mom worked the streets with. She hovered over me and told me what to do, and it just kind of ruined the urges to go that route for sexual pleasure. I get what I need from getting sucked off, that and I'll jerk myself off if the need arises for it. The club girls here, they complain that their jaws hurt after blowing me though, so I don't get as much attention as I would like to these days. They want me to fuck them, but I just can't bring myself to go there, and damn sure not with them because they have had every single dick of every single or unmarried man in the club, and I don't do leftovers.

My second, not so big, secret, I'm really shy. If I'm out in town, and see a pretty girl coming my way, I blush and forget how to breathe. For someone with my height and build, you would think that I would be oozing confidence, but I don't. I would rather have my hands chopped off than talk to a woman, that is how crippling my shyness is. To add to that, I want what Kid and Slade have though. I want a family, a wife and kids eventually. I want to have all those things that come along with being in love with someone, having that special person that is just for you for the rest of your life. I won't ever have that though, because I can't even say hello to someone much less ask them to marry me or have my babies.

My last secret, I hold multiple degrees. I went to a couple of online colleges at the same time, just so I could obtain my certificates sooner. I hold a degree in Financial Analysis, and one in Business Management. I would like to someday use those to open my own business, maybe something that would provide me with a nest egg and also help the club, maybe buy the garage and body shop from the club. I already run those businesses, why not make them mine. The guys don't know that I did this, and I don't want to tell them. I don't think they would make fun of me for it, but I just don't want to find out either.

I just have to keep telling myself that someday, I will find all that I am looking for in this life. I'm still young enough that I can make a way for myself and still be all the club needs me to be.

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