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Story of a young police officer whose life takes a turn when he investigates a case. The case opens the gate of his memories from his childhood.He is forced by Karma to decide the real meaning of truth and lie.

Drama / Children
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Chapter 1: THE DREAM

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[Chapter 1]—The dream

Tak……Thak…thak….the sound of the horse shoes increasing gradually, coming closer. A young, tall man in thirties is sitting on the horse riding slowly over the sleepy beach town of Todos Santos. He is wearing a huge cowboy hat almost covering his face, with a Sheriff batch on his shirt. The horseman is now standing in the middle of a busy market. Suddenly “ Oh…..! catch it….my hen…. Its running…. don’t let it go.” The horseman saw a kid running towards him. “Hey!.... what are you doing? Go…catch my hen…. go …run…run…. Senor…..senor…..wake up…..”

Ed almost fell off his chair. “Senor are you alright? Need some water or …coffee?” asked Fernando worriedly. Oh! No……am fine……that dream again……” Ed said trying to compose himself. “Senor that thief Jed, we arrested last night is ridiculous; said Fernando. Ed sensed the irritation in his voice and said “Is he still on his words?” Not a word did he change from last night Senor” frowned Fernando.” OK! Let me check” said Ed.

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