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Chapter: 10-

[Chapter- 10]- TOAST AND FEAST

Eduardo was in a hurry. He was speeding up his car and he thought “I hope I will make it on time. I’m already running late. O god !! I may get killed.”

No, Ed is not heading to any mission but something bigger. He is driving fast to catch his little sister’s birthday party. Yes, if he’s late Yolanda will kill him. A family get together after a long time. Ed will see his grandparents after so many years. This made Ed more nostalgic and more excited.

The entire family welcomed Ed with big hugs and tons of love. The celebration began with lots of food, fun, drinks, dance and warmth. Ed thought with a sigh “ Ah !!!!! the much needed one.” Ed found his dad sitting alone with a glass of his favorite ‘Paloma’ in the backyard. Ed thought “Perfect”. He sat beside him and said “ Dad, how are you?” Miguel replied “Fit and fine as always. And proud too. Proud of you. We saw on the television and newspapers too. Well done son”. Ed smiled and said “Thanks dad. Dad, do you remember that incident in my childhood? When our golden hen went missing and I jumped over in our neighbor’s backyard and that lady Rosa, created a big mess. You remember?” Miguel thought for a while and said “ Oh!! Yes of course I remember. And she left the town soon after that incident. God knows where she went. But why are you asking? After so many years?” Ed said “ 20 years dad.” Miguel frowned. Ed continued “I met her after 20 years.” “what?” the word suddenly jumped out from Miguel’s mouth. Ed said “Yes dad. I arrested her son in Chihuhuan.” Both of them were silent for a while. Then Miguel said “Did she recognize you?” Ed replied no with the nod of his head. Miguel said “Did you tell her, who you are?” Ed replied with a question “What do you think I may have done dad?” Miguel responded with a broad smile. He said “ You are my son.” And the phrase came out from their mouth together “Somethings are better ‘untold’.”

Just then Yolanda entered with a glass of wine and said “ Hey!! Dad , Ed what are you two doing over here? Come on we are going to raise a toast. Come fast.”

Everyone raised the toast. And all the happy faces together said “ CHEERS !!!!!”


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