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Chapter :2 : THE PRISONER

[Chapter 2]The prisoner

Morning interrogations are the worst part of his job. Ed…Eduardo Vargas hates this the most in his three years of service as a police officer. It’s been three years he has shifted to Toluca. Toluca –State of Mexico.

Eduardo enters the interrogation room with Fernando and David. He sat just in front of the prisoner. Ed cleared his throat and started “ Look …..I’m here sitting in front of you, wasting a beautiful morning and a hot cup of coffee, not to hear those crap again. Well ! I give you a chance to pour your heart out and speak the truth. The truth can save you. Common try me….”. Jed took few sips of water from the glass kept on the table. Then he began “Senor….i repeat again that I did not steal.” Ed rolled his eyes. David was about to say something , Ed stopped him with the gesture of his hand. Jed started again”That watch belongs to me,my family, my ANCESTORS do even get that? You wont understand the emotions attached to that watch.” After a pause he began again “That watch was gifted to my grandfather during WW2. Its antique, its priceless. I went to take my own thing. Do you call it stealing? I trusted my friend. Now I know, why he made me drunk that night in the casino. He sold it to Tango that, don. I just went to take it from him. He is a player I tell you. I ….didn’t steal….I…”. Jed broke down after the long conversation. Ed closed his eyes and thought “some Déjà vu or sounds familiar?” He shaked the jar of memories for a few more moments but nothing came out. He needs COFFEE.

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