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Chapter: 3

[Chapter 3] — the rest nest

“REST NEST” is written on the name plate of Eduardo Vargas’s home,hanging neatly on the pastel blue wall beside the brown door.

Its 8:00 am now. A perfect time for the kitchen to smell like coffee, specially after spending a whole night at the police station. Ed made a quick breakfast of some ‘Pan Dulce’, paired with a big mug of hot coffee. As he sat on the tall stool in the kitchen, that jar of memories came back again. Just then his phone started ringing. Absent mindedly he picked up the phone and said” hola……”. A very excited voice from the other side said” Buenos dias. How are you ? Ed answered “ Hey!! Yolanda my little sis I’m absolutely doing great but you ….woke up so early today?” “ Come on bro…..was missing u ….honestly. Wait someone wants to talk to you.”Said Yolanda. The voice brought a big smile on Ed’s face. “ How are you my child?”said Ed’s mother Gloria. “ Hey !! mom….. I’m good. How are you? How’s dad? And what that little jerk doing over there?”said Ed. Gloria replied cheerfully “ All are doing good. Yolanda is here for her birthday. She came home this mor…..” Gloria couldn’t complete her sentence, Yolanda snatched the phone from her mother and yelled” You forgot my birthday? I’m not going to talk to you anymore.” Ed started laughing and promised his mom and sister that he will visit home very soon and kept the phone. Ed thought of taking a shower.

Ed might have fallen asleep when his phone started ringing. It was Fernando. Ed picked up and said “ yes buddy …….”. Fernando said “ Senor , there’s an old lady. She wants to meet you. She’s Jed’s mother.” Ed replied “ ask her what’s the matter. If she wants to visit her son she may.” Farnando said “ No senor she wants to talk to the officer in charge of the case.” Ed yawned and replied “ I’ll be there within 30 minutes.”

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