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Chapter : 4

[ Chapter – 4]- THE MOTHER AND SON

Eduardo grabbed a couple of ’ Al pastor taco, some nachos and mayo from a take away eating joint and headed toward the police station.

Fernando was already waiting at the entrance. “ Did she meet her son?” asked Ed. Fernando replied “ No senor ….not yet.” “ Fine, send her in.?” said Ed.

Few minutes of silence has already passed between Ed and the old lady. By that time Ed noticed the lady carefully. She looked devastated, which was obvious. She wore a pale dress and had trembling and wrinkled hands,but her eyes were telling something else. Her eyes were much calm and confident. Eduardo offered her coffee, she refused. After few moments of that awkward silence, she spoke “ My son is not a thief. The watch is his, the watch is our ancestral asset. He was tricked.” Ed replied in a polite tone” Senora….look….. investigation is on. Jed will be presented to court. Last night……we caught him at Tango’s villa. He got messed up with his guards. We have seen the CCTV footage. He trespassed. The lady interrupted “ yes because Tango might have taken it from Carlos, Jed’s cheater friend. Tango is a smuggler u know that,

we all know that. There is something you all are missing. I know Jed. He cannot steal. Tango might have got up with something.” “ Calm down senora” said Ed. “ you will get chance to prove everything, but in the court, very soon. Ok. There is one thing I can do for you, I can hire the best lawyer to fight for your son……“. She smiled and agreed and went to see her son.

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