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Chapter: 6

[Chapter-6]- LESSON OF LIFE

Next day was Sunday. And Sunday brought comfort for all of them. After coffee, Miguel said to Gloria “I and Ed will go for a walk, we will be have our breakfast out. Don’t worry we will be back by lunch. The boy had to go through a lot of things. He needs a break.” Gloria said “ sure honey. Even I was thinking the same. And both of you can have a man to man talk too.” Both of them smiled.

Miguel and Eduardo were having breakfast in ‘LA PANDILLA’. A beautiful place to uplift your mood. They had Pan dulce, Ramchata cupcakes, Huevos Rancheros with Pitta bread and coffee.Ed was not talking much. After what happened yesterday he had mixed feeling of guilt and anger both. Miguel understood, so he gave him his own time and space. Miguel wanted Ed to talk first whenever he felt comfortable. After all they had a long time to spend together today. On the other hand Ed was in search of a particular moment to talk to his father. After breakfast, they took a cab and went to the beach. Today the beach was extra colorful and chaotic. Father and son had a private place and fortunately it wasn’t occupied. They climbed the huge rock and sat side by side. The gentle, salty breeze of the sea brought down a calmness inside them. Ed broke the silence and said “ Dad I’m sorry ………for yesterday.” Miguel nodded. Ed said “but dad………u don’t know one thing that lady was lying. She had our hen in her coop. When I saw, then only I decided to take it back. I didn’t steal.” Miguel said “mmm… take without her permission?” Ed answered promptly “butI know if I asked she would have never given me so I thought of…….” Miguel interrupted “ stealing? Yeah …because that’s stealing. Even if the thing is yours. But at that particular moment it was with her so, it’s hers. Understand the difference son. What you did, isn’t that similar to what she did to you? I know she wouldn’t have given permission ever. But you could have thought of some other way out. You could have come back and told me or your mom and there had to be an another way. Okay I understand you are a kid and that moment you did what you thought was right. I don’t blame you completely. You know son, there is just one goal but many paths to reach to the goal. The path with lots of difficulties is the right path and path which takes you to the goal very smoothly is definitely the wrong one. Though at first it may seem to be very comfortable but the consequences are disastrous. So always choose your path wisely” Miguel paused after the long talk.

Just then an ice cream cart was crossing from there and Miguel took 2 ice creams. Ed was feeling much better and much lighter now. Miguel said “Ed, you know son, about our town Todos Santos? Our town has a history of land and sea and was founded probably around the 17th century. Santos was a literal and figurative oasis with an underground aquifer and lush green tropical setting in the middle of a desert. People then raised livestock, harvested fruits and vegetables especially sugarcane. They transformed our town into the ‘Sugarcane Capital’ of Baja. Todos Santos thrived for two centuries but we have also seen drought and then WorldWar 2, which brought the downfall of the sugarcane industry.” Ed who was listening very attentively all this time asked curiously “what happened after that?” Miguel smiled and began “when the sugar mills closed in the early 1950’s, many families left the town and the few who remained brought back the magic of Todos Santos once again. Todos Santos is still the natural, historical and architectural wonder. So, it’s what we say ‘PUEBLO MAGICO’.” Ed was lost in thoughts looking far in the horizon. After spending few more minutes on the beach they got up to go back home. The black clouds of doubt, rage and guilt which were hovering over Ed’s head were blown away by the sea breeze and Miguel’s magic words.

They reached home with free minds and happy hearts. And delicious lunch made by Gloria made the Sunday even more special.

Joyful June arrived with Yolanda’s birthday. A grand family get together was held and the joy of celebration wiped away all the dust of sorrows from the past.

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