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Chapter: 7

[ Chapter – 7]- HEAD OR TAIL

Today is the first hearing in the Jed’s case. Eduardo Vargas hates this place called court. He thinks, it is the only place where evidences and proofs take over emotions and relations. The first half seemed to be a ‘win win’ for Tango. As he is a powerful man, he got up the case with false evidences and witnesses. In the second half, things turned upside down. Jed’s lawyer presented some evidences with the effort of Ed and Jed’s mother, which helped the case turn in favor of Jed. The proofs were- 1. A letter. A very old one. Worn out, pale and torn from many places yet the writing was visible. The letter clearly stated that, the watch was a gift from the Chief General of Army to Jed’s grandfather during the period of World War 2.

2. An old photograph. In this photograph, Jed’s grandfather is seen along with his soldier colleagues and the same watch is on his wrist.

3. CCTV footage. The cctv footage was of a casino bar where Jed and Carlos are seen fighting over the watch. (Jed later presented the details of the fight seen in the footage in front of the judge.)

All the evidences were further processed for forensic examination. Before adjourning, the judge issued an arrest warrant in the name of Carlos, Tango and Jed were send in remand till the next hearing.

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