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Chapter: 8-

[ Chapter – 8]- HISTORY REPEATS

Now it was time for some real action for Eduardo Vargas. Ed and his team were heading to Chihuahuadesert, the northern part of Mexico. The sources informed about Carlos, who is hiding in this part of Mexico.Darkness already wrapped the desert when they reached. In the hotel Fernando asked Ed “Senor from where are we starting our operation ’search Carlos?” Ed gave a crooked smile and said “ I know a place. Go to your room for now. Pamper yourself with a shower and a good sleep. Rest …..I’ll tell u tomorrow at breakfast.” And they departed to their respective rooms.Ed did some homework before proceeding. Some phone calls, some notes …..etc…etc.

Next morning in the breakfast hall Fernando was curious like a 5 year old. Ed read his mind and that puppy face. He came closer and said in his ear “ We are going to three most plausible places today in informal wears. I’ll text you the details. Have your breakfast and take rest. Don’t do anything stupid.” And Ed passed a pitta bread in Fernando’s plate with a smile.

At 4:00 pm sharp the door knocked. Ed got up and opened the door and welcomed all. He said “ So, all of you have come and I’ll discuss today’s task. Ed started explaining with gestures and drawings and everyone attentively listened. After an hour and a half Ed stopped and said “ any doubts gentlemen ?” “ No senor” everyone answered jointly.

At 8:30 pm Eduardo, Fernando and two more officers are sitting on the table of ‘ CASINO REAL DE MINAS’ with Michelada on the rocks. Eight other officers are in two different casinos of the town. Fernando couldn’t hide his curiosity again and asked “ senor how are you so confident that we can find Carlos in casino?” Ed replied “ some people never change Fernando. Especially their spirit. And if he is a criminal, his style or way of action will never change. Criminals repeat most of the times.” Ed said again in a low tone this time “ pretend to be normal and keep your sense organs fully open.” Ed’s phone was ringing. It was from the other two casinos. His men informed that till now there’s no sign of target yet. Ed asked them to stay focused and keep him informed from time to time. They didn’t had to wait long. There was Carlos sitting in the bar area with a tequila. He took three shots and went to the gaming area. He wasn’t playing he just stood there for some time looked here and there and went towards the restroom. Ed said “now”. He typed a quick message to the other officers in the other two casinos and called the local police station and four of them headed towards the restroom. As soon as they saw Carlos one officer grabbed him and Ed had his gun pointed straight on his head. Ed said “ Stop right there Carlos. You are under arrest. A slightest of your movement can kill you.” Carlos was furious and devastated. He screamed “what have I done? Do you have any proper arrest warrant friends? If yes, then SHOW MEEE and get the fuck off me.” By the time the local police officers arrived and Carlos was shown the arrest warrant as per his request. But he was still confused and blank.He spent the night in the lockup and by now he has understood the reason of his arrest. He was mostly quiet the whole night. Next morning when he was given coffee he refused to take. He said just one thing “ I want to see my mother for once.” Ed saw a plead in his eyes which moved him a bit and he said “ I’ll try.” Ed made a phone call and took permission to take Carlos to see his mother. Within an hour Carlos was put inside a police van with strict security and they were hitting the road. From the main road they entered the sand roads with dust everywhere. They had to go a long way as the house was in the remote area of the desert. “Stop stop ….. that’s my house”. Ed saw a small wooden house with dust all around. They took Carlos with hand cuffs towards the door and Ed knocked. After few knocks the door opened and there was a woman in her eighties standing in front of them with a pale and blank face. She said slowly “not again Carlos” she hugged her son with trembling hands and tears rolling down from her old eyes. Among all this, Ed stood perplexed as if he has seen a ghost. Nobody will understand what was going on inside him. No, it can’t be. It’s been 20 years. The incident which he forgot but never quiet erased from his heart and mind. That lady from her neighborhood ‘ROSA CASTILLO’ is standing in front of him once again after 20 years. But this time the circumstances are totally opposite. Ed was finding hard to control his emotions so he hurried Carlos to get back in the van.“What a player God is!!!!” Ed thought. Today Ed is dragging Carlos with handcuffs in front of his mother and 20 years ago his mother did the same with a ten-year-old innocent boy. So many flashes from the past started clouding Ed’s mind like those dust and sandy winds of the desert, covering him all over. He thought “Shall I tell her who I am? No. She had had enough. Some things are better ‘untold’. Because those untold things are answered by God at the right time.”

From there, their journey began towards Toluca State of Mexico.

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