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Reece is a young prince who is locked out from the public by his mother, The Queen. The only connection to the outside world he has are his two servants who are more like friends to him than servants. Until he finds a way out, a jump out of his window, which is a 100 foot fall. Outside he finds friends, fun and even his past love interest. (( ONLY THE PROLOGUE IS AVAILABLE. I WILL BE UPDATING EVERY TUESDAY ))

Drama / Fantasy
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Help me.

Please release me from her grasp.

I’m calling out to you, for this kingdom isn’t what you think it is. She hides me in the tower all day. The only way I can sneak out is through the window, with a hundred foot drop below.

Vervain - Pray for me, protection against evil

She’ll let me out once I get a wife though, but I don’t want a wife. I’m not interested in women. The only person I have seen and been the slightest interest in was Elijah, and he barely knows I exist.

That would be a lie though. Everyone in the kingdom knows I exist. I’m the youngest prince, Reece. It's just that nobody knows who I really am. Only Mari and Oakley really know who I am. I honestly don't know what I would do without the two.

And no, they aren't my siblings. My real brothers are the notorious idiots, Erin and Addison. Not a single one of them even like me just a small bit. I sometimes wish I was an only child. Maybe then my mother would love me.

When I was young my mother threw me into a secluded tower. I know, what a cliche, but it happened. She told me it was for the greater good of my future but how come I only had my servants, Mari and Oakley, to teach me. I didn't even have some snooty hired teacher like my brothers had. I was just given the bare minimum of education. It's kind of suspicious if you really think about it.

I don't think of my servants as, well, servants. They're more like really close friends. They are also the only people I've interacted with for a whole of my life so you could say that had a huge impact.

And my social skills? None.

My mother is to blame for all of this. If I could call her my mother. She'd hit me if I call her mother. When people aren't around, I must call her your majesty. She said that I must call her that so I don't go soft, but whenever people are around I must call her mother. Why?

Why is she like this..

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