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Eggs and Catch Up!

Chapter 10: Eggs and Catch Up!

Thank Goodness that ‘Youth is wasted on the Young’. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have any grumpy old people.

“Wow, this is so awesome, Jade! Oh, what’s that? And that?”

Louis jumped from one side of the bus to the other side staring out each window. This was his first time to be outside the mansion in a while. He was making a fool of himself and me by extension.

“Louis, would you stop bouncing all over the place?”

“I can’t help it! I bounce when I’m happy!”

“So you’re actually enjoying this?”

“I like doing new things, things I like make me happy, so I bounce and bouncing makes me even more happy!

“Well, fine, but could you at least try to walk like a human being?”



“Yep, no,” the little child smiled innocently at me, “I’ll wear these stupid clothes, but I don’t have to walk if I don’t wanna.”

“Would you do it, if I get you a big round ball to bounce instead?”

“...May-be,” the child pressed his pointers together as if he always had them, “Can it have a string attached to it too?”

“So long as you don’t drag it around like a tail.”

“You mean like the ones you got at home?”

“Shush,” I blushed, and hoped that no one else on the bus heard that comment, “Don’t tell anyone that. It’s personal.”

“So is what I am supposed to be,” the child’s lips puckered.

“Well, right now, you’re supposed to be my little brother, Understand?”

Louis stayed quite for a few seconds before nodding. I smiled and reached out for the brake wire. The bus slowed to a stop as I collected up my backpack.

“Good, Now which do you want first? The ball or ice cream?”

“The ball,” Louis squeaked as he bounced up and down again.

“Oh, when I get my hands on that Eddy character I’m gonna,” Karen raged... Again…

“I know, I know, you’re going to destroy him. Blah blah blah,” I said as I shut the door behind me.

“Welcome back you two,” Brandy greeted us. Karen stormed past him and crashed down in the closest chair.

“What’s up with you,” one of the twins asked. I couldn’t tell which one though.

“Well you see...,” I started, but Karen shot daggers out of her eyes, “Don’t know. She’s been saying stuff like that the whole way back.”

“You two were gone all night. So who won,” Brandy was about to ask the taboo question, but quickly decided against it, “who? Um, Wo-Wants breakfast? My dad says I make a pretty mean omelet.”

“Ooh, can I have mine with calamari and pheasant bits?”

“I want mine with truffles instead of bits?”

“You two are disgusting,” I spat, but quickly got back into character, “I mean... who eats Calamari in an omelet.”

“Wouldn’t matter anyways, because Ms. Kay only has eggs and ketchup,” Brandy sighed in relief as he opened a cabinet.

“Thank God,” I whispered under my breath, “wait, are you sure that it’s alright for you to be using Ms. Kay’s kitchen?”

“She’s the one that suggested it,” he said as he opened another cabinet, It was filled back to back with, well... “Why does she have so much ketchup!"

“So, where’s Milkshake,” I asked.

“He's out back with the other Phoenixes,” Brandy cracked an egg onto the frying pan.

“Uh oh,” both Karen and I gasped.

Adjusting to my new lifestyle on this farm wasn’t going so well...

“(Yeouch!),” I winced as Jyrotika, the elder Phoenix treated my wounds.

“(Hold still),” Jyrotika grunted, “(Don’t be difficult.)”

“(Easy for you to say-eh~Ow!)” I screamed as she rubbed more of that medicine gunk into my wounds.

“(What’s a matter, freak!),” that jerk Phoenix taunted, “(Can’t stand a little pain?)”

“(Drop the tough guy act, Adian.),” Banhi, that teen Phoenix I met, hit the little bugger on the head.

“(Hey, what did I do!?!)”

“(Show some respect for our guest.)”

“(Weren’t you the one that laughed at his insulting human name?),” another female Phoenix chick by the name of Enya asked.

“(That couldn’t be helped.),” Banhi, tried to suppress his laughter, “(Human’s do what they will.)”

“(Hey Hell, when you’re done healing, you want to play with us?),” Fia was back.

“(I’d rather tear my own guts out.)”

“(I think that you should go run around with your little friends...),” a familiar fox chimed in, “(It will build up your strength and not make you so shrimpy.)”

“(Oh God, run! It’s Kiki!),” I ran for my life out of the coop.

“(Eep run away),” the other seven chicks followed my lead.

“(Wait! Come back here! I just want to lick you!),” Kiki shouted, “(Gotcha! One down! Seven to go!)”

Ms. Kay leaned against the side of the main house and watched as the young Kitsune chased after the remaining flock of birds.

“(Taking a trip down memory lane?)”

“You could say that...,” she didn’t even bother to turn around to speak to her invisible friend, “Why don’t you join them? You have the ability to do so.”

“(No way. You remember what happened last time...),” Sigma refused, “(I lost my consciousness for a whole month.)”

“Awe, but you seemed to have such fun,” Ms. Kay joked.

“(It’s not fun to lose yourself to your disguise.)”

“Your personality didn’t seem to change that much.”

“(I was a girl...),” Sigma sneered.

“And just what’s wrong with that? You made a very cute Phoenix,” she laughed.

“(Don’t even think about it.),” Sigma saw through her ruse. Sigma might be a trickster at heart, but he is no one’s fool.

“Okay, I won’t tell Banhi that-”

“(I know you’re trying to distract me from… Banhi? He’s still here?)” Although, cats (even Yokai cats) do tend to have fickle minds...

“Right there in the hen house,” Ms. Kay sang playfully, “and he made a mighty handsome Phoenix.”

“(Really he’s… he... no, I won’t fall for it. Don’t distract me from the real issue here!)”

“There’s just no tricking you, is there,” she sighed.

“(Don’t lose yourself to this mask of yours ‘Ms. Kay’.)”

“You’re right.”

“(Yeah, I usually am.)”

“Perhaps,” Ms. Kay smiled like a fox,“but right now I have somewhere I need to be.”

“(Where are you going?)”

“I’m going to make a down payment,” she turned to leave, “maybe then Jonathan will follow ‘his destiny’ instead of wasting time here.”

Sigma’s ears perked up for a second, then looked back at the yard. Kiki had just caught her fifth Phoenix.

“(I better get back to looking.),” Sigma stopped only to finish its warning, “(don’t forget what I said. Even you need a break every now and then.)”

“(She’s catching up Hell!),” Fia shrieked.

“(Alright, two things! One, don’t call me ‘Hell’, and Two stop following me!)”

“(I can’t help it if you can’t outrun her!)”

“(I don’t have to out run her I just-),” then Kiki pounced on both of us, “(Gah! Don’t eat me! I’m too young to die!)”

“(Okay, you got me Auntie Kiki!),” Fia giggled as Kiki continued licking her.

“(Auntie what?)”

“(Yep, I’m their Auntie Kiki.),” Kiki grinned, “(Guess that make you their Uncle Milkshake.)”

“(Don’t call me Milkshake!)”

“(But taste just as sweet as...),” she licked me, then smacked her lips, “(Yuck, what vile gunk have you been soaking in! So what’s my time Luighseach?)”

“(Four minutes and seven counts.),” the old Unicorn bellowed, “(A new record even with the extra player.)”


“(That is unless they all let you win.),” Leo commented.

“(We’d never do that to our Auntie Kiki!),” a single Phoenix said proudly.

“(See?),” Kiki smirked.

“(That was all a Game!?!),” I raged.

“(Well, no duh idiot.),” the proud Enya rolled her eyes.

“(What a sore loser.),” another one sighed.

“(I thought I was going to die!)”

“(Well, then it’s a good thing that Kiki was just playing.),” Luighseach neighed, I’m guessing that was his way of laughing at me.

“(Yeah, it was a game and you were that last one to be caught.),” Leo chuckled, “(You sure are a lucky little birdie, aren’t you?)”

“(What the hell is lucky about it! I hate God Damn Phoenixes!)”

“(Hell... how can you say that about-)”

“(Cram-it Fia! My name’s not Hell! It’s not Milkshake! And I don’t want to be here! You understand?),” I snapped as I stomped off, “(I’m going home.)”

“(That’s it! Let me at him!),” Adian leaped at me but was held back by two others, “(Nobody talks to my Fia like that!)”

“(Adrian, he’s not worth it. Just keep telling yourself that and calm down.),” the one on his right said.

“(I don’t care, Enya! That little piece of crud has to pay!)”

“(Yea... just relax. Holding you back is too much work.),” the one to his left held him back lazily.

“(Oh, what’s the matter Adian...)” God, why didn’t I just keep on walking. “(can’t stand that Fia likes a freak more than you.)”

“(...Alright, Sick’m!),” Enya released Adian after me, “(but be sure to save some room for me to beat up!)”

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