Phoenix Feathers: Cult of the Pseudo Phoenix

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Memories of a Mother

Chapter 11: Memories of a Mother

Don’t you wish that there was a twelve step program for fighting chickens?

…No, seriously.

“See? I told you you’d like ice cream,” I laughed as Louis licked the edge of the cone again. He kept his new big blue ball under his right arm.

“It’s so cold but so good!”

“It’s not better than your usual food is it?”

“I don’t get you, Jade,” the child took a small lick off the cone before continuing, “You’re the one who wanted me to try ice cream, but you sound sad that I might like it.”

“It’s not that. It’s just,” I paused, How could I tell him that he’s my genie pig?, “I just wanted to make sure of something.”

“Make sure of what?”

“Well, you remember what I told you about my mother.”


“Well, she...” I had to put it in words that a child wouldn’t cry about, “‘disappeared’ after I was... after I got here.”

“Where did she go?”

“I don’t know,” I lied... sort of, “which is why I need to either find her or better yet...”

I took out the medallion, just for a second. I knew exactly how dangerous this thing was, but its power shouldn’t affect anybody. The magic that I inherited wouldn’t allow it. It was part of my blood, so to speak.

“Replace her...,” I finished.

“You’re thinking about using that thing to…,” he started to tear up, “you’re not running away, are you?”

“I need to Louis. My mother’s ‘missing’ and I can’t stand not doing anything about it.”

“Who-o will I pl-play wif if ya g-go?”

“Louis, please don’t.”

“Waahhh Jaaaade! I don’t want you to go!”

“Louis people are-,” I was too late, Louis started wailing like a five-year-old, “oh, crud.”

“Jade please don’t. I-I don’t want ya to!”

“Please stop crying Lou.”

“Jade? Hey, Jade!”

“Double crud, people who know me. Hey, um,” I stopped mid-sentence. Make that triple crud. I don’t know them, but they all seem to know me, “everyone...?”

“We missed you at the shrine yesterday.”

“You did,” I nearly screamed. Were these people following me?

“You totally didn’t show,” the blond shrugged, “Though, I’m not surprised. John wouldn’t care if you were there.”

“Oh, that’s right,” I sighed in relief, “people were going to pray for him...”

“Hey, who’s this little fella,” another one of the girls bent eye level with Louis.


“Hiya, Louie why are you crying?”

“Jade was going to leave me,” Louis sniffled.

“Jade, how can you even think about leaving this adorable little angel?”

“No, you have it all wrong,” I blabbered.

“We’re just messing with ya, Jade.”

“Hey, why don’t you come with us,” the blond asked again.

“Yeah, that’s a Great Idea,” the red head squealed, “We’re going to see the Phoenixes. Want to come?”

“Can I bring my ball?”

“Of course, you can,” now the blond squealed again, “oh, he’s absolutely adorable!”

Despite how I died, I did live a good life. Sure, I lived half a childhood without my dad. And sure, I got bullied for being Lower Class. If it wasn’t for my mother, I might have committed suicide sooner.

My mother used to teach history at my school. Being the teacher’s son didn’t stop them from bullying me, but it was a little comforting to know that she was there. Now, I know what some of you are thinking, but no. I was not able to go to this school because my mother worked there. I worked hard for my scholarship into Golnar Vermilion Academy.

“John, how could you get in another fight?”

“Mom, it’s not my fau-Gah, it stings!”

“Well, stop getting into fights,” mom explained as she tried applying the rubbing alcohol again, “then we won’t have to treat you.”

“Tyrone started it!”

“That’s not the point,” Mom sighed, “How do you think it reflects on me when you get into fights?”

“Well, if he’d stop picking fights with me,” I flinched at the pain again, “then I won’t have to finish them.”

“Do you even realize how lucky you are to be able to go here,” my mother nagged, “Mr. Smith pulled a lot of strings for us.”

“I don’t trust that man, mom,” I spat.

“I know you don’t, but…,” Mom continued cleaning my cut, “Just keep telling yourself ‘just one more year and then I’m out of here.’”

“Not that it matters. I can’t graduate without Terry.”

“I’m sure that Officer Mara and the others will find them soon.”

“None of them care about Terry, Mom!”

“Don’t you yell at me, Jonathan Tyler Lawrence,” she huffed.

...Man, I hate it when she calls me that...

“Sorry, mom,” I sighed, then smiled, “but we made a promise together.”

“They will find him,” she sat down and pulled me close, “You will make it to the end of this school year and then you two can go off and bring back the Silver Cup.”

“Silver,” I laughed, “Mom, you know that we’re going to bring back a golden trophy the size of the Grand Fenghuang Torch itself.”

“Oh you will, will you?,” Mom laughed back, “well where ever would I put it?”

“The backyard, of course,” I grinned, “we’ll go swimming in it!”

“I swear, you’re becoming more like your father every day,” Mom paused, “I sure miss him.”

“I do too, Mom.” think, the very next day, she was forced to retire......I miss those days... she was always there for me......If only she stayed, then maybe I wouldn’t be here…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“(Alright! Break It Up!),” Banhi forcefully pulled the two of us apart with his arm wings, “(Adian, I told you to be polite for our guest and Milk... *snicker*, You! And You we just got fixed up!)”

“(Let-me-at-him! Let-me-at-him! Let-me-at-him!),” Adian swiped with his feet still trying to get to me, “(I’ll pluck all your feathers out! And then we’ll see how lucky you are!)”

“(Why does everyone think that I’m the lucky one here! You try being tormented for doing absolutely nothing wrong for seven damn years, then when you finally snap, you find yourself a...)” I stopped.

...Wait a minute... Snap?...... I didn’t snap. I just......Where did I get that gun?...... Mom didn’t own one...... Why can’t I remember?...

“(Hey, there’s no need to go all Dramatic Hero Speech on me.),” Adian yelled back, “(You have no right to talk that way about Fia, when all she’s trying to do is be your friend.)”

“(I don’t want her as a friend! I don’t want any of you as friends! I hate Phoenixes!)”

“(Well, bad news for you Milkshake.),” I swear Adian used that name just to insult me further, “(You are a Phoenix!)”

“(That’s it!),” Banhi clanged our heads together like cymbals, “(Now ‘Kiss and Makeup’, as the humans say, or else I’ll sick the Radical Reaper on the both of you.)”

The other Phoenixes shuttered and gasped at the mention of this “Radical Reaper”.

“(What the heck is the Radical Reaper?)”

“(You haven’t heard of the Radical Reaper?),” one Phoenix shuttered again.

“(Gee, I don’t know if I should feel sorry or envious that he’s never heard of him.),” the fourth Phoenix sighed.

“(Some say that he’s the dark persona of all sin.),” the tired Phoenix yawned.

“(Dark persona of... You mean a Kasha?),” I asked starting to get at least a little worried.

“(No, not Kasha. The Radical Reaper is worse than any Kasha.),” moaned Enya, “(He comes in the night looking for bad little Yokai.)”

“(So that he can take us away to his lair to be eaten.),” Kegan flinched.

“(Eaten? I was told that he would tickle us to death.),” Adian shuttered.

“(No, he was going to turn us into dolls and keep us in his Toy Chest of Doom.),” Fia well ’Fia’ed. (There really is no other way to describe her voice here, people.)

“(Now who told you those silly stories?),” Banhi scratch his head.

“(Aunt Kiki...),” three of them pointed at the Fox who was currently grooming herself.

She stopped, mid-lick, only when she noticed everyone staring at her, “(What? A girl’s gotta look her best.)”

“(The truth is that the Radical Reaper will drag you away into the Kimon where you will never escape. Because beyond the Kimon is the dreaded Mu.),” Everyone shuttered at the mentioning of those weird words. Well, except for…

“(I’m sorry? Kimon? Moo? ),” I huffed. I couldn’t understand why then. I mean, who’s afraid of the word “Moo”. Just imagine, people running in fear of the Great, Terrible, Powerful and Deadly... “Moo”. That’s worse than being afraid of a butterfly caccoon.

“(They say that he knows when people even speak his name.),” Adian ignored my questions on purpose, I just knew it.

“(Now that is ridiculous! How can anyone know that someone is talking about them?)”

Meanwhile, Sigma’s shadow friend was sneezing violently.

“(Man, dude...),” he sneezed again, “(I can’t tell if I’m catching a cold ACHOO!!!... or if there’s a bunch of cute girls talking aaCHUbout me.)”

“How much further,” a small voice whined.

“(Uh oh.),” the shadow hid inside a tree.

“Not much further Louie.”

“There’s Ms. Kay’s house,” one of the girl’s pointed, “the Phoenixes should be kept behind there.”

“I don’t see why we have to come all the way out here just to see some baby Phoenixes.”

“Oh, didn’t you hear, Jade?”

“Hear what?”

“A white Phoenix hatched yesterday. He’s such a cutey too.”

“I heard he’s as white as a new born Kitsune,” the other female commented, “he’s the whole talk of Golnar right now.”

“Really,” Jade didn’t seem to be too impressed, “Might as well see for myself.”

The girls and Louis continued up the hill as the shadow peeked. He slowly slipped back out as he watched the group of five go.

“(Dude, that little dude’s aura is, like, whack.)” he yawned as he laid back, “(Wonder were I’ve felt a whack out aura like that before...)”

“This way Mrs. Lawrence,” another voice spoke out.

“(Sure are a lot of people out here today.),” the shadow sighed, “(back in the tree.)”

Words to know:
*Kimon: Forbidden Gate, Also known as the Demon’s Gate. Any gateway or portal that is forbidden to open or else…
*Mu: “The Great Nothing”, also known as “The Darkness”, “The Void”, “Oblivion”, and scientist would call it “Antimatter” Mu is the area where existence is impossible. Any thing or anyone who enters Mu are lost forever.

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