Phoenix Feathers: Cult of the Pseudo Phoenix

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Scarred for Life

Chapter 13: Scarred for Life

To gain a friend, one must first be a friend. However, you don’t have to do anything special to become their enemy.

Hours had passed since my mother’s visit. During this time, many people (especially young rich girls) wanted to adopt me because of my coloring. Mrs. Kay and my ex-school mates kept all the “bad owners” at bay, while I made sure any of the “suitable families” would never want me. Despite all our efforts, it won’t be long before I will become somebody’s trophy pet. If not somebody’s Pet, then I’ll be stuck on this farm with all of the other Phoenixes here. I just wanted to die. And who can blame me? I didn’t want to be a Phoenix before and I especially didn’t want to be one now.

There are seven other chicks living here aside from me. Each one has their own quirks. I found that Kegan, Aine, Idris, and Tana, were the only ones that I could stand. Kegan and Tana, because they don’t pay any attention to my existence. While Aine and Idris, only bugged me when I was somehow profitable to them.

The other three won’t leave me alone. Fia, as you already know, won’t stop following me everywhere I go. I can’t escape from her for more than a few minutes at a time. Adian is my second least favorite Phoenix here. He always acts like he has a stick rammed up his rear end and blames me for it. And then there’s Enya the proudest damn Phoenix you could ever meet. Truthfully, She’s older than Banhi, but refuses to grow older because of her crazy pride.

“(Tyler, may I have a word with you?),” Jyrotika, the elder Phoenix, took a seat beside me.

“(What is it?),” not that I was really interested in the first place.

“(That scar of yours...)”


“(Yes, right here.),” Jyrotika placed her hand/claw on my head, I guess it was so that she could get a better look at it, “(Just past your left eye. It’s strange...)”

“(Just past my left...?),” I reach up to the spot in question.


I jumped to my feet and look I looked frantically for the source of that noise. It sounded so familiar. I could even feel the entire right side of my head pulsate with pain.

“(Child, what’s a matter?)”

“(Did you hear- uh, It’s nothing.),” laughing nervously, I sat back down and stayed quiet for what seemed like forever for me. I reached up to the spot before speaking up again, “(I’ve had it since I was born. It’s just a birthmark.)”

“(Is that really what you think it is?)”

... No, of course not... It’s Sigma’s way of saying, ‘don’t blow it’...

“(I’m sure.),” I lied, “(can we talk about something else, please?)”

“(No, I’ll leave you be. Just know that I’ll be here if you wish to talk.),” Jyrotika then got up and left. Just like that.

...Great, now she must think that I’m a total nutcase...

My head was spinning. I didn’t even bother moving. I was still weak from the drugs that the blond head had dosed me with. It was dank where I was now. I could feel something cold pulling me up. It was jabbing into my wrists. I could barely twitch my fingers, they were so numb. I could hear drops of water echo throughout the room.

“So you’re awake, my dear.”

My apparent captor was male, I knew that by the sound of his voice. He wasn’t someone I recognized, though.

I felt something, like a cane maybe, lift the metal weight off my chest slightly.

“I really must say, that this is quite an interesting piece of jewelry that you have on you. I had never seen anything like it before,” my captor paused for a moment, I’m sure that it was so that he could grin some demonically evil smirk, “Well, almost nothing like it.”

“...please... don’t...,” I could barely manage those words. The weight returned and started to swing off my neck a bit. The chain rolled, scratching at the back of my neck.

“So sorry, don’t think of me as a pervert. I’m actually quite the gentleman. I will not harm you. However, your little brother was a different story...,” my captor paused for my answer.

I gave none.

What could I have said?

“He put up quite a fight when he woke up. Just to save you,” that sadistic voice wouldn’t shut up, “if only the little boy had given up sooner. Then I wouldn’t have had to break him.”

“What did you do to him,” I growled as loudly as I could.

“Now, now,” He grabbed the base of my chin so that I could look him in the eyes, “that’s no why for a pretty girl to behave.”

His eyes.

There was something about his eyes.

As he glared at me, the little strength that I had left was being taken from me.

“That’s better,” the man spoke as he backed up from me. I could hear the metal door as it slowly swung open.

“Now, I have to go out for a little bit,” he chuckled deeply, “don’t stay up too late.”

The door clanged shut and I soon passed out again.

“Oh, come on! I swear that I’ll be a good owner!,” the latest (and quite possibly the fattest) fanatic whined as we all attempted to push him out the door. His chubby fingers wrapped around the door frames like some kind of mutant bubblegum. We didn’t seem to have the strength to push him out.

“No way,” I yelled, while pushing on the Tub-of-Lard’s right side.

“You can’t even take care of a goldfish,” Brandy also yelled while pushing on the man’s left side.

“So get out!” Karen pushed down the middle with her back to the fanatic’s.

“No, I want him! Wah!” He shrieked as Karen finally backed up and tackled the fat loser through the door. She quickly regained her balance despite the recoil.

“AND Stay out!” Karen slammed the door, “Where do these freaks keep coming from?”

“Beats me,” I sighed in relief that the weight had been lifted from our shoulders, “but that’s the twelfth one this afternoon.”

“I’m going to need surgery after that last one,” Brandy sank into the nearby couch.

“It’s more work trying to find Milkshake a home than it is keeping him ourselves.”

“Karen, we can’t keep Tyler,” I corrected her again, even though I liked Milkshake as his name.

“I wasn’t suggesting it,” Karen shrugged, “And what do you mean “we”? You’re not related to him at all.”

“Well, neither are you...,” I shrugged at her.

“No... She’s right,” one of the twins nodded, “Karen’s the mommy.”

“And Brandy’s the daddy,” the other twin commented.

“And what about you two,” I sighed.

“The annoying narrating Aunts,” they giggled together. I didn’t really care for their joke, so I just rolled my eyes. My rolling eyes landed on the clock on the wall.

“Wait, is that the right time? I’ve got to go,” I quickly grabbed my bag and headed for the door.

“(Got you!),” Leo had finally caught Adian.

It was Leo’s turn to play that stupid game of Kiki’s. I stayed out of it and watched this time. Well, really, I was trying to figure a way to get past the chain-linked fence that separated me from freedom. When I gave up on my plans for escape, I decided to enjoy pretending that Leo was hunting down and gobbling up each and every Phoenix here. Well, except for Tana. She’s been asleep since after we spoke about that stupid Radical Reaper. She’s a total slacker.

“(Four minutes exactly.),” Luighseach chuckled.

“(See, I did it!),” Leo bragged, “(That was too easy.)”

“(That was only with six chicks.),” Kiki glared at the pompous pup.

“(So what, I still broke your record.)”

“(No, you didn’t!)”

“(Yes, I did! Four minutes exactly!)”

“(For six chicks! I caught at least eight!)”

“(Yes, however, they go easy on their poor old Aunt Kiki.)”

“(What was that?),” Kiki was almost ready to pounce on him again.

“(You heard me Poor Old Aunt Kiki.),” Leo laughed it up until Kiki’s next comment made him flabbergasted.

“(You know, I’m only three years old.),” Kiki grinned now, as Leo stiffened up, “(so if I’m old then what are you? Ancient?)”

“Leo, it’s time to go!”

Growl, (This isn’t over, Fox!),” Leo growled at Kiki one last time, “(Coming Aniki!)”

“(Milkshake?),” Damn it! It was Fia.

“(Leave me alone...),” I moaned.

“(Milkshake, I want to...)”

“(To what? Tell me how much of a jerk I’ve been?)”

“(...apologize...),” Fia spoke quietly.

“(Apologize? For what?),” I was still angry, but the look that she was giving me.

“(I don’t know what we did to make you hate us, but I want to start over...)”

Sigma, how can anyone possibly not puke at this moment? Oh, yeah... No lunch.

“(So... Hi, my name’s Fiametta, but everyone just calls me Fia!),” that dumb chick tilted her head and ‘smiled’ at me.

...Why do Phoenixes have to be so freaking Cute! ...Gah! What hit me?...

”(Hey, what’s wrong?),” Fia’s face got all squiggly. It look~ed funna!

... Getting dizzy... I saw a light and that’s all that I could remember seeing before everything went dark.

“(Eieeeeh! Banhi! Jyrotika! Aunt Kiki! Anybody! Help!),” Fia shrieked as someone lifted me off the ground, “(The Radical Reaper’s got Tyler! Help!)”

I could barely turn my head to get even a glimpse of who it was that was kidnapping me.

I couldn’t see, but he smelled of smoke.

“(Nothing and more nothing.),” Sigma shifted past the trees, “(It’s why can’t I find it?)”

“(Ahchoo!),” the shadow popped out of a nearby tree.

“(Eieeeeh!),” Sigma’s fur stood on end, “(Don’t do that!)”

“(Dude, I can’t help it.),” the shadow rubbed where his nose should have been, “(I think there’s a cute girl talking about me again.)”

“(So I take it you haven’t found the gate yet?),” Sigma sighed.

“(No, but I did find a leprechaun.)”

“(Yeah, right.),” Sigma rolled its eyes. Its friend had been daydreaming again.

“(I did, dude. He even offered me his pot of gold.)”

“(Okay, so where’s this so-called pot of gold.),” Sigma poked its ghostly friend.

“(Dude, I’m a ghost. What am I supposed to do with a pot of gold?)”

“(You realize that I don’t honestly believe you, right?),” Sigma sighed, rubbing its temples. Sigma was still tired. Astral Projection into someone else’s dreams may be good for the body, but the cat’s brain was minutes away from becoming goo.

“(Oh, and I saw a little Turtle Kappa walking around in human clothes.)”

“(Again... I don’t believe you!),” Sigma screamed, not really hearing what was said. That cat need a nap!... and soon! Sigma looked around the area. The feline’s eyes soon found themselves a tree that had been hollowed out. Sigma floated to it. The hole might have belonged to another creature sometime ago, but there weren’t any strange scents. The place didn’t seem to have been used in quite some time. There was even a bed of rotting leaves inside.

“(Perfect. Just what I needed.),” Sigma sighed in relief, after finishing its examination of the hollowed area.

“(What you needed?)”

“(Um, er, Yeah. Just what I needed... Leprechauns to worry about.)”

“(I thought that you didn’t believe me.),” the shadow-eyed Sigma suspiciously.

“(I don’t.),” Sigma thought of a lie, then whispered, “(That’s what I want them to think…)”

“(Ah, I get it, dude. Like totally fake them out right?)”

“(Riiight.),” Sigma rolled its eyes again. The ancient cat curled up and got itself comfortable, “(Now how about you continue to look for the Phoenix Gate, while I look for them in this tree.)”

“(Righteous!),” the ghost motioned “peace out” and left Sigma alone in the tree.

“(Finally, some sleep.),” Sigma yawned as it curled up in the tree. Subconsciously, Sigma’s mirage camouflaged the entrance as it fell into a peaceful slumber.

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