Phoenix Feathers: Cult of the Pseudo Phoenix

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Spring's Servitude

Chapter 14: Spring’s Servitude

Never underestimate the power of desire... Especially when it comes to food.

“Ah, what a great day,” I cheered softly to myself, “I had great dreams, Pulled a great prank, and I got a great haul. Wonder how much I made?”

I was about to count how much money that I made from selling fish when a familiar voice interrupted my train of thought.


“Hm,” I looked over my shoulder, “oh, carp...”

“You’re not getting away that easily buddy,” Tyrone caught me by the collar.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to make you mad,” I panicked.

“Do you even realize the torment I went through because of you!”

“It wasn’t that bad, was it? I mean, you were with a cute girl.”

“Do you even know who that girl was?”

“No, but she was cute, wasn’t she?”

“That was Karen ‘Knuckleballer’ Mackenzie!”

“Oh... and that’s bad because…?”

“Well, for starters, the Mackenzies are one of the eight richest families in Golnar. If they found out what happen then you, me and both of our families will never have a decent job ever again.”

“Exactly how poor do you think I am...,” I glared at him, almost confused.

“And even worse it was Karen The ‘Knuckleballer’ Mackenzie. She’s called The Knuckleballer for a reason,” Tyrone explained, “She won’t think twice about knocking you into next week if you get even a little bit on her bad side.”

“I think that I’ll be alright.”

“She’s going to kill you slowly and painfully.”

“And you know that because...?”

“Because the entire morning, I had to hear her go on and on about how she plans to do it,” he shouted, shaking my smaller body, “That girl is crazy.”

“There you are,” Karen appeared over the hillside, running.

“Great, she found you,” Tyrone moaned.

“Tyrone, prepare to die,” Karen shrieked as she picked up speed.

“My name’s not ‘Tyrone’, you know,” I smirked.

“Yes, I know... *Gag*,” Tyrone’s throat found itself in Karen’s choke hold before he got the chance to run.

“Now before I kill you, where is he!”

“Eddie!” Tyrone squeaked, ”Help me..."

“Oh, hey Eddie,” Karen half-mindedly greeted me, I don’t think she recognized me, “Now where is he!”

“Who are you talking about,” Tyrone choked, as Karen’s hold got tighter.

“Okay, Ms. Mackenzie,” I was kind of worried about my own well-being, but..., “I think that he needs some air.”

Tyrone was about to go limp, but Karen released him before he passed out.

“Now who exactly did you loose?”

“My Milkshake has gone missing,” Karen cried.

“You lost your... Milkshake?”

... Tyrone was right, Karen is crazy...

“You don’t understand,” Tyrone got up slowly, “Milkshake was the name I gave this Phoenix and... He’s gone!

“Of course, he’s gone! Because you took him!

“What gave you the idea that I took him!

“Well, if you didn’t take him then who did?”

“(Oh man, where am I now?),” I felt all groggy.

“Ah, you’re awake,” this new voice gave me a fright and his looks were not much better.

This guy was a real freak show. He was a relatively big man, half of his weight bent the cane that he leaned on. He was wearing so many rings that I couldn’t tell if he could even bend his fingers. The red tie clashed with his vanilla yellow suit. And his tan was one of the weirdest parts. It was barely Spring. He couldn’t have been in the sun for that long.

There were three other girls with him. I couldn’t recognize them, but they were dressed in the school’s uniform. Each of them was built opposite of the male, thin, plain, and pale. The only real differences between the three girls were the color of their hair. And only the red head seemed to be able to show emotion. The other two might as well been statues.

“My Lord, How we have waited for the day that you would arrive,” each of the girls bowed for some reason.

...Wow, this guy has those girls on a string...

“Yes, Of course,” the man bowed towards me this time, “Please, forgive me for my disrespect my Lord. After carrying you here, Paying my respects seems to have slipped my mind.”

...Wait, they were talking to me......They’re all calling me ‘Lord’......God, what have I gotten into...

The humans got back to the farm far too late. Ma was way off when she thought that Tyrone was the one that kidnapped Tyler. I mean the clues couldn’t be more obvious that it wasn’t him. Now the trail was getting cold.

Well, I guess we really can’t blame the humans. Even though there was a huge hole in the fence. The hole had to of been made by a Yokai using some kind of acid. Fia said that the Radical Reaper did it... Well, us older Yokai know better, because a ghost or a shadow like the Radical Reaper wouldn’t need to make a hole. A big smelly human did this.

“Okay, so now what should we do Mr. Smartypants,” Karen slapped Tyrone on the back.

“Search for clues, of course. Let’s go, Leo,” Tyrone called out as he released that sore loser of a dog Yokai. Why do humans have to say such a stupid thing? At least, Yokai don’t do that.

“(Ready Aniki!)” Well, most Yokai.

“Now, hurry up and find the scent, Leo!”

“(Good luck with that.),” I scoffed, “(I can’t even smell him anymore.)”

“(Oh really? Well, I can…),” Leo sniffed around the hole in the fence, “(…Not smell him? What’s going on? All that I can smell is humans and the other Phoenixes.)”

“(See? What did I tell you?),” I tried to explain, “(Tyler’s scent wasn’t normal in the first place.)”

“(What do you mean it wasn’t normal?)”

“(I mean what I said. He hardly smells like a Phoenix.)”

“What’s wrong Leo?”

The dog shook his head so that his master could know what we already did.

“You mean that you can’t find Tyler’s scent?”

Leo nodded.

“There must be too many scents to for Leo to distinguish from,” Brandy put his hand to his chin, “It could’ve been anybody that’s been here in the past hour.”

“Oh no, this is bad,” Ma started to worry, “If Leo can’t track the scent then how are we going to find him.”

“I have an idea,” the new kid spoke up, “Can I talk to you, Leo?”

“How’s that going to help,” Ma and I both questioned.

“Just trust me,” the guy got down next to Leo. He said a few words.

I couldn’t make out what he was saying to Leo. Leo nodded then closed his eyes.

That guy said something else, ′dragging hate, to pin’… I think.

Then I thought that I saw something flash green.

Honestly, I’m not sure what I saw.

Leo slowly started to sniff loudly. With his eyes still shut, he sniffed the fence again. Then a little further out, before turning around. His seemed to be in some kind of trance for a few minutes as he searched with his nose. Until Leo’s snapped open and halfway out of his head.

“(I’ve got the scent!),” he exclaimed.

“(You’re kidding right?),” I shouted.

“(No, and I think that I know who took him.),” Leo started running off.

“(Hey, moron! Wait up!),” I yelled as I ran after him. The other three humans followed after me.

“Okay, then I’ll stay… just stay here,” the new kid waved. I heard him plop himself down and sigh heavily.

“My Lord, is something wrong? You haven’t said anything since you woke up.”

...What exactly does he expect me to say?...... I’m a Phoenix, you crazy maniac!...... Chirp! Chirpy! Chirp!......That’s all that I can say to him......Hm, Maybe this can be fun...

I smiled at my own idea for a joke.

Well, I would have smiled, if I still had a mouth that could do such simple things.

“(How much wood can a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?),” I chuckled loudly in my head.

I expected them to react all Goo goo, you know?

But instead, the girls did nothing, while big guy seemed to be confused.

“My Lord, why do you speak gibberish?”

“(What the hell?),” My joke had backfired, Now I was the one that was confused.

“Ah, that’s more like it.”

“(You can understand me?)”

“But of course,” that man nodded, “what kind of servants would we be if we not even one of us can understand you?”

“(But how?)”

“I’m sure that this is all very confusing right now,” the man signaled for the other three to leave, “Perhaps during your dinner, then I can explain for you.”

“(Just who do you think are you?)”

“Oh, yes of course,” he bowed again, “I am Tarsa Coiner, your humble servant, My Lord.”

“(I don’t know what the hell you are talking about. Why do you all keep calling me Lord?)”

“That’s alright. I understand,” He turned to allowed the girls to pass with trays of food, “But as I said, I can explain during dinner.”

“(So, um, which one’s mine?)”

“My Lord, all of these dishes were made especially for you,” Tarsa grinned.

“(Really?),” Tarsa nodded in response to my question.

...But I’m not anybody’s Lord......and this guy basically Kidnapped me when he brought me here......I really can’t trust him at all...

My stomach growled in defiance of my own conscience.

…but I am starving…… I haven’t eaten all day…

I took a look at the display that was in front of me. There were only three dishes. Each one had its own color and was prepared in a different manner. As far as I could tell they were all made from fruits. None of the food didn’t look like it was poisoned… so… I pigged out! I don’t even remember what the first plate had on it.

“How is it Lord,” the blond asked me.

“(That stuff wasn’t half bad. Just a little dry.),” I got myself a small drink from the water bowl before I hopped to another plate with some kind of greenish yellow candy blocks.

“He says that he enjoys the meals you prepared,” Tarsa translated.

“(This one’s good too! It’s still a little Dry, but it also tastes like Polynesian Sauce!),” I turned to the red head’s dish, some red roll things.

“Careful with that dish, my Lord,” the redhead warned, a little too late, “It’s a bit Spicy.”

“(AHHHHHH! HOT!! HOT!!! HOT!!!!)”

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