Phoenix Feathers: Cult of the Pseudo Phoenix

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Too Late To…

Chapter 17: Too Late to…

I have no words of wisdom today...

“So… do we have a deal?”

“I don’t have much of a choice,” that girl frowned, “I’ll help you…”

“Perfect,” I grinned as I unlocked her shackles, “You use that medallion’s power for me and I return your little brother.”

“But there is one problem,” that little weasel grinned, but I relocked back into her chains before she had a chance to escape, “Ow, what are you doing?”

“I will not be tricked by the likes of you.”

“What? No,” she sighed, “I’m not trying to trick you.”

“What are you saying?”

“I know how this ‘trinket’ works, but I want to test it on a human first.”

“So you planned on using it on me?”

“Wouldn’t dream of it,” she looked away from me again, “after all, I don’t know where you are keeping Louis.”

“So what is it that you want?”

“I need a guinea pig or no deal,” that brat was completely resistant. Lucky for me, I know the perfect person to use, Kenda… though I’d have to add to the prophecy again. I’m sure that it wouldn’t be difficult. Then if I needed to, this girl could replace Kenda. They both resemble each other. No one would ever know the difference.

“Fine,” I grinned, as I unshackled her again, “It is a deal.”

“Finally,” she whined, rubbing her sore wrists.


“What was that?”

“I don’t know,” I headed for the door, but stopped, “You make sure that she does not leave this room.”

“(Yes, sir.),” the Kodama sighed.

“My Lord, please answer,” I continued to bang on the door.

“Kenda, what happened,” Tarsa and my fellow priestesses approached.

“There was a crash in Lord Pseudo’s room, but the door is stuck.”

“It is not stuck, Kenda. It’s locked,” Tarsa sighed, taking out his key.

“Why would you lock the door?”

“Lord Pseudo wished for it. So that he would not be disturbed,” Tarsa explained as he turned the key in the slot.

“D-don’t come in,” a deep voice coughed from inside.

“Lord Pseudo,” I pushed past Tarsa, but found a boy, “Who are you!”

“Look, I fell in by accident! I’m just looking for Milksha-er, Tyler.”

“You’re not going to lay one finger on Lord Pseudo,” I released my Yokai, “Go Canotila!”

Canotila, my Yokai, was a tree spirit, but drastically different species than that of the lizard-like Kodama. Her form was more humanoid in appearance, but not nearly as elegant as say an Elf or even an Oni.

“Hey, I don’t know what’s going on,” that boy took out a Yokai bell, “I don’t want to fight you, but…-”

“It’s already too late, intruder!”

That wasn’t a bluff. My precious Canotila is special even for her kind. She knew what to do without any commands from me.

“What are you-Gah,” he twitched as the effects of my Canotila’s powers fully ensnared him. The paralytic poison that floats inside her pollen can stop even the largest of beasts. A human would only need a little bit. His bell fell to the floor. I lost sight of it, but we got him.

“Our Lord where are you,” my fellow Priestesses appeared from behind Tarsa.

“What have you done with Lord Pseudo, Boy?”

“I-i don’t, know any… Lord… Sudo,” the boy strained.

“Don’t lie to us!”

“Calm yourself Kenda,” Tarsa gripped my shoulder, as he entered the room, “You can come out from hiding now My Lord.”

The white Phoenix chick revealed his hiding place near the door. I was so happy that he was safe.

“I know you…,” the boy gasped when he saw Tarsa.

“Oh, you do, do you,” Tarsa grinned at the boy, “Shall I dispose of the boy, my Lord.”

“(Well, he’s not really a threat…),” Lord chirped softly.

“Is that so?”

“(Yeah, he’s sort of a friend of mine.)”

“Damn it,” Tarsa cussed, as he took out a bell, “Then I shall personally take care of the boy for you. Come on out, Filthlicker.”

“(What do you want now?),” Tarsa’s Akaname, a giant red frog Yokai, stomped. It hated its master, that much was clear. Even I hated Tarsa for giving his Akaname the unfortunately appropriate birth name.

“Filth, we need you to take our ‘guest’ to one of the guest rooms.”

“(Yeah, yeah, Whatever…),” Filthlicker stomped again to get to work lifting the paralyzed human on his back.

“You two,” Tarsa pointed to the others, “go and see if our guest brought any friends.”

“Right away,” those two left the room.

“As for you Kenda,” he looked at me for a second but looked back at the intruder. He grinned that dark grin of his as he looked back at me, “Stay here and protect Lord Pseudo.”

Down below, Brandy and I were wondering why Tyrone had just stopped talking to us. We overheard a few shouts and thumps, but nothing worth worrying about.

“What do you think happened to him,” Brandy worried, not me.

“Who cares,” I snorted, walking away from the window, “Let’s find our own way inside.”

“What is your problem,” Brandy grabbed onto my shoulder, but I slapped it away.

“Me? What about you?”

“What about me?”

“Why are you defending that poser?”

“Because someone has to and you certainly aren’t going to do it, Karen.”

“Why do you have to, though?”

“Because it’s the right thing to do,” Brandy explained, “It shouldn’t matter which class we’re from or how much money we have. People should be judged by their character. Nothing else.”

“Man, Brandy,” I snorted into a laugh, “The way you talk, it’s like you’re one of them too.”

“That’s because I am,” Brandy was blunt.

I nearly dropped Kiki, “What? Since when? How?”

“Since forever, Karen. I never was upper class, I’m barely in Middle Class.”

“How did you hide this from everyone?”

“I didn’t hide it. You just never figured it out,” he shrugged, “Lots of people know. Everyone else just assumed that I was upper class because I had brought a wide variety of Yokai to school over the years.”

“How were you able to…,” then it dawned on me, “You’re part of the local daycare.”


“Then those were other people’s Yokai that you were looking after.”

“Right again,” he clapped, “and to think you figured it out all on your own!”

“Stop clapping… or by this time tomorrow you’ll have to be fed through a straw,” I emphasized by cracking my knuckles.

“Gah, sorry,” he stopped.

“So if all of those Yokai were other people’s, then what Yokai do you own?”

“That is for me to know, and you to find out.”

Kiki squirmed in my arms, yelling to get down.

“Kiki, what’s wrong?”

“You look over there,” a new pair of voices shouted at each other.

“Hide,” for once, the two of us agreed.

“Oh, man… this stinks…

“I don’t have time for lame puns,” I growled, my Yokai’s unfortunate odor always brought about such distasteful humor.

“Coiner, Where… ah,” the boy twitched violently.

“Where am I taking you, you ask? Just to the guest room,” I smiled, “all of my personal guests go to the guest room.”

“Can’t… move.”

“Find yourself lucky that you’re still capable of speech. Of course, that can be rectified,” I threatened as I unlatched the iron door.

“What’s the big idea leaving me in here,” Jade complained from inside.

“Humph. I almost expected you to have escaped by now.”

“I’m not going to back out of my end of the deal,” Jade took a glance at my new prisoner, “who’s that?”

“This is the guinea pig you wanted, Jade.”


“Ah, I see you two have met. Are you friends?”

“Hardly…,” Jade scoffed, as she cracked her knuckles, “He’s just some lowlife dog who deserves exactly what I am about to do to him.”

“You’re going to show me its power now?”

“Sure,” Jade nodded, “but you may want to get your Yokai out of the way for this.”

“Jade… what are… Gah,” the stunning spores zapped him again as Filthlicker threw him against the inner wall. His body splashed upon the wet floor.

“Backup, all three of you,” Jade growled.

“Jade,” the boy’s paralysis was wearing off, “you can’t trust him. He’s-”

“Like I could trust you,” Jade roared at him and cracked a smile that even scared me, “You deserve what’s coming to you.”

“Deserve what? I don’t understand!”

“You’re nothing, but a filthy low life mutt that tries to pass himself off as one of the pure breeds,” Jade grasped the medallion, then slowly pointed it at him.

“Jade… What are you…”

“It’s too late…”


“Phoenix Gate… Open!

The charm of hers lit up and shot out red wires of energy. This energy turned into a red outline that surrounded itself around the boy. He clenched his stomach as he screamed in pain.

Ah!?? Stop,” he pleaded, ”Jade! Please!

“Tyrone… Burst into flames,” Jade shrieked louder than the boys screams.

The boy did exactly as Jade had ordered. With one last scream, he combusted into an intense orange and red flame. He stood straight up as he screamed his head off. Soon the scream was silenced as the flames died down in an instant. His clothes fell into a pile on the floor. And everything was quiet again. Not even an echo was left of him. The room gave off the familiar scent of burning hickory. That scent was so pleasant that it was hard to believe that the horrid event had just occurred not even moments ago.

“My God,” I found myself in awe, but I still managed to keep my composure, “That was… incredible.”

“Get out…,” Jade huffed, “I need to rest.”

“Can you do that again?”

“Yes,” she spoke softly, “as many times as it takes. Now get out…”

“And not just with humans, but with-”

I said GET OUT,” she snapped with a rage that was even more horrifying than the flames that had consumed the boy, “All of you NOW!”

She couldn’t hold back the tears in her eyes. That must have been her first time to kill a human being. The Yokai had already run away out of fear of the preteen who wielded such an intense power.

“Fine, I’ll leave…,” I bowed as I left, she sat herself down in front of the remains, “but I will be back. And I expect you to be able to do that again.”

“I know…,” she sighed as I slowly shut the door, “Tyrone, I’m so sorry. I am so very sorry to have done this to you.”


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