Phoenix Feathers: Cult of the Pseudo Phoenix

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The Trouble with Poet

Chapter 18: The Trouble with Poet

Not everything is as it seems… However, sometimes it is… Or is it?

{Well, while Tyrone was being… killed… other events were occurring roughly at the same time. I think that it would be best if I explained what was going on with my ‘parents’ and ‘sister’ first. I just love hearing this part myself and I still hang this over Kiki’s head.}

“I checked the front and under the patio” the Blond announced to her partner, “Nothing there.”

“I already checked up the oak tree and those bushes over there,” the dark headed one pointed directly at our hiding place.

“Find anything?”

“Just a dumb Kitsune nest.”

“Did you destroy it?”

“Why bother when Lord Pseudo’s going to destroy all them soon anyways?”

“It’s getting dark,” the Blond pointed out, “Let’s check around back.”

When they were gone, the three of our heads popped out of the bushes.

“That was close,” Karen sighed.

“You don’t have to tell me twice,” I sighed too.

“That was a great baby Kitsune impression.”

“Thanks. What did you think, Kiki?”

“(It even had me fooled.),” Kiki yipped in agreement.

“Okay Kiki, we need to find a way inside without them noticing us.”

“(So…),” Kiki tilted her head.

“Go up and check to see if they left the door unlocked.”

Kiki nodded as she hopped out from underneath the bushes. Under the cover of the shadows, she ran alongside the building. She stopped a few times to make sure that no one was following her. She then quietly hopped onto the porch and headed for the door.

Whooooawlll,” a shadow slipped down and Kiki disappeared.

“What the hell,” Karen gasped.

“Did that just happen,” I blinked.

“Did what just happen¡?¡”

“(MAMAAHH!!!!),” Kiki cried from on top of the monster owl’s tree.

“Ah,” Karen shrieked quietly, “that crazy owl swooped away my Baby!”

“Karen, keep calm.”

“What are you talking about,” Karen cried, “I am calm!”

“Look if anything happens to her, she’ll just retreat back into her bell.”

“Right,” she sighed, but then she frowned, “Except I took it off so that… Oh, my poor baby…”

“(Would you lighten up?),” I watched Kenda pace the room, “(Your pacing is giving me a headache.)”

“My Lord, what’s wrong?”

“(Simple, you’re too uptight.),” I sighed.

“It’s not me, is it,” she asked.

“(Yes, it’s you. Now, just sit down.),” I patted the side of the bed with my left wing.

“You want me to make the bed,” she panicked again, “I can do that!”

“(No…),” I sighed as I sat down again, “(Sit down and re~lax~.)”

“Oh, right,” she sat down beside me, “I didn’t think of that.”

“(Man, you’re almost as annoying as Fia…)”

“I’m sorry that I can’t understand you.”

“(Eh, don’t worry about it.),” I ‘smiled’ like Fia does. Of which, came out too naturally for my taste. I was way too happy for my own good at that point.

“Truthfully, I don’t know how you can do it, Lord Pseudo,” she said sadly, “I don’t want to have any doubt in you.”

“(That’s okay. I-),” I stopped smiling.

…What exactly am I supposed to be doing here?……I remember something about the dead guy……but what exactly is a Sango Otanes Ritual anyways?…

“My Lord, did I displease you?”

I shook my head no.

“I am scared… I just keep having nightmares and I don’t have anyone to talk to about them anymore…,” I looked up at Kenda, she seemed to be scared again, “Though, you just sitting here listening to my jumble, does make me feel better. I just wish that you’d stop being so scared of me, you know?”

“I guess, I do,” she nodded, “I have no reason to be afraid of you.”

“It be even better if you could… Wait,” I looked her with some hope, “Am I talkin-”

“(Gotcha!),” the owl from outside shrieked again. I was so freaked out, that I jumped to the safety of Kenda’s arms.

“Lord Pseudo!?!”

I didn’t realize that I also landed in a little more personal place for her.

“Gah, I didn’t mean to,” I hopped away from her a bit, “I’m sorry! Please, don’t hit me!”

“Lord Pseudo, now you’re the one that needs to calm down.”

“I’m sorry,” sighing heavily, I recomposed myself, “I don’t like being here.”

“Why not? This is your old room isn’t it?”

“No, it’s not. I’ve (never been here befor…),” I stopped, I was talking a normal Phoenix again.

“Lord Pseudo, why did you say such things and then-”


“Was that a Kitsune?”

“(She sounded like she was in trouble.)”

“Shall we go after it, Lord Pseudo?”

“(Well, we might as well see…),” I hopped off the bed and jumped onto the chair and desk that were placed near the opening in the window. Looking out of it, I couldn’t keep from laughing. It was one of those postcard moments. I would have it on my Christmas card, just for laughs.

“(Let me go you stupid bird!),” Kiki cried.

“(Not so much fun when you’re the one being hunted, now is it?)”

“(Tyler?),” Kiki growled, as the owl pecked at her head, “(Ow, you’re responsible for this?)”

“(Not in the least!),” I laughed,“(I don’t even think that karma could see this one coming.)”

“(Hey! You…! Little cotton ball!),” the monster owl stopped pecking, “(Since you’re young, I’ll let you off with a warning. This is my territory and this is my giant rat. So… BACK OFF!!!!)”

“(Who you calling a giant rat, you stupid bird!?!)”

“(I’ve gotcha where I want cha, now I’m gonna eat cha!)”

“(Eat this!),” Kiki bit onto the bird’s leg.

“(Ah, get her off! Get her off!),” the owl flapped into the sky.

“(Humph, stupid bird.),” Kiki grumbled.

“(Humph, stupid you…),” I mimicked.

“(What was that?)”

“(How are you going to get down from there now?)”

“(Oh Inari Da… Darn it…),” Kiki cursed cleanly since she was in front of a two day old. She shook her tails ready to pounce, “(Mind getting out of the way? I think that I can make it.)”

“Stand back Lord Pseudo. I’ll knock it right out of the tree.” Kenda had taken a rotten piece of wood that used to be part of the window, “With any luck, it’ll break its neck when it hits the ground.”

“(No! Don’t do that!),” I yelled as I sparked out a fire attack. Luckily, the wood wasn’t hit, however…

“Ah, my hand!”

“(Don’t hurt Kiki!)”

“Lord Pseudo,” Kenda looked frightened again.

“(Don’t… hurt… Kiki…),” I pantomimed as best that I could.

“Why would you defend that monster? I don’t understand,” her frown turned from fear to anger, “You’re not really Lord Pseudo are you!?!”

“Fine, I’ll leave…,” as Tarsa left, I sat myself down in front of what was left of Tyrone, “but I will be back. And I expect you to do that again.”

“I know…,” I sighed as the door slowly closed, “Tyrone, I’m so sorry. I am so very sorry to have done this to you.”


“But it was the only way,” I couldn’t cry any more tears as I reached for the pile.

The clothes shifted a bit as the new creature stirred from inside. I jumped for a second. I didn’t expect him to be awake just yet. Tyrone’s new nose squirmed its way out of the top of the shirt.

“(I’m alive? What’s that smell?),” Tyrone growled as his head slipped out, “(Why are you so big? What’s going on?)”

I helped pull the rest of Tyrone out from under his useless wet clothes.

“(Gah, Put me down!),” he cried as I lifted him higher. His fur was so soft and his eyes were so innocent. His soft cream tail was in between his legs. I never thought that I would say this about an Inukami, but he really was cute.

“Awe, don’t you make the cutest puppy!

“(Puppy?),” Tyrone looked down at himself, “(Ahh!!! What did you do to me!?!)”

“I’m sorry,” I couldn’t help, but laugh, “But it was the only way to save your life and get that con-artist to trust me.”

“(But what did you do?),” he snapped, “(Last time I checked, I”m not supposed to be sporting a fur coat! And why can’t I feel my thumbs?)”

“Because you don’t have any right now…,” I laughed again.


“Shush, keep your voice down,” I grabbed his jaws shut with one hand, “I’m not sure if this room is completely soundproof.”

He struggled to release himself from my grip. He started crying and whining from either pain or fear. Either way, he was not staying calm for me.

“Now listen,” I started to explain, “I turned you into an Inukami. Don’t ask me how, because I can’t tell you. Frankly, I was going for an actual dog, but anyways… As for why, I needed to do something to make that jerk trust me so that I can get Louis back and stop him from performing his evil plot.…… Blink twice if you understand so far…”

Tyrone struggled to escape from my grip the entire time that I held him. When I asked him if he understood, he stopped long enough to blink twice.

“What I did to you does not have to be permanent. So long as I have this medallion, I should be able change you back any time that I want but you have to promise to not tell anyone that I did this to you. If you do, then I will have to punish you. Understand?”

I gripped on to his jaws tighter. He jerked back but blinked twice… so he knew I was serious.

“Now when I said that if you tell anyone that includes Yokai and Humans alike. I may even have to punish the one that you tell as well… Understand?”

Again, he blinked twice but continued to squirm. He tightened his grip on his tail with both of his hind legs. His front paws gripped the hand that I was using to keep his jaws shut. I thought that I was really scaring him.

“I do not wish to hurt you, but if you do tell someone, then these physical changes will be the least of your worries. Got it?

Tyrone started to blink rapidly and he started bouncing. He whined uncontrollably to be let go. It was good enough, so I let his jaw go free.

“(Oh God! Jade! I have to pee, like, really bad!)”

“Aah,” I dropped him on the already wet ground and backed myself as far away from him as possible.

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