Phoenix Feathers: Cult of the Pseudo Phoenix

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Missing Some Body

Chapter 22: Missing Some Body

Patience is a virtue, but sometimes too long is long enough.

“What is taking so long…,” Mom was pacing the waiting room. My mother had been called in to identify my old body, but she’s been there for over an hour and a half now. It couldn’t possibly take this long to find the body of her son. Even if all they did was pile the bodies up in the back room, I would be the one on the top and still not that hard to find.

The doors swung open. My mother looked up, but became disappointed to see that they were only the front doors. She saw Ms. Kay standing there, thus she became concerned again.

“What are you doing here?”

“I… I’m here because…,” she sighed. She had been fighting with herself on whether or not to tell my mother that I had been taken. She had first gone to my old house. When she found that my mother wasn’t there, she thought of going back and help to find me. She knew that she could find me in a flash if she had to, but then how would she explain herself? Even an Inukami would have trouble finding the people that had kidnapped me.

“I’m here because I know how hard it is to see…”

“The body…?”

“Yes, that’s it.”

“I think that I can handle myself,” my mother sat herself down for the first time since she arrived at the city morgue.

“So, how was he?”

“Don’t know,” Mom sighed, “They’ve been back there for a while.”

“Would you like me to see what’s taking them,” Ms. Kay offered.

“I can’t ask anything more from you. You’ve already done so much for me and my family.”

“I told you that you’re not of their blood,” Ms. Kay warned/corrected her again.

“Family is still family. Blood or no blood,” Mom sighed, “John is still my son, even when he did this and became…”

“Cathy… ”

“I know,” Mom sighed, “It’s just hard to let go… How is he doing?”

“He’s… getting along,” Ms. Kay’s ability to hide her emotions was impeccable, “He’s found a way to, shall I say, ‘behave’ with the others.”

“Oh, really,” mom laughed, “John has always hated Phoenixes.”

“Yes, I remember,” now it was Ms. Kay’s turn to laugh, “It was because of that, he never liked to visit.”

“Did he remember you? It’s been so long.”

“He didn’t seem like he did and after seven years, it’s my fault really.”

“No, it’s mine. After Tyler died, I became overprotective of John. I never thought about telling him of his legacy.”

“That’s right…,” Ms. Kay paused at her realization, “John was the last, wasn’t he?”

“The last?”

“I should really thank Sigma, the next time I see him. He really saved our tails.”


“You’ve never met,” Ms. Kay walked over to the counter, “What is taking them?”

“Your guess is as good as mine.”

“Who needs to guess,” Ms. Kay grinned as her disguise began to shimmer.

“Ms. Kay, I really don’t think…” Mom thought that Ms. Kay was about to perform in some ancient form of mysticism to find the answer to their simple question.

“Hey peoples,” the woman banged on the small bell multiple times, “How long does it take to find the dead around here?”

“Excuse me,” a man appeared slowly from the back. I will not go into details since I wasn’t there. However, judging from what I’ve seen on TV, I’d say that the man had black hair, white skin, and an extremely unemotional disposition. I bet his cheeks were longer than his chin too, “May I help you?”

“Fo’ sure,” Ms. Kay’s form had changed from the Priestess, Ms. Kay, to another one of her aliases, “Me and my friend here have been waiting here for, like, evah’.”

The man stared down at the woman before him. He had seen her type before. Rude, unnerving, rebellious, no respect for anyone and so full of life. She was strangely attractive to him, yet he had no idea why. She was everything that he wasn’t looking for (and that includes the pulse). The man sighed deeply before picking up a clipboard.

“Name please…”

“Mercedes, but we are here to identify John Lawrence.”

“I’m sorry… who?”

“Sir,” Mom stood up and walked beside the rebel, “my son. I’ve been waiting for, God knows how long now.”

“Then you should have rung the bell… and one of our fine staff would have been here on the double,” the mortician joked unemotionally.

“I did,” Mom explained, “I was called in, rang the bell and I talked to you.”

“I’ve never seen you before in my life, Miss.…?”

“Lawrence,” Mom yelled, “I want to see my son!

“Shush. Do you want to wake the dead,” the man joked again, “anyways, we haven’t received any stiffs that need to be identified…”

“Then why can’t she see her son.” Ms. Kay slammed her fist on the counter.

“Calm down,” the man sighed, “Look, I’m not supposed to do this, but I’ll take you back there to see every stiff we have. I guarantee you, we have no one by that name here.”

“(It sure is getting late),” Fia sighed, “(I hope Tyler’s alright.)”

“(Would you forget about him already?),” Adian watched as Fia paced back and forth, “(You’re making a trench.)”

“(I can’t stop. It’s like the time when I got taken, remember?)”

“(Oh yeah, it was right after Idris pushed you into that vat of whitewash.)”

“(Remember how worried you got?),” Fia didn’t stop pacing, “(I’m like twice as worried.)”

“(But they brought you back.)”

“(That’s only because I wasn’t really white.),” Fia stopped, “(Wait a second, this is just like that time! Oh no!)”

“(Fia, if it really is just like last time then you have nothing to worry about.)”

“(But it’s not exactly like last time!),” Fia cried, “(they didn’t keep me because I wasn’t really white, but what I didn’t tell you was that they wanted to kill me!)”

“(What?),” Enya rushed over, “(They tried to kill you. Why didn’t you tell us!)”

“(I didn’t think that it was that important.)”

“(How did you survive?),” Adian pushed Enya gently out of the way.

“(One of them took me back.),” Fia ran for the barn, “(We have to save him!)”

“(Fia, do you know where to find him?)”

Fia stopped dead in her tracks, and looked at both Enya and Adian, “(No, but I’m sure that Luighseach can help.)”

“(I’m sorry, but I can’t help you.),” Luighseach neighed.

“(Oh, please Luighseach?),” Fia attempted with her begging eyes, “(Please, please, please help us find Tyler.)”

“(Look even if I knew how to find him…),” Luighseach brought his head down closer to the three, “(What makes you think that you can be more help than who he already has.)”

“(Because Luighseach…),” Enya spoke maturely for her age, “(We are Phoenixes and as a fellow Phoenix, we can not let Tyler be harmed. As disrespectful as he is, he is still one of us and we will leave no chick behind.)”

“(That and I want to kick his butt.),” Adian added in.

“(Yes, well…),” Enya nodded, “(there’s that too.)”

“(Well, when you put it that way…),” Luighseach smiled at first, but then glared, “(I think that he’s safer with the kidnappers.)”

“So is this your child,” the mortician asked half-heartedly, for good reason too. He had let these two women look through all the drawers that they had. This was the last body that they had there. He unzipped the bag. A man in his much later years was laying there, he had died peacefully in his sleep.

“That’s not him,” Mom sighed.

“What kind of morgue do you run around here,” the current Mercedes screamed at the poor man, “how can you lose a body?”

“I told you we never receive the body of a child,” the mortician shrugged, “You can’t lose what you never had.”

“Well, I had a child and I lost him,” Mom nearly yelled, “So where is he?”

“Try the police station… missing persons.”

“Why you little…,” Mercedes growled. She was about to pounce on the mortician. Mom took hold of Mercedes’ head and covered her mouth.

“Thank you for your time, sir,” Mom smiled as she pulled Mercedes out of the back room.

“What’s the big idea,” Mercedes screamed, “Let me at him! I’ll tear him apart!

“Look, Mercedes,” Mom scolded her, “You may look like a teenager, but that is no excuse for acting like a spoiled child. You’re older than that and you should know better.”

“What are you!?! My mother,” Mercedes frowned, as Sigma’s earlier warning slipped through her mind.

…“(Don’t lose yourself to that mask of yours…)”…

“I’m sorry…,” she shimmered back to her usual disguise, “I got a little carried away.”

“I’m just as confused as you are, Ms. Kay.”

“I’m just as confused as you are? Pft,” Ms. Kay smiled, “John was here. I can smell him.”

“So do you know what happened?”

“No, but I can find out,” Ms. Kay raised a finger to her lips, “Consider this my only gift to you, okay.”

Mom nodded. Ms. Kay approached the counter again and rang the bell. The man returned to the front desk.

“Yes, may I help… Ms. Kay! W-what are you doing here?”

“I sensed an evil spirit about here.”

“Gah, where!?!”

“Quick, take my hand,” Ms. Kay reached out for his hands, the man was more than willing to comply.

Her eyes flashed…

“Alright, here’s a fresh one,” another pair of morticians brought a body bag, “Kind of sad, this one.”

“Yeah, the kid blew his head clean off,” one of them shuttered, “Part of his skull isn’t even attached anymore.”

“He was still alive for a while after that too,” the first one elbowed the second, “I heard he died just as they got him to the hospital.”

“I’ll be the judge of that,” our mortician said as he wrote information on his clipboard.

He then unzipped the bag. John’s face was unmistakeable. He was… well, not smiling really… but his face was derangedDisturbing…

It was like seeing a roadkill opossum without its eyeballs disturbing.

Nothing that the mortician hadn’t seen before. He was a trained professional. He did nothing but sigh as he put on his rubber gloves.

“Excuse me…,” a dark male voice asked.

The mortician turned around in time to catch the man saying something. A flicker of black flames. And then-




Ms. Kay stepped back. Feeling disoriented, she fell to the ground.

“Ms. Kay!?!”

“What happened,” Ms. Kay put her hand to her head.

“What are you talking about,” the mortician yelled, “you’re the one who came in here about an evil spirit.”

“I- I did.” Ms. Kay shook her head, “That doesn’t sound right…”

“Must have been that Mercedes girl,” the Mortician bit his nails. “She must have been possessed!”

“I’m not sure,” Ms. Kay breathed heavily, “Where am I?”

“Ms. Kay,” a woman place a hand on Ms. Kay’s shoulder, “Are you alright?”

“Cathy,” Ms. Kay recognized the woman, but…, “How long has it been since I’ve seen you? Five? Six? Seven years? How have you been?”

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