Phoenix Feathers: Cult of the Pseudo Phoenix

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So Much for My Happy Ending

Chapter 26: So Much for My Happy Ending

Believe your Past, Know your Present, and have Faith in the Future.

“(Oh, Gaia… Oh, Gaia),” Terry cussed over and over again, “(You can’t be.)”

“(Well I am. It’s really me, Terry.),” I laughed. I have never felt this happy before.

“(John, but how did… When did…),” Terry shook his head, “(Did Tarsa do this to you?)”

“(No, Terry. I… i… i… I’m so happy to see you again!)”

“(Well, it doesn’t matter now.),” Terry grabbed onto what would be my shoulders, “(I have to get you out of here before-)”

The walls around us burst into a colorful flame.

“(That happens?)” I asked ‘grinning’ widely, “(Pretty!)"

Terry only answered with a groan.

“(We’re going to die, aren’t we?),” I laughed, stupidly.

“(Painfully...),” Terry’s claws slipped off of my shoulders.

“(Terry, before we die, I think that you should know that Jade wasn’t lying.)”

“(What do you mean by that?)”

“(I killed myself and it was so much fun!),” I laughed madly.

After the entire incident, everyone was sent to the Clinics for treatment. I never liked Hospitals before, but something about a Yokai Clinic was much more calming. Tyler, the Phoenix, had to have his stomach pumped because of those intoxicating “Happy Pills” that were mixed in with the food that he ate. With them out of his system, Tyler stopped laughing as much. These drugs were antidepressants for humans, but would drive Yokai mad and delusional. He wasn’t in critical condition but refused to wake up. My Uncle Smith volunteered to watch us until Officer Mara got back.

The black Kyuubi stood like a statue. It stared intently at us all. Its sapphire blue eyes seemed to shine despite the amount of light within the Clinic. It truly was a sight behold, and yet there was a strange cold sensation that joined with just glancing at the black fire fox. Louis stayed close to me, away from it. Despite that I knew that there was nothing to fear from the Black Kyuubi (unless Uncle Smith willed it), “safe” would be the last thing that you could feel coming from its aura. An aura almost like seeing a bomb as it was stuck in mid-explosion. Or like having a 1/6th loaded pistol to your head. Everyone felt easier when Uncle Smith finally took the black form out of our sight.

“Splendid job as usual Smith,” Officer Mara reached out to shake my uncle’s hand.

“Please forgive my intrusion in the bust, Officer Mara,” Uncle Smith put his hand behind his head, “I know that it’s supposed to be your job and all.”

“Please call me Jenny. We appreciate the help of such a renowned Yokai trainer such as yourself.”

“What’s going to happen to them,” Louis asked Officer Mara.

“Well, Tarsa’s going to be going to a very special hospital,” Officer Mara got down to eye level with Louis, “He’s not going to bother you anymore.”

“I meant them,” Louis pointed to the Yokai Control van outside, where they were loading the priestess’s Yokai, “What’s going to happen to them?”

“Don’t worry Louis,” the dark headed priestess smiled for him, “They’re going to a rehabilitation center. We need to figure out how much of their actions were caused by that cane of Tarsa’s.”

“Thank you for your participation in the investigations,” Officer Mara saluted.

“My pleasure, sis,” the ex-priestess saluted back, “though I’d have to admit that I was almost drawn into it myself.”

Oh, Right… I forgot to tell you all. As it turned out, the dark headed Priestess was Officer Mara’s younger sister. Her black dyed hair made her look like a completely different person. At first, Jamie (that’s her real name) was just in that a rebellion stage, but the two of them decided to use it to their advantage. Jamie was recruited by Tarsa years ago, but she was never able to kill another Yokai. She’s saved as many Yokai as she could. Although, there were a few that…

Well, let’s just say that the other two priestesses were going to be seeing a Psychiatrist before they are released into public again. I felt sorry for Kenda, but enough about that.

“I had no idea that you even had a sister, Mr. Smith,” Jamie smiled, “or that the Dollys have a son.”

“I’m not really her uncle,” Uncle Smith explained, “She just attached that title to me when she was very little. Been calling me that ever since.”

“Same goes for me and my little brother here,” I laughed rubbing Louis’s head.

“Jade, don’t do that,” he whined, “It feels weird.”

“Thank you for helping us, Jamie,” Brandy stood up, “If it wasn’t for that antidote you left for us. We would have been goners. Right, Karen?”

“I suppose,” Karen slightly moaned.

“Karen,” Brandy glared.

“Alright, alright,” Karen bowed in respect, “Thank you very much.”

“Anything for the Mackenzie and Dolly Families,” Jamie blushed.

“Officer Mara, is there any word on Tyrone yet,” Brandy asked.

I gasped. I had completely forgotten about him by now.

Officer Mara shook her head no, “Nothing as of yet. We searched that house high and low, not a trace of what Tarsa did with him. Tarsa’s in no condition to talk right now and even if he was it’s not very likely that he will just tell us.”

“I understand…,” Brandy sat down again.

“Well, good night everyone,” Officer Mara left with her sister.

I took a glance at the Yokai sitting past the glass. Phineas was giving the nurses a hard time. He still wanted to “play” as Brandy put it. So they had to put him in a separate room. A young unicorn was strapped to the ceiling to help him keep standing. He was still awake, but numb because of the drugs. The white Phoenix was sound asleep on his side. Next to his bed was the sleeping Inukami, Tyrone.

“Ms. Mackenzie,” one of the female doctors came in with worry on her face, “There’s seems to be a problem with Kiki’s-”

“What!?! What’s wrong with my baby!”

“(Nothing’s wrong, Ma),” Kiki trotted from behind the doctor.

“Kiki,” Karen picked up her Kitsune, “I’m so glad that you’re okay.”

“(Mama, I’m fine. Put me down.)”

“Let’s go…,” I took Louis’s hand.

“But Jade, I want to stay for a little bit-,” Louis stopped when he saw me crying. I was trying my best to hid it, but it just hurt so much.

“Okay Jade,” Louis waved with a huge smile on his face, “Bye everyone!”

“Jade, aren’t you going to stay,” Uncle Smith stopped me at the door.

“I have to get home,” I told him, “Margaret will be worried about me.”

“Mommy will be too,” Louis said smiling innocently. I stood there and said nothing. I don’t care how many times I was reborn, that woman could never be my mother.

“Yes, she would be wouldn’t she,” Uncle Smith opened the door for us, “How about I take you home then. My car is this way.”

“Please be careful with her, Ms. Mackenzie,” the doctor warned Karen, “We found something odd in her X-rays.”

“(You owe me some brushings.),” I pouted to Ma. I didn’t care what they found in me. I felt great.

“What’s wrong with my baby.”

“Well, nothing serious,” the lady doctor was almost afraid to tell Ma, “She just needs a simple operation.”

“Operation! What for?”

“We’re not sure yet. She seems to have a foreign object right between the base of her third and fourth tail. It can be easily removed.”

“(Between my what?),” I leaped down to take a look at the base of my tails, “(How did anything get in there?)”

“Ms. Mackenzie…?”

Ma was spaced out.

“Karen, are you okay,” Brandy put his hand on her shoulder, before she collapsed, “Karen!”

All the humans rushed to Ma’s side. I had to hurry to get out of their way.

“(Well, Ma did have a long day.),” I laughed, as I snuck off, “(I wonder where they’re keeping everyone else.)”

The city is much more peaceful at night. Despite the lights of a few places here and there, nighttime would have to be the only time of day that the city was closest to nature. I thought about Tarsa. Did he really plan on becoming a god using that ritual? Or was he completely off his rocker? Tyrone did get a good bite out of him back there. Should I be concerned about leaving him back there?

Nah, being a Yokai for a little bit longer isn’t going to kill him. Plus he… He called me his “Aneki”. I don’t know what that Inukami word means, but… for some reason, him calling me “Aneki” makes me feel almost… important again.

“You don’t seem to be concerned that your friend is missing,” Uncle Smith looked at me, after checking to see Louis was asleep in the back seat.

“I’m sure that he’ll be fine,” I sighed, continuing to look out the car window.

“You sure,” Uncle Smith raised an eyebrow, “you talk as if you know where he is.”

“Well, I’ve known him for a long time.”

“My you’re not falling in love with a human, are you?”

“Of course not,” I snapped, “I hate them for taking our land from us… for taking me away from my mother…”

“I see…,” Uncle Smith smirked, “what do you say that we pay Tarsa a little visit before I drop you off?”

“What for?”

"To vent your anger on him."

“What do you expect me to do to him?”

“I know that you have the Phoenix Gate."

I stared at my uncle, he was serious.

"Louis told me everything.”

“You can’t have it. It was my mother’s responsibility, but now it’s my job to protect It.”

“Your mother would be proud of you,” his eyes brought their focus back onto the road ahead, “Besides, I don’t want the cursed thing, I find it unfortunate that Tarsa will only have to die once.”

“What are you saying?”

“You’ll see,” he smiled.

“(No, I refuse to believe it!),” Terry yelled at me after I told him the whole story, “(I know John. He’d never…)”

“(Don’t worry Terry. Dying isn’t that bad!),” I reached out with my wing, but he hit it away.

“(Don’t touch me!),” he yelled.

“(I don’t know how you know as much as you do but Know this.),” Terry looked me in the eyes, “(My trainer would never do that. If he was even capable of it, I would have been the first to know.)”

“(Terry it is me.),” I laughed, “(If I could I’d try to fix what I did, but I just-)”

“(Shut up!),” Terry took hold of my neck, his eyes burning with anger, “(I don’t appreciate the joke, Youko. Do you even know what I’ve been through! What I've endured just to see John again!)”

“(Who’s, You~ko…),” I strained to ask as I blacked out…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Aahhh,” Ms. Kay screamed when she had awoken again, placing her hand over her eye, “what was that? It felt so real…”

She completely unaware that she had dreamed about everything that happened between Terry and me that night.

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