Phoenix Feathers: Cult of the Pseudo Phoenix

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Nuit and Day

Chapter 27: Nuit & Day

“If you kill someone, then they’ll never learn the lesson that you want to teach.”

- Luke (The Foxfire Chronicles)

“Aahhh”, my head was spinning from jolting upward so quickly, “what was that? It felt so real…”

Cathy was kind enough to invite me to her home for the night. I didn’t know why, though. We haven’t spoken for years. Our schedules never seemed to match up.

Youko…,” I strained to remember, “Why does that name sound so familiar…”

“Are you alright,” Cathy burst into the room.

“Yes, it was just a dream.”

“What was it about,” Cathy sat down next to the bed.

“I’m not sure.”

“Do you remember anything yet?”

“Why do you keep asking me that,” I almost moaned resting my head on the bedpost, “I remember everything from my childhood to today.”

“What about my husband? You have to remember something about him.”

“Husband? Cathy, I didn’t even know you had been dating anyone.”

Cathy stared blankly at me for a few seconds. She had been doing that a lot since we found each other again. She got up and walked over to one of the cabinets. She took out a photo album and sat back onto the bed. She stopped to stare at the first picture.

“This is him,” she pointed to the picture, “don’t you recognize him?”

Luighseach was nuzzling up to Cathy. There was nothing strange about that… but she was standing next to a man holding a small boy on his shoulders. The two of them were obviously related, they had the same smile. The child had to be at least five years old when this picture was taken.

“No, who are they?”

“That was my husband, Tyler,” she said, almost about to cry, “and our son, John.”

“Oh, god… I remember taking these pictures, but I’ve never seen them before,” I nearly shouted, flipping through the pages, “how is this possible?”

“You don’t remember either of them?”

“Not in the slightest.”

The moonlight was shining brightly tonight. There wasn’t a single cloud in the sky. The busy noise of the city was buzzing outside Tarsa’s window. He did not have any thought of where he was or how he got there. All he truly knew was that he lost his last chance at becoming a god.

His entire body was so sensitive that even the slightest change in temperature would inflict pain on his body. Not to say that he wasn’t already in pain. He didn’t care, what was hurting him the most was the fact that he lost. He was just waiting for the heart monitor to stop beeping steadily and flatline. He was begging for it to. His life was over…

He could hear voices outside of his room. They were talking about pointless things about their pointless lives, within their pointless existence. Then everything became quiet. Even the damned beeping had stopped. The sound of the door creaking open, let him know he had a visitor. The scent should have told anyone who. A silhouette, as if to betray the owner, crept upon the floor and crawled up onto Tarsa’s bed. Even the shadow seemed to weigh more than it needed to.

“So, have you come for me…,” Tarsa coughed, his lungs felt like they were jumping upon each other.

“Yes,” Smith’s voice was cold, even to his niece, “we have come for you.”

“Just make it quick,” Tarsa turned his head but didn’t see who he thought that he would, “Wh-what… are-r…

“Good-bye Tarsa,” Jade sneered, pointing the red stone at Tarsa, “Phoenix Gate… Open.”

Jade’s pendant released its power of recreation over Tarsa’s body. He felt no pain beside that which he already had. He couldn’t scream, because of the cane’s side-effects and for no reason more. The Gate’s red glow was almost soothing to see. It was a hot feeling surrounding his body. Soon Tarsa’s pain seemed to melt away. He could no longer feel pain in his legs, in his arms, nor in his chest… because he no longer possessed them.

Tarsa was still in pain, but only in his head. After a few more second with this pain, Tarsa was beginning to see double, then triple, but his vision snapped back into place. Breathing hard, Tarsa found that he couldn’t think straight, no worse than that. He was thinking many thoughts at once. Too many thoughts in his head. They were all far too simple thoughts… but they were all at the elementary school level of thought, they were all annoying.

…This smells bad…

…I’m going to barf…

…My head hurts…

…who are you?…

…I can’t feel my legs…

“Huh? Seems one didn’t make it,” Smith’s voice ’tist’ed,

His skull was going to crack. Tarsa could hear himself scream *crack*… one of the voices was cut off altogether.

Jade gasped at what her uncle had done. She had never seen her uncle so cruel before. Tarsa couldn’t understand what was going on. He didn’t know why he felt like a small part of him died. He wanted it back, that annoying voice. He couldn’t find it. He wanted the voice back. Tarsa turned his head to look for his missing voice. He stopped when he saw Smith. He had something oozing from his mouth and hands.

“See it’s not that hard. Tastes awful, though,” he grinned, looking at the frightened Jade, “You can have three and I’ll have three.”

“How could you,” Jade was horrified.

“Simple, it’s instinct,” Smith’s hand covered Tarsa’s current set of eyes, ”all living beings have the natural desire to tear, rip, destroy and feed."

Tarsa could feel his head floating off the bed.

“But if you don’t like that method, then I’ll just smash this one on the ground.”

“No,” Jade screamed, as Tarsa saw his last glimpse of real light. It only lasted a millisecond.


He could see a flash as his head hit the floor. Then only lay and watch as the flash faded to darkness. He could hear his voices screaming as his warm fluids leaked out from him. They were so annoying. He wanted them to stop. His consciousness was slipping away. He could feel those parts of him fading away.

Tarsa saw a new light. He sensed something familiar. His missing parts pulling for him. Tarsa didn’t want to go to the light because he wanted to stay with the other voices. His missing voice was calling for him. Its pull was stronger than Tarsa’s four fading voices. He had to go into the light, he had no choice.

A grey shadow with red eyes waited for him on the other side.

“Now there’s just one more,” Uncle Smith laughed as he juggled the third Tarsa in the air, “What to do, what to do, what to do?”

“No, please stop!”

“Perhaps he’ll taste better cooked…”

“No, I can’t watch this anymore,” I trembled, shaking the pendant that was tied around my neck.

Then close your eyes,” he snapped, but then slowly calmed down again, “…fine, I’ll stop.”

“Thank you…,” I gulped, Uncle Smith handed me what was left alive of Tarsa.

“Don’t thank me yet,” Uncle Smith huffed a laugh, “Because they’re now your responsibility.”


“He’s not going to be able to survive all by himself and himself and himself and himself, so you take care of them,” Uncle Smith explained to me as he cleaned the goo from his hands.

“Ms. Dolly’s not going to like this,” I moaned.

“Then tell that woman to think of it this way,” Uncle Smith led us out of the room, the other three naturally followed me, “Louis has four more cute little friends to play with.”

The sun was shining brightly as Brother and I ran through the woods.

“(You can’t catch me),” I shouted.

“(Oh, yes I can!),” Brother was in hot pursuit of me. Seriously, he might have been able to catch me this time. If only he hadn’t stopped dead in his tracks.

“(Sister, Look out!)”

I stopped a little too late. I tripped and fell through the bushes ahead of me. I landed on all three of my full grown tails. Dust was kicked up into the air, so I couldn’t see anything at first.

“Oh, my Lord. What is that thing!”

“It’s a Demon!”

“Kill it! Kill it!”

Very large and funny looking Yokai were screaming in a weird language. I could somehow understand what they were saying. Now they were coming at me with large pointy sticks. I had to get out of there, but I was too scared.

“(Brother! Help me!)” I cried, “(I’m scared! Brother!)”

“Stop,” the smallest one of the Yokai screamed at the others, as he jumped in between me and them, “Stop it, all of you!”

“William, step aside!”

“No,” this ‘William’ yelled at the bigger of his kind. I took this chance to run away. I used the trick Dad taught us. As soon as I was out of sight, I hid not far away from the very bush that I had hidden away into. The bigger of the Yokai clan chased after where they thought that I went.

“Now look what you’ve done,” the biggest of them, yelled at my temporary protector, “you’ve let it escape.”

“Pappie, couldn’t you see that she’s more scared of you.”

“A scared Demon is worse than a normal one.”

“It was just a baby Kitsune, Pappie.”

“Kitsune are not black, boy.”

“How do you know? No one has seen all the Yokai in the world yet.”

“If it goes after our flock,” Pappie warned him, “Then it will be your fault.”

Pappie went back to the big wooden thing. It was just like a burrow, except it was overground and the entrance was like a wall. A simple push or pull moved the wall as Pappie disappeared inside. William stayed outside, looking out towards where I was hiding.

“I’m sorry we scared you,” he said loudly, “I hope we can be friends.”

I ran off, from my hiding place. I must have given him quite a fright. He fell on his butt in shock that I was hiding so close. I didn’t stay long enough to thank him, nor for him to utter anything outside a short cry of shock. I ran fast, I had to take the long way home…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“(Milkshake…),” a voice whispered into my slumber. I slowly opened my eyes, only to see Kiki’s eyes staring back at me.

“(Ah!),” I fell backwards, but not nearly far enough.

“(Is that all the appreciation that I get for helping save your life?),” she licked me.

“(Don’t do that!),” I screamed looking around,“(Where’s Terry?)”


“(Terry! Please tell me that I wasn’t dreaming about him again too!)”

“(Would you please shut up.),” a Unicorn neighed, “(I need my rest and these drugs aren’t working fast enough.)”

“(Sorry, but have you seen him. Please, someone tell me they saw him.)”

“(Don’t worry Milkshake, Ma saved you from the big bad Radical Reaper.),” Kiki laughed,“(You weren’t too scared, now, were you?)”

I was not amused in the slightest.

“(Not as brave as your sister, were you?),” she teased and bragged, “(You should have seen me face off against this huge-)”

“(Oh, look an owl.),” I pointed.

“(WHERE!!!),” Kiki fell off my bed/table thing, “(Oh, pretty stars…)”

Now I should be the one laughing about that, but I just didn’t feel like it…

“(How much of that was a dream…?)”

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