Phoenix Feathers: Cult of the Pseudo Phoenix

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Foreshadow: The Book of Mortals

Chapter 28: Foreshadow: The Book of Mortals

Curiosity killed the cat… Stupidity killed it the other eight times.

Uncle Smith had finally brought us back to the Dolly Mansion at the brink of dawn. And guess who was waiting for me. Well, yes, Margret was there, but she was not alone.

Inari, I couldn’t even believe it.

“Oh, my baby girl!” That man…

“Are you alright? Did that bad man hurt you?” And That Damn woman…

“Yes, yes. She’s fine,” Uncle Smith patted me on the head like I was his little doll, ”As you can see I took good care of her.”

“Hey, I took care of myself,” I yelled at him.

“Sure you did,” Uncle Smith teased me, ”And that’s why I needed to rescue you.”

“Thank you so much for saving our daughter from that big meanie.”

Yes, that’s how both of my “parents” talk. And I mean all the time. How these two bozos were able to fertilize an egg on their own is beyond me.

“Hi Daddy! Hi Mommy,” Louis cheered and bounced to those people as if nothing’s changed, “You should have seen Uncle Smith he was so Awesome!”

“I’m sorry,” that woman blinked for a second, “who are you?”

“This is my friend Lou,” I stated covering his mouth, “he’s a poor unfortunate orphan who’s going to be staying with us for a while.”

“Oh, you poor thing,” that man awed, “and such a handsome little thing at that.”

“Thanks, Daddy!”

“My, and what are those you’re holding?”

“This is Tar, Shelly, Crack, and Sue,” Louis smiled, pointing to each one, “After Jade, they’re my new bestest friends.”

“(Hi lady!),” the four Jinmenju said in unison (and no they weren’t talking to Mrs. Dolly).

“My aren’t they just simply Adorable,” that man squealed as we came into the house, “Come in, come in!”

“I don’t think that’s such a good idea, dear,” that woman said tugging on his fluffy pink robes, “we don’t know where they’ve been.”

“Oh, grow up,” I said coldly to her, “You do this every single time I bring someone over. Just shut up and let them stay.”

That woman started to cry her crocodile tears and wailing like it was the end of the world. Uncle Smith snickered at my cruelty towards Mrs. Dolly. He encouraged it. After all, no one understood my pain like he did.

“Little Miss, you’ve had your mother worried sick about you,” Margret slightly scolded me, “and this is how you treat her.”

“Just take Lou to my room, Margret,” I said, “She’ll be over it by breakfast.”

Morning came. Slowly and painfully, but it came. I couldn’t sleep a wink all night. Yes, my stay at the Yokai Clinic was pleasant, but I couldn’t rack my brain on what had happened last night. I don’t think any of us could. Karen was still out like a light and Tyrone was still lost who knows where.

I took a walk out of the room to help clear my head. It was Saturday today. Usually, I’d be sitting back waiting to watch cartoons right about now. Even if they had a TV here, I just didn’t feel like doing that either. I stopped by the healing rooms. Phineas was passed out with a bubble coming out of his nose. This was the only time of day that he seemed to be the least bit active. Next door, the other Yokai were sound asleep… Well, except for one.

Tyler was awake. I couldn’t tell for how long, though. The young Phoenix seemed to be deep in thought or caught in a trance. I couldn’t tell. He was miserable, more than usual actually. Heck, it made me sad just looking at him. I turned around to sit on the bench but saw something… a book. On closer examination, it wasn’t just any book. It was the very book that cult was using.

Understanding Mortals: Elements of the Mortal Being,” I snorted at the title, “What a complete load of Bull… Who in their right mind would… Eh, why not.”

I flipped through the pages. It was full of both old pages and new pages that were doctored to only appear old. Don’t ask how I could tell. Most of the writing that was in English wasn’t even fake. It was part of a real book that somebody wrote.

“What is this…

(Now mind you, I don’t know everything that Brandy read in that book he found, but so that you get the general idea of what the book was about, here’s a passage that I um… “reallocated” for your eyes only. I don’t know what this page says, but I think that you can get the general idea of what the book was about from it. There also were some very nice pictures, but I wasn’t able to ‘reallocate’ them in time.)

The mortal being is composed of five essential elements:

The Body: An outer shell of which mortals use to touch and interact with other shells. The Body can exist without the Spirit and the Mind, but not the Heart.

The Heart: The source of their emotions. Although it is known that some emotions can be produced by the brain, all emotions are directly linked to the metaphysical unit, Heart. The Heart can exist without the Mind and the Body, but not the Spirit.

The Spirit: Their main source of energy to power the Mind and Heart. (Also referred to as Will or Soul) The Spirit can exist without the Body and the Heart, but not the Mind.

The Mind: Mortals use this to move the Body, learn, imagine, dream, and (in seemingly rare cases) think. The Mind can exist without the Spirit or the Heart, but not both, And can exist even without there being a Body for it to inhabit.

The Fifth Element: Through observation, it is believed that there must be some sort of Fifth Element that binds the other elements together. This element has yet to be specifically identified.

Cronos for example, argues that his power of Time to be the Fifth Element, while others (like Gaia) disagrees strongly. This particular argument did not last very long and was quickly forgotten in only 2,000 years time (well, by everyone else besides Cronos and Gaia that is). Shortly after Cronos and Gaia’s discussion began taking place, many began to argue that the Sense of Morality to be the fifth element. This argument was even shorter-lived than that of Gaia and Cronos’s, yet is still remembered today. Researchers on the subject find more and more reasons as to why Morality is not the Fifth Element. The discovery of what most Mortals now call the Balance of Good and Evil (or the Yin-Yang) is today’s greatest reason why Morality is not considered the Fifth Element.

“The Laws of the Yin-Yang Balance dictates that when a form of Good is born then a form of Evil must also be born. This is because Good is similar in structure to Light,” I skipped the part about how Light & Darkness was similar to Good & Evil and continued reading, “Doesn’t matter if it was ‘born’ in the Heart, Spirit, Mind, or Body. All beings (Mortal, Immortal, and otherwise) are born with the sense of Morality so, therefore have the potential to become one or the other. There is only one known exception to this Cosmic Law. See page 2012 under… Kyuubi for more information?”

“Whatcha reading,” the twins popped out of nowhere.

“Gah,” I nearly dropped the book, but I did lose my place, “What are you two doing here?”

“Providing harbinger,” Christen shrugged.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means that Christen’s been reading too much again,” Kayla sighed.

“Ooh, another harbinger…”

“Stop that,” Kayla yelled.

“So why are you two here,” I asked putting the book under my arm.

“Our parents made us come,” Christen moaned.

“Again… why,” I checked my watch, “It’s 7:40 in the morning…”

“That’s what I was wondering,” Eddie yawned as he walked in, “Today’s my day off too.”

“Hey Eddie,” Kayla waved, while Christen hid her self, “Your dad made you attend too?”

“How many times do I have to tell you,” Eddie yawned, rubbing his eye, “He’s my stepdad… but yes, he made me come.”

“Hello,” I asked again, “What is going on?”

“Ah, so you’re the boy we’ve heard so much about,” a strange man reached out to shake my hand. Principal Bisha was standing behind him, so I knew he had to be important somehow.

“Forgive us for coming to you so early in the morning,” the man continued shaking my hand, “After all, it is Saturday. You don’t want to see your Principal on a Saturday.”

“I’m sorry,” I smiled painfully, “Who are you?”

Everyone, except Eddie, fell over.

“Show some respect,” Principal Bisha shrieked, “This is Superintendent, Thor Daiko.”

“Really,” I asked, “You’re his boss?”

“Yes, I suppose I am,” Mr. Daiko laughed like Old Saint Nick, “Is Milkshake doing alright?”

“He’s doing okay, I guess…”

“That’s good to hear,” Mr. Daiko smiled.

“Why would you want to know?”

“Yes, down to business,” Mr. Daiko cleared his throat, “It has come to my attention that…”

Enough about them for a little while, okay. All you really need to know is that one of the one things I hate the most about my old school is that they don’t change anything unless someone is dead or dying… mind you, My Death didn’t count.

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