Phoenix Feathers: Cult of the Pseudo Phoenix

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Anyway, in another Plane of Existence, Higher Dimension, or whatever. Something like that anyway…

“What are you still doing here,” one Not Genbu that went by Judiel didn’t appreciate how slowly the others did their work, “Didn’t you get a new charge recently?”

“Oh, keep your shell on,” the Not Peryton by the name of Naarai answered, “I’m still reading the kid’s file.”

“Don’t take too long. From what I heard, your new charge has already almost gotten himself killed again. Twice.”

“Oh, like your latest charge is not a little Miss Daredevil Incarnate.”

“How’s that comparable,” Judiel blurted out the question,“My charge was a Daredevil before she died, yours was some introvert student with self-esteem issues.”

“That’s strange…,” Naarai flipped through the document once more.


“Yes, it doesn’t say how he died.”

“It was suicide, wasn’t it.”

“Not according to this,” Naarai waved the file in front of his associate, “and you know how these are never wrong.”

“Well, if it wasn’t suicide, then what was it?”

“Says here… ‘Undefined’…”

“Undefined? What do you mean Undefined?”

“If I knew that, then it wouldn’t be Undefined, now would it?”

“Touché,” Judiel laughed, “Perhaps we should check the Strings of Fate.”

“Don’t bother,” a Not Feathered Serpent (Orrum) slivered towards them, “You won’t find anything there.”

“You,” the Judiel shrieked, “What did you do?”

“Me? I’ve done nothing,” Orrum stuck her nose up.

“Tell us now,” Naarai demanded, “What have you done with the Strings?”

“Although, I’m flattered that you thought that it was me,” Orrum glared at both of them, “I didn’t do anything with the Strings… this time.”

“Like we’d believe a snake like you,” Judiel glared back.

“I told you, I am innocent,” Orrum would have bitten Not Genbu’s head off if she could, “The Strings of every being in Golnar are out of our reach. I can’t even touch them. They cannot be altered and I can’t see what’s going on in there.”

“That can’t be right.”

“It’s not! I haven’t been able to cause even the slightest bit of Chaos for at least 200 years! And just the thought of that cursed area might have been at peace for all this time,” Orrum spat, “Makes me sick.”

“Alright, we’ll believe you.”

“Good,” Orrum smirked, “Now if you don’t mind, I have a few lives to ruin elsewhere.”

“Why is it that we can’t tie her up in a knot and leave her in a pit somewhere?”

“It’s against the rules,” Naarai groaned.

“Do you really believe what she said?”

“Do we have any reasons not too?”

“Well, for starters,” Judiel pointed, “she’s evil, she’s insane and she has it coming to her.”

“Orrum is many things, but a liar she is not. Deceitful, but never a liar.”

“What are you going to do,” Judiel sat down, “If even Orrum can’t touch Golnar, then how are you supposed to watch over your charge?”

“I have an idea, but it may get us into a little bit of trouble with the Primum Mobile later on.”

“Then I’d rather not do it.”

“It’s for the sake of watching my charge, so I think that he would forgive us if we make a kindof-on-purpose mistake.”

“What kind of ‘mistake’ are you suggesting?”

“Isn’t your charge getting on a plane soon?”

“Yes, why?”

“I need you to ask her to do a favor for me.”

“No, what you are thinking of right now,” Judiel scolded Naarai, but the winged deer smirked wider, “Yeah them, those thoughts have got to stop.”

“Fine. If you won’t, then I will,” Naarai snickered like Orrum would, ”It should be easy, with just a little smudging of their tickets and they’ll be in Golnar in no time... Well, either that or Zealcoast.”

“Okay, fine… I’ll do it,” Judiel gave up, “But since we’re bending the rules anyway…”

“No, we aren’t going after Orrum,” Naarai took the lead.

“Come on,” Judiel followed suit, “At least let me tar and feather her or something!”

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