Phoenix Feathers: Cult of the Pseudo Phoenix

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What's in a Name?

Chapter 4: What is in a…

“Who we are is not just our name, but our underlining character. But a proper name helps.”

- The boy named Sue.

“Would you two shut up,” Karen yelled, but then smiled, “Mommy gets to hold him first.”

“What gave you the idea that you’re his mom!”

“He saw me first.”


What could I say? Most newborns bond with the first beings that they see. I was an obvious one, but Karen’s face was over my shoulder.

“Fine, you can hold him, but be careful,” I slowly shifted the weight of the tiny bird to Karen’s arms, “he’s still fragile.”

“Let me see,” the twins said in unison. Karen turned to show them. They continued to do what any girl would do when they see a baby anything.

“Alright, who would... oh my,” Officer Mara stopped, “who brought a baby in here.”

“Officer Mara,” we all blurted out.

“Where did that little guy come from?”

“Shush. He was just born”

“Just born but you’re all too...,” then she noticed the fragmented egg shells, “Oh...”

I don’t know if anybody told you this before, but being a newborn is a real pain in the butt. Especially, if you are a Reborn like I myself. You are able to remember the details for the rest of your second life. There are loud noises everywhere. You can’t focus your eyes and bright lights make you nauseous. The world seems to be spinning. Your still developing muscles wear out easily. Then, when you are moving, it makes you even more nauseous. Basically, before you get your first meal, all you want to do is throw up.

“Here you go, little guy,” Brandy said as something stuck itself into my stiff mouth. The formula wasn’t really that bad. Sweet, but not too sweet. Nice and warm.

“I think he likes it. Thanks, Officer Mara... oh crap!”

After you do get your first meal, you finally get your chance to throw up. Then all you want is more to drink, poop, then throw up again. If I wasn’t blind and deafened, I would have been much more embarrassed.

“Think he did that on purpose?”

“Of course not, he’s just a baby. He doesn’t know any better.”

“I think he’s laughing,” one of the twins pointed out.

“(I’d do it again too. Revenge!),” I wish that I could grin, but my face was stiff. I didn’t have lips…

It occurred to me at this moment that I had no clue as to what I was. I looked down at my nose or at least where my nose should be. I had a beak. It was a faded yellow color, and the feathers that were on my cheeks were as white as snow. I was a bird of some kind. All that I knew for certain was that I was the wrong color. I could be almost anything really, even a thunderbird. Thunderbirds are wicked cool. On the other hand, my wings are too short to be one of those.

“This was my good shirt too...,” Brandy said, interrupting my thoughts.

“So what? Just get a new one.”

“Um, yeah... right,” Brandy frowned for a second before he smiled at me again, “I guess we’ll have to try a different formula.”

“(No! I like this one!)”

“Brandy, give him back his bottle,” the girl (that I figured had to be Karen) shoved the bottle back in my mouth. The formula almost choked me, but tasted just as good.

“Karen, you have to be careful with babies.”

“Alright children, I say that we finish this interrogation quickly.”

For the next half hour or so, the girls and Brandy took turns on taking care of me. Each person went in for their interrogation about my suicide. I could hear them. The police were asking weird questions about me.

“Did John take any drugs?”

“Did John smoke?”

“Did John drink when other people weren’t looking?”

The police must have heard so many stories about me that it was hard to distinguish the truth from the rumors and wild fantasies of what happened. But the one question that kept repeating itself was, “where did you last see the gun?” I thought nothing of it at the time. When the police had finished, Brandy took me back from Christen.

“So, what time,” he asked her, Christen stayed silent for a moment.

“We all agreed for five,” she sighed, “but that’s in ten minutes.”

“Like I said, don’t bother coming,” Karen glared.

“I’ll bring the baby.”

“Dang...,” she cussed respectfully, “Fine, you can come.”

“We’ll catch up to you guys. We have to call our parents first.”

“Alright,” we waved goodbye to the twins as we went out the front doors to the school.

“(Gah! Bright light! Bright Light!)”

A little further away, a mirage floats, watching our small group. Its twin tails flicking back and forth from inside its little bubble.

“(Sigma? Yo. Sigma!),” the mystic feline turned its head to the creature behind it, “(Dude, whatcha doing way out here?)”

“(I could ask you the same thing, but I’m busy.)”

“(Doing what? Spying on the mortals again?)”

“(Maybe...),” Sigma zipped closer to the group.

“(You really shouldn’t do this.),” the shadow didn’t follow Sigma, but instead appeared where the cat was going to go.

“(Why not?),” the feline smiled, “(and if you make one cat joke right now, I’ll kill you till you’re dead.)”

“(You know that’s not possible for my kind.)”

“(Then you won’t mind if I test how close you can get?),” the cat smiled cutely.

“(Um, no, that’s okay... there’s somewhere else I have to be. Anyway, it’s nice seeing you.),” the figure started to float away, but paused, “(By the way, you haven’t seen a charm around, about yea big… gold, with silver engravings, and a red rock in the center, have you?)”

“(No, haven’t seen something like the... you didn’t…)”

“(Ehehehe...),” the shadow blushed as best as it could.

“There’s the shrine.”

“Thank you Captain Obvious,” Karen glared at me.

“I wasn’t talking to you,” I said as the white puffball of a head popped out from under its coverings.

“(I would have said the same thing.),” the chick chirped quietly.

The Sacred Silver Shrine is said to have been set in honor of the hundred-year-old Kyuubi. But not just any old Kyuubi, this was Kubbi, the first official Kyuubi to reach a hundred. For a long time, it had been said that the true powers of a Kitsune’s tails can be tapped when it turns a hundred years old, It was our very town of Golnar that confirmed it.

When Kubbi was one hundred was able to do what no Yokai was capable of before. Legends tell of many abilities, but the one ability that always stood out was that she could most amazingly enough… speak human. Kubbi lived to be a few decades older, helping take care of humans and Yokai alike. Legends even say that she’s the one that taught us humans how to seal Yokai in objects like bells.

She was truly powerful and wise. She left Golnar to help the rest of the world but then disappeared¦ Legends of her death vary from a great epic battle to simply dying of old age (even though it is impossible for any Kitsune to die of old age).

“Hey, Karen,” a girl waved as we arrived.

“Hey, where is everyone?”

“This is everyone...”

Let me paint a picture for those of you who were not there. Out of the fifty-something students that there were told of John’s memorial, only a grand total of ten came. Mind you, half of which includes Karen, Me, the baby bird, and the twins (of whom, were not here yet).

“And who’s that you’ve got there,” she squealed, “Awe, a Phoenix chick!”

Then came the storm... Everybody wanted to hold the new baby chick and I mean everyone. Even the people who were just passing by. They were all scaring him so badly that he was shaking like a jackhammer. They all were shouting out about what to name him.

“I wanna call him Cheepers.”

“No, Plucky!”

“How about Snowy!”

“That’s stupid! It’s a firebird!”

“Just look at its birthmark!”

“What birthmark?”

“That spot over his left eye. How could you not see that birthmark?”

“That’s it! Let’s name it Spot”

“No, Vanilla just like the milkshake.”

“Vanilla’s a girl’s name,” Karen said, “how about...”


Everyone fell silent and stared at Tyrone as he continued his suggestion, “I think we should call him Milkshake.”


“What? Do I have something on my face?”

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