Phoenix Feathers: Cult of the Pseudo Phoenix

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When the Sun Goes…

Chapter 5: When the Sun Goes…

Speak softly, but carry a Big Stick, so that everyone else may shut up and listen to you.

Okay, I can understand that I died. I can also understand why I am now in the body of a stinking Phoenix. I can also understand why everyone doesn’t know that my real name is Jonathan. What I can’t understand is why anybody in their right mind would name me Milkshake! I almost prefer to be called Spot or Snowy!

“Seriously,” Tyrone repeated, “Do I have something on my face

“No, we just don’t understand why you’re here,” Karen stated for everyone, like usual.

“I’m just wondering why ‘Milkshake’. It’s stupid.”

‘What do you know... Brandy is the voice of reason.’

“It think it’s cute,” Christen shouted.

“Yeah, me too,” Kayla agreed with her sister.

“Same here,” a random girl said.

“Well then, let’s put this into a vote,” Karen announced, raising her arm, “All for?”

All of the girls raised their hands.

“Now all opposed?”

Brandy raised his free arm and you can bet that I raise my hand... um wing.

“It’s unanimous,” Karen tapped me on the ‘nose’, “your name’s Milkshake.”

“(My name is Jonathan,) Chirp!”

“See? He likes it,” Karen smiled.

“I really don’t think that’s what he said,” Brandy sighed.

“(I swear Sigma’s somewhere, laughing his long puffy tails off, right now.),” I grumbled to myself.

“(This better not be one of your twisted sick pranks, because I’m not laughing!)”

“(Dude, don’t worry about it.)”

“(Don’t you “dude” me!),” Sigma screamed, “(This is terrible!)”

“(What are you so worked up about?)”

“(Don’t you realize what will happen if a human finds that medallion!)”

“(It ain’t that bad.)”

“(Last time, it took three Chosen Ones and at least seven Legendary Yokai...)”

“(That’s better than what I-)”

“(Just to clean up the mess afterwards!),” Sigma stressed that last part by stretching his entire body to yell at his friend of a shadow.

“(... Oh...),” the shadow blinked, “(Guess we’d better start looking, dude.)”

Sigma facepalmed himself, “(Now where do you think that you've lost it?)”

“(Um... Somewhere between Kubbi’s shrine and my place.)”

“(Oh, Mother Bastet…),” the cat rubbed its temples, “(And knowing you, you didn’t go straight between here and there, did you?)”

“(Not really... Look, at least I know that I had it with me when I left for tacos.)”

“(...Tacos? You took an artifact, that is more dangerous than one of the Ancient Titan’s “little tiffs” with you to get Tacos!?!)”

“(Hey, at least I didn’t leave it unprotected, dude.)”

“(You don’t even like tacos!)”

“(Okay, so they were burritos!)”

“(Why would you want burritos!!!)”

“(Even I have to eat. Plus they’re clean; yet messy. Spicy; yet mild. Tasty; yet disgusting. Smooth yet...)”

“(Just shut up and KEEP LOOKING!!!!!)”

“Are you sure that this is how it’s done?”

“Yeah, you light the incense, clap your hands and pray,” Christen demonstrated.

“And that’s it,” Kayla finished for her sister as she lit the incense.

“Alright, everyone ready,” Karen led everyone in the clapping,“Pray!”




“...Um, so what do we pray about,” one of the only boys asked.

“(Excuse me?)”

“Stupid rich kids,” Brandy grumbled under his breath.

“(WHAT DO YOU MEAN “what do we pray about”? You Pray that I don’t Haunt your butt! That’s what you pray about!)”

“Shush, Milkshake.”

“(No! And don’t call me Milkshake!),” I yelled at Brandy.

“Brandy, what did you do to Milkshake?”

“I didn’t do anything,” Brandy shrugged.

“(I refuse to be called Milkshake!)”

“He was fine a minute ago,” Karen shrieked.

“I said that I didn’t do anything!”

“Then why are you YELLING at me!”

“(Because you’re being a Bit-)”

“Because you’re YELLING at me!”

“Well, then stop YELLING at ME for YELLING at YOU!”

“I will WHEN you stop YELLING at me!”

“I won’t stop until YOU STOP!”

“(Would you BOTH stop YELLING!),” I cried, and no, I don’t mean as in I “yelled loudly”.

I was really crying. I was worn out, tired as hell, and these two screaming at the top of their lungs were giving me a massive headache. There is only so much that someone my current age could take. I wanted to explode! I don’t even remember why I wanted to live again! This was far worse than when I was still alive!

“Now look at what you’ve done! Me!?! It’s you,” the two of them seemed to yell at each other simultaneously for what felt like days to me.

“You’re both scaring him, so how about you both, BE QUIET!

Everyone clammed up quick when they heard that particular voice. You could hear a pin bounce from a mile away (or at least, I could).

“Mrs. Kay...,” everyone was stunned about her assertiveness.

“This is a sacred place. You should be more respectful. Now hand him to me,” she sighed as she carefully cradled me in her arms, “There, there. Come now. Don’t cry.”

The best way that anybody could describe Ms. Kay was that she was Grace Incarnate. She’s one of the kindest women that you would ever meet. She could actually give Mother Teresa a run for her money. So it came as a diffident shock that she yelled when she did.

Certainly different than how she was now. Loving and tender. Ms. Kay practically glowed like an angel. Being in her arms was like floating on cloud. So soft. So safe. So warm… So with everything finally quiet, I finally fell asleep.

“Hm, this one seems to be blessed.”

“Really, Miss Kay?”

“Yes. I see great potential as well as... Ah, I see. So that’s why,” Miss Kay smiled as she cradled the sleeping chick.

“Why what, Miss Kay?”


“Tell us.”

“Hm,” she shot me her eyes, still glowing softly, “you are his ‘parent’, correct?”

“You could see that?”

“Yes,” she nodded, “I could see more than that. Believe me, Brandy.”

The look in her eyes gave me the impression that she knew about something bad that I had done. I didn’t really know what she saw, but the fact that she knew my name was enough to make anybody a little freaked out.

“He needs a good home, correct?”

“Oh, er… yeah. My family can’t give him a proper home so...”

“Then let me take him home,” Karen offered.

“No, you can’t take him home with you,” I snapped without thinking of the potential consequences.

“Oh and just why not?”

“He’ll need constant attention. That means day and night. You and your family can’t provide such an environment,” Ms. Kay said in my defense before Karen had the chance to knock me downside the head again.

“How about us,” the twins asked in unison.

“The same.”

A few of the other girls made similar statements, but Ms. Kay shook her head to each of them.

“I could try to...,” Tyrone meakly raised a hand.

“Yes, you could,” her eyes widened slightly when she saw him, “but don’t you already have more than you can handle at home?”

Tyrone’s eyes widened as well. She had said something that struck him, just like she had done with me. He slinked back into the crowd.

“It would be best if I took him in for the night” she smiled, “Brandy, you may pick him up in the morning if you like.”

“But I can’t...”

“Or if you prefer, you may even stay with him, just for tonight.”

“That would be… Okay, I guess...”

“Hey, if you’re staying, then so are we,” Karen declared for herself, “Right girls?”

“Sorry, our parents want us home right away,” Kayla said.

“So as much as we want to stay...,” Christen trailed off as they both headed off to their home.

“Bye,” they said in unison.

Everyone else quietly walked away to their “busy lives”. Well, except for Tyrone. He just stood there. Didn’t seem like he wanted to go anywhere.

“What about you?”

“I have nothing better to do,” Tyrone shrugged as he headed off, “I’ll be back later tonight... maybe.”

“Looks like it’s just you and me now,” I smirked at Karen.

“Oh shut up,” she grumbled.

“This certainly won’t end well,” Mrs. Kay sighed, “and I don’t need visions to see that.”

As the group climbed up the stone path to Ms. Kay’s home, a new figure walked up to the shrine to pay her respects to the one she missed. Once she arrived, she stood beside the stone shrine for a moment. While she was standing there, she looked back and forth to make sure that no one was around to see her. She lit fresh incense and knelt down on her knees. She prayed out loud as if she were talking to the person she lost...

as if they had never left…

Like she had done so many times before.

Dangling off her neck, the golden medallion glistened in the light of the setting sun. The girl slipped the metal weight back under her school shirt, before returning to her feet again.

“And mom… There was this boy at school... if you see him...You know, over where you are. Please tell him that I’m… I’m so sorry… You’ll do that for me, won’t you?... Thank you.” she said to the stone shrine as she wiped away her tears. She cleared the small mess she made, before heading off to back to her normal life. If for just a little bit longer.

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