Phoenix Feathers: Cult of the Pseudo Phoenix

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Brother, Sister and Aniki?

Chapter 6: Brother, Sister, and Aniki?

If you play with fire, leave me out of it!

Terry the Kodama cried out as he was engulfed within the tornado of fire. The move was naturally super effective against his plant nature.


“Alright, we win again, Loser,” Tyrone cheered, “you should have known to not have picked a fight with me!”

... Wasn’t he the one that challenged us?...

“Terry, are you alright?”

Terry wasn’t too badly burned, but he was still out cold.

“Humph, you should have picked a better Yokai like the rest of us, Loser.

...So says the one who didn’t even get to pick his own Yokai…

“Terry, rest now,” I said as I returned Terry to his bell and smiled, “you did great today.”

“Your tree spirit didn’t stand a chance.”

…But Terry’s powers were even affecting his Fire Yokai as if they were a drink of water…

“Why didn’t you get one of the Phoenixes like the rest of us had?”

...Because everyone and their grandmother already owns a Phoenix......They really aren’t the rarest Yokai around here...

“You’ll never win with a second rate Yokai like that,” Tyrone teased.

…We will some day. I promise Terry. You’re going to be the strongest Yokai in the whole town or my name’s not Jonathan Tyler Lawrence…

When I woke up, I was somewhere else. Everything looked so big. As I struggled to get up, I found that I was on top of a bed of hay. No, worse… a nest.

...Well, this is a fire hazard waiting to happen...

“I don’t understand why we have to keep him separated from the other little chicks,” Karen’s voice rang through the building.

“The other Phoenixes would tear him apart, Karen. Even full grown Phoenixes have to isolate their newborn chicks for a few hours,” Brandy explained.

“It will only be until he can walk on his own, dear,” that elderly voice explained. I was perfectly calm until Brandy asked the next question.

“Um, Karen where’s Kiki?”

“(Kiki? As in Karen’s Kitsune, Kiki?)”

“(Now how would a newborn snack like you know that?),” a deep voice said from behind me.

“(K-kikki-iii),” I turned to see the Kitsune crouched down, extremely close to me. All three of her sparkling tails were swishing back and forth.

“(I never had white Phoenix before. How do you taste?),” Kiki licked the entire right side of my head, and smacked her lips, “(Hm, tastes like… human?)”

At this point in time, I could only think of one possible reason to why a Kitsune would know what a human tastes like.

“(Oh Sh)queeeee!,” I screamed running away from the miniature fox.

“(Hey, come back here!),” the fox pounced after me, “(Well, you’re a fast little bugger, ain’t ya.)”

“(You aren’t going to eat me!)”

“(Of course not...),” she shrugged, I almost slowed down, “(I’m not done playing with you yet!)”

Her mocking gave me the motivation to run faster around the room. Sure, my muscles ached and burned, but it sure beats getting eaten. When the door opened and I went running through it.

“Milkshake,” Karen shouted when I zipped between her legs followed by the monster fox, “Kiki!?!”

“(She’s going to eat me!),” I somehow hopped up onto the chair, then the table.

“(I’m not going to eat you!),” she yelled as she followed me up the tabletop.

She knocked most of the table decorations down. I quickly turned and ran in the opposite direction. Kiki was running too fast to stop in time. She slipped and slid off the edge of the table. I hoped that she landed on her head.

“Kiki are you alright,” Karen yelled as she picked her up, “My poor baby.”

“(Ma, I’m three years old! I’m perfectly capable of taking care of myself!)”

“Now,” Karen rubbed her face up against Kiki’s fur, “why are you picking on your little brother?”

“Karen, she was trying to eat him,” Brandy snapped.

“Kiki wouldn’t do such a thing.”

“(Want a bet!),” I screamed.

“(I said that wasn’t going to eat you!),” Kiki screamed back, “(I don’t like raw meat.)”

“(So you were going to fry me alive first!)”

“Karen, would you mind putting Kiki away?”

“Kiki wouldn’t hurt a fly.”

“I can understand that Karen, however, he doesn’t know that.”

Karen took a look at me and saw I was shaking like I was jacked up on sugar. Karen sighed as she sealed Kiki back into her specialized bell. Like most pet Yokai, the Kitsune disappeared from the room and into her own subspace within the seal of the round bell.

“Thank you, Karen,” the elderly woman approached the table, “I knew I should have put these away.”

Ms. Kay sighed as she stepped down to retrieve the decorative trinkets from the floor. She took another look at me with those shining eyes of hers.

“You children are such a handful,” she smiled and patted me on the head.

Or at least I think that she did... It didn’t feel like it though. It didn’t feel like she touched me at all really. No wonder everyone says she’s so gentle.

“So Ms. Kay,” Karen took a moment to clear her throat, “What is it that makes Milkshake so special?”

“(Stop calling me Milkshake!)”

“I think that it would be best if I didn’t tell,” Ms. Kay put a finger to her lips.

“Awe, but why?!?”

Ms. Kay smiled to herself as she placed the undamaged decorations back on the table, “Doctor-patient confidentiality…”


“It’d make a better surprise when you find out for yourselves. Speaking of surprises,” she paused before there was a knock on the door, “Tyrone’s here and he’s not alone.”

“Come here um... Shakes,” Brandy said as he attempted to scoop me up.

I jumped out of the way. There was no way I was going to miss this chance to pay Tyrone back for all the times that he scorched Terry. Even if it was just a simple spark that scorched his pants legs, it would be completely worth it. I hopped over to the front door as it was opened.

I leaped out, but caught sight of a pair of very large teeth, followed by very hot breath. I came to a screeching halt.

“(What the Gates of Hell!)”

“(Humph, big talk for such a little runt.),” the teeth growled at me.

I fell back and blacked out.

“(Was it something I said, Aniki?),” the Inukami (dog spirit) asked Tyrone.

“Is that Milkshake,” Tyrone dumbly asked, while his Yokai sniffed the unconscious bird.

“Of course, it is,” Karen huffed for whatever reason, “how many pure white Phoenixes do you know of?”

“He’s walking already,” Tyrone sighed, “and I missed it.”

“Yep and you missed all of the excitement,” I said, we all looked down at the twitching bird, “Although, I think that he took it full blast.”

“You should have seen him he was running all over the place.”

“Thanks to her Kiki chasing him,” I pointed out.

That would have gotten me another kick to the face if I didn’t have fragile Milkshake in my arms at the moment.

“Don’t worry,” Tyrone searched through his bag, “I brought something that will make him brighten right up.”

“I wouldn’t do that, dear.”

“Don’t worry about it Miss Kay,” he said as he pulled out a dropper with a red glowing substance inside, “Fire Yokai just love this concoction.”

“Trust me,” Miss Kay swiped the glowing liquid from Tyrone’s hand, “He won’t like it.”

“So who’s this,” I motioned to the beast sitting beside Tyrone. I had never seen Tyrone bring this particular Yokai to school before.

“This is my little Leo. My parents have had him almost as long as they’ve had me,” he said as he pet Leo’s head. Leo barked in pleasure.

“Wow, his coat’s almost as shiny as my little Kiki’s,” she said as she pulled out Kiki’s bell. I think that she just wanted an excuse to let her out again.

“Karen… don’t,” I discerned.

“Oh, please,” Tyrone bragged, “My little Leo is twice as shiny as your fat fox.”

“I’ll get the fire extinguisher,” I sighed. There was no stopping Tyrone when he got this way. And Karen... she’s even worse.

“One on one?”

“Loser sleeps outside?”

“I was going to say the same thing,” Tyrone smiled evilly, “except Commando.”

“Ew… Pervert,” Karen screamed at first, “but fine. The winner won’t have to sleep commando outside.”

“Deal. Now let’s get to it.”

“Bring it on, Shorty.”

“Who are you to calling Shorty? Little Miss Hot Head!”

“Alright, it’s on,” Karen announced, ringing Kiki’s bell. In a flash of light, the Kitsune materialized before her.

“(Yea! Time for my brushing!),” the Kitsune cheered and rushed to her master’s arms and sang, “(Brush me Good! Brush me Well! It will bring you luck if you brush every tail!)”

“Sorry Kiki, not just yet. We have a score to settle.”

Kiki’s ears drooped at the realization of what was happening, “(Wait, we’re fighting? But what about my brushings!)”

“You ready Leo?”

“(Not really, Aniki...),” the dog sighed, “(I don’t want to fight some pampered pup.)”

“(Excuse me? What did you call me, Bootlicker!),” the Kitsune bared her teeth.

“(Bootlicker!),” Leo barked and growled viciously, “(I’ll make you eat dirt for saying that to me.)”

“(Well, bring it on Groveler!),” Kiki hissed as she leaped from her master’s arms.

“That’s the spirit, Kiki!”

“Let’s finish this quickly, Leo.”

“Well, as nice as it would be for me to see you two beat each other’s Yokai up for stupid and idiotic reasons, I would prefer you to do it Outside and Away from my very flammable house!

“Whoops, sorry Miss Kay,” everyone including the Yokai apologized.

“I said out! Out! Out!” Ms. Kay amazingly pushed all four of them out the door, single-handedly. She shut and leaned against the door behind them.

“I can’t have this place bursting into flames again...,” she sighed, shaking her head.

“You realize that you just left two egomaniac teenagers out there with a pair of living flamethrowers unsupervised, right?”

“It will be fine dear,” Miss Kay motioned me, “Now sit. We have much to discuss.”

“But they can still-”

“I am well aware of what they are capable of Brandy. Just let them blow off some steam.”

“Except their ‘steam’ could burn down the whole city.”

“Not to worry. I have some... ‘friends’ watching to make sure that that sort of thing doesn’t happen.”

Words to know: Aniki: “Big Brother” In slang terms, this also means boss or someone of a superior rank to you. Inukami naturally adress their male masters “Aniki” and their female masters “Aneki”.
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