Phoenix Feathers: Cult of the Pseudo Phoenix

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Heat of the Moment

Chapter 7: Heat of the Moment

Lick me once, shame on you. Lick me twice, shame on me. Lick me three times, then I might as well hop into the pot for ya.

“Okay, I think that this is far enough from the house,” Karen announced.

“And this clearing is perfect for a duel between Fire Yokai,” Tyrone glanced over the grassless clearing.

“We’re ready when you are,” then Karen yelled to their opponents before assuring to Kiki, “No way we’re going to lose, let’s use your secret technique.”

“I’m good to go,” Tyrone yelled back before he also crouched down and whispered to Leo, “If we use your secret weapon, Leo then we can’t lose.”

“Now get out there,” the teens screamed simultaneously. The two Yokai dashed onto the battlefield. Each one snarled and hissed. With the moon glittering off their eyes, the beasts glared at each other. They stopped padding the dirt only to wait for their masters’ command.

“Now, remember Karen,” Tyrone announced in a feeble attempt to annoy the enemy, “If you don’t win, you have to sleep outside, Commando!”

“Yeah. Yeah… same to you, Pervert!”

“Why you little...,” stuttered Tyrone.



“Use Guardian Roar now!”

Both beasts turned on a dime before releasing a startling intimidating roar. Both beasts were blasted with the sound waves. Squealing in terror, both of them absorbed themselves back into their respective seals with an audible sucking sound. Both teens just blinked at what just had occurred, gobsmacked.

“Well, that was lame...,” Karen spoke first with a huff in her voice.

“Best two out of three?”

“But it was a tie.”

“One more then.”

“No cheap tricks this time?”

“Agreed. No Guardian’s Roars.”

“Let’s go,” they both rereleased their Yokai for round two.

“(Man, am I pooped.),” the shadow sat down on a nearby log, sighing in content, “(We’ve been searching for hours. I really don’t think that it’s out here.)”

“(It has to be out here somewhere.),” Sigma was tired too, but it wasn’t about to let its friend know that.

“(Unless... someone already picked it up?)”

“(I certainly hope not.)”

“(Dude, I just had, like, a brain blast or something.)”

“(A what?)”

“(I just remembered that I took it out to look at, while I was passing that school.),” the shadow pointed at the building in question, “(Then I went down that very path that we met up.)”

“(WHAT?),” if Sigma’s eye could twitch any harder its actual eye would have popped like a grape, “(Why didn’t you say that in the first place!)”

“(That’s why I was there. I was backtracking from where I started that is until you showed up and perked my immortal interest.)”

“(A lemon would perk your immortal interests!!!)”

“(Dude, my short term memory doesn’t click into my long term as fast as it used to.)”

“(Now we just wasted who knows how long on a wild goose chase!)”

“(Hey, dude, why don’t we just ask other Yokai out here if they’ve seen it?)”

“(Are you kidding! That would cause widespread Panic and Chaos!),” the cat waved its arms around, “(IF they knew exactly what it was, they’d turn this whole forest upside down and then destroy the city before anyone really finds it. But IF we tell them that it is a worthless piece of metal no one would look for it as seriously, A human would happen upon it, find out what it does the only way that they can, Then Zip! Bang!!BOOM!!! We all fall down!)”

At this, Sigma fell to the ground, too exhausted to even hide its self within a mirage. The shadow stretched a yawned a sigh that was unfortunately caught by the cat making it even sleepier. The shadow continued as Sigma yawned himself.

“(Alright, alright! So we can’t let anyone find out that what we’re looking for.)”

Sigma slowly sat up in a more comfortable position, calming itself down. When Sigma stopped breathing so hard, it thought for a moment and came up with an idea. Slowly Sigma floated off the ground. If a lightbulb was above his head right then, it would be glowing brightly.

(Well, there is one person that we can tell...),” the twin-tailed cat zipped its way back towards the shrine. Its revelation increased its energy for the time being.

“No, give Terry back!” I tried to run after the thieves, but my teacher was holding me back.

“Let the police handle this,” she told me fearfully.

“Let me go! They still have Terry,” I kept on yelling, but my teacher wouldn’t let me go.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“(Terry!),” I burst awake.

“Are you okay? You looked like you were having a bad dream,” Brandy was cradling me again.

“(No duh, Sherlock. I’m fine now. So Put Me Down!),” I jumped out of his arms and back onto the table.

“Now that he’s awake, we may begin,” that old woman again.

“What exactly did you want to discuss?”

“Him, of course.”

“Well, I figured we would, but what about him?”

“(Hey! Don’t talk about me as if I’m not here!)”

“It certainly isn’t about his cranky attitude anyway,” Brandy sighed.

“He’s still mad about the name... I suppose.”

“(Who wouldn’t be!)”

“Your little... Um, son here is quite unique.”

“Well, he is the first albino that I’ve ever-”

“Oh, he’s not an albino.”

“Say what?”

“He just has Leucism.”

We both just stared at her. I’m sure that you’re thinking the same thought that we were.

“Sigh, It’s Albinism without the red eyes.”

“(Well, that’s great to know you Old Coot.)”

I wasn’t sure then, but I thought that I saw her eye twitch when I said that. For an instant, she appeared almost bloodthirsty. I couldn’t imagine as to why.

“Perhaps, it would be best if you let everyone think that he is Shiny,” she even sounded almost evil, “Tell everyone to rub his head for good luck and such. Like this.”

Her hand then reached out and stroked my head. I could feel it this time, but it didn’t feel right. It felt like Kiki had just licked me again. I ran to the safety of Brandy’s lap, out of her reach.

“As I was saying...,” that famous smile of hers returned to her lips, “He is quite special. He is special because he has been blessed by forces greater than ourselves. Not many get such a chance as this one was given.”

...What the hell is she talking about.... Wait, she can’t mean... Does she know this is my second life... Oh God no... If people find out that it’s me it will be High School all over again... No, it will be even worse than High School...

“Hey, Milkshake what’s wr-”

“(Don’t call me Milkshake!)”

“Well, sorry. No need to bite my head off,” Brandy turned his attention back to Miss Kay, “What chance are you talking about?”

Before I could object, Miss Kay shook her finger saying...

“Nah ah uh,” she then winked, “That’s a secret. What I can tell you is that he has a great future ahead of him. That is if you take him to that school of yours every day.”

“What, but we’re not allowed to-”

“Oh, it will be fine, trust me,” she smiled again as she stood up.

“(I’m not going to School again!)”

“You’re his recognized parent so he’s going to follow you around,” she then seemed to focus completely on me for a second, “whether he realizes that he does or not.”

“(Hey, you Old Coot! I’m not going to School again! You hear me!)”

“One more for good luck,” She said as she ‘Pet’ me again. Needless to say, I shut up.

“Well, time for bed,” she then faked a yawn, believe me… I could tell it was fake, “we all need our sleep.”

“Wait, aren’t we going to wait for Karen and Tyrone?”

“Let’s just say that they have a lot more steam than you think,” she then went into the back room, “Sleep anywhere you like.”

Well, several hours later, Karen and I were still at it. At first, we refused to use any fire attacks, but we slowly got into it as time passed by. By now we have been going at it for another hour just dodging fire attacks. I don’t even know what was keeping us awake for so long.

“Alright Leo,” I called as Leo had succeeded in avoiding another attack, “Now catch her with a burning bite!”

Leo’s mouth lit up as if he was going to launch another flamethrower, but he quickly chomped down on one of Kiki’s tails. Both Kiki and Karen smiled.

“Nice try! But Kiki’s has immunity from fire attacks. Heck, it heals her,” Karen pointed dramatically at the field, “Now’s your chance Kiki! Hit him with your foxfire!”

The enchanted ghost flames surrounded both of the fighting Yokai. The blue flames then sunk themselves into Leo’s hide, which only caused him to bite harder on Kiki’s tail.

“Hey, why isn’t it working?”

“Because Leo’s also immune to Fire,” I shouted, “And it even makes him stronger! Leo, Thief in the Garden!”

Leo pushed off of his front paws and lifted Kiki into the air. He then started to spin quickly on his hind legs. He then swung and released the fire fox hard down onto the ground.


“Leo, Sheep’s Loose!”

Leo then released a flamethrower and made a firewall surrounding the fallen Kiki. Leo leaped into the air and turned into a flaming wheel. The massive fireball that Leo created then crashed bull’s eye in the middle consuming both Yokai in flames.

“What kind of attacks are those,” Karen wasn’t about to give up, “Kiki counter Leo with Flaming Tornado!”

The flaming area, where the two Yokai were, became a tornado of flames. Leo was being pushed back by the sheer force of the artificial wind inside the tornado. Kiki’s small wounds were healing quickly.

“Leo counter with your own tornado!”

I watched as my loyal little brother started to rotate with the flow of the flaming tornado. Unfortunately, this caused the tornado to become bigger than last year’s wildfire with the same big air intake. Karen and I were both struggling to not be pulled into the flames. They may be unaffected by the fires, but we weren’t.

“Leo, spin the other way!”

“Kiki you too!”

Our Yokai tried, but they couldn’t stand against their own combined attacks.

We were going to die!

We were going to join John.…

That is until a wave of water cut off the top section of the tornado from its base.

“Great job Jake! Keep it up!”

A huge jet of water shot at the remainder of the tornado. Our Yokai were taken along with the large flow of water. We ran to find them. When we did, they were out cold and of course… soaking wet.

“No Leo!”

“(…buh, Pappy.. It’z too early fur chores...),” Leo whimpered in his sleep.

“Oh, Kiki! Please be Okay!”

“(Mama, Imma gonna need a loooot of bushings after this.),” Kiki dizzily groaned along with an added a giggled.

“Is everyone alright,” a new face approached us, “I didn’t mean to be so rough.”

“Who the hell are you,” I stood to confront the new face. I don’t like new faces, okay? And this guy was really weird looking. He was our age but he was wearing really old clothes and carrying a fishing rod over his shoulder.

“Me? I’m just the guy that just saved both of your lives,” he stopped only to grin even wider, “And since I did, that means you both can call me ‘Master’ from now on.”

“In your dreams! You freak,” Karen snapped, “I don’t care if you saved my life! I’m never calling anybody else ‘master’! It’s demeaning!”

“Well, I suppose it is,” the guy scratched his chin and laughed, “Call me Eddy then. It’s short for Edward Eb-, Just call me, Eddy… That sure was some show you guys did!”

“How can you still be smiling,” I was getting annoyed of this guy.

“Like this,” Eddy pointed one finger up as he grinned wider, “We’re all still... Alive! Hahahaha!”

“I don’t get the joke,” Karen was as annoyed as I was.

“That’s because there was none. You should be laughing because you’re still alive! When you’re alive, you should enjoy it to it’s fullest. Laugh out loud for all the little things!”

“That’s bull,” we both snapped.

“Well, I suppose it is. Maybe I’m just laughing about your reactions to what’s behind you.”

“To what’s...?” Karen started.

“Behind us...?” And I finished.

Needless to say, we both turned at the same time to see a Humongous Serpent-like Dragon starring back at us. It roared and we both fainted.

So Round 2 went to…

“Now now, Jakey,” I petted my favorite pet on his favorite spot, “That’s not the way to say hello.


“I know, They weren’t ready for it were they,” I smiled again, “maybe in the morning. Oh wait, It is morning. Ehehe. We got some fishing to do before school starts. On the other hand, we can’t just leave them like this, now can we?”

"Grrrrr,” my Mizuchi (Water Dragon) purred. Yes, they can do that, but only when they are contently happy. Which is really rare for Mizuchi, due to their unusual bad tempers.

“Now what was that there bet of theirs again...,” I grinned widely for the trick I was about to pull.

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