The Bad Boy Has A Crush On Me

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Snowfrost High? Check. Dares? Check. Fun? Check. Billionaires? Check. Civil? Kind of... Sparks will appear, bags of Skittles will be opened (by all of us) and you might get away with a kiss. Who knows? Join this bad girl and bad boy in their crazy rollercoaster of a life...

Drama / Romance
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*important* Hello note

Hey awesome people of Inkitt!

This is important, so, listen up!

1) I write these stories for fun. This is one place that I can express who I really am so, please don’t judge too much. We’re all human beings (no offence animals and computers) so let’s just get along.

2) I made Eva’s character the way she is because everyone has 2 sides to their personality and Eva is both badass and sort of goodie-two-shoes (even though she doesn’t like to admit it).

3) I do know that I sound like a hypocrite and mother of 4 children (who are constantly at each other’s throats). FYI, I’m not even close to the age of a mother. I’m a freaking high school girl.

4) If you’re expecting something filled with innocent love and all that stuff (because that’s what people expect most bad girls and bad boys to do *being sarcastic*), then this is not the story for you. This story includes foul language. BUT, that doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t enjoy reading this. So, sit back down, make yourself a cup of hot chocolate and continue reading.

5) This not some cliché where the people fall unconditionally and irrevocably in love, even though most of the stuff in here pretty unreal. You might ask (if you've only read the start), aren't there any problems? Well, there are gonna be problems and people who interfere with other people's business but the real question is, can Eva, Brandon and their friends get through all that?

6) The comment box is not a place for you guys to be fighting in, even though I do love it when people fight whilst swearing.

7) Have some freaking fun! The Bad Boy Has a Crush on Me is for you to enjoy and relax with! So, have a great time.

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