The Bad Boy Has A Crush On Me

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Snowfrost High? Check. Dares? Check. Fun? Check. Billionaires? Check. Civil? Kind of... Sparks will appear, bags of Skittles will be opened (by all of us) and you might get away with a kiss. Who knows? Join this bad girl and bad boy in their crazy rollercoaster of a life...

Drama / Romance
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Introducing the Boys

Eva Jackson

“What did you say to her?” I snarled.

“N-n-nothing!” the Stefan replied. Stefan Shawn was my ex and the captain of the soccer team. I only dated him because everyone thought that we were supposed to date. I found out that he was cheating on me with Diana Belle, the captain of the cheerleader AKA my ex-bestie. Even though I had absolutely no interest in him, it still stung when I found them both on her bed, screwing. This shit happened about 2 years ago but I hated them ever since.

“Oh really? Cause I think that you just insulted my best friend by calling her a ‘red-head’!” I shot back as I grabbed his shirt’s collar. I was probably an inch and a half shorter than him but in strength, I was the Queen. By now, people were watching and taking videos of the most athletic boy in the school, get torn by the bad girl. “Now, now, why don’t we say sorry so we can all get along?” I asked with mock innocence.

“Eva don’t,” Anna warned. Annabelle Christopher is one of the very few besties that I have. She has red hair, that’s why Stefan called her ‘red-head’. She is the nice one, the one that can control me if I’ve lost it.

“Sorry, Anna but this a perfect opportunity for me to get revenge,” I reminded her.

“Well, in that case… Just don’t miss!” she smirked. Pure rage washed over me as I threw punch after punch at his face that I once kissed. The face that was once between my legs. He lay there, blood dripping from his nose. I got up from the floor, where I was straddling him (not in the sexy way) and turned around to hear the most disgusting voice ever. Principal Gracey Shawn. I hated that bitch and she hated me just as much.

“Eva Jackson! To my office! Now!” she yelled.

“With pleasure,” I retorted. And she scowled at me. She is technically Stefan’s aunt. There is a rumour going on that they’ve been having sex and I totally believe it. After all, he did cheat on me with my ex-bestie.

I headed to her office to get yelled at or suspended or somehow punished. But I couldn’t care less. My fists were covered in blood. Who have I become? Oh, sorry if I forgot to introduce myself before acting all dramatic.

My name is Eva Jackson and I’m the bad girl of Snowfrost high (don’t ask me because I have no idea why the town is named that). Name anything that a bad girl would do and I’ve done it all. For months, people have tried to steal my reputation but I’ve just became feistier to either beat them up or socially harass or destroy them. I’ve fooled around (like kissing a few guys on the same day but no sex) with a few guys but I’ve never taken anything seriously and my besties and constantly trying to set me up with someone but I always say no.

That’s when I saw them. The hottest guys ever were currently sitting outside of the Principal’s door. Of course, I wasn’t going to let them know that I was impressed by their looks. The Principal motioned for them to go in with me. A pair of icy blue eyes locked with mine before he swiftly followed her in. Gracey then took a seat, the boys were standing in front of her and I was leaning against the closed door with a bored expression on my face.

“Can we get this over with? It’s not like this is going to be worse than the last hundreds of times,” I snorted pretending to study my nails.

“Young lady, you have caused a lot of trouble! Come here!” I walked over to the front of her desk rolling my eyes. I saw the boys smirking at me from the corner of my eye. I wanted to look at them properly but that would show my interest in them, which would lead to be known as a weakness.

Gracey smirked. “As you can see, these are the transfer students,” she gestured to the boys.

“I know,” I replied.

“How do you know?” she retorted.

“Well, there’s the rumours and I don’t remember beating them up,” I said.

“Or screwing them,” the bitch smugly added. I couldn’t do anything against her. That would just get me suspended and I can’t take another suspension in my record. My parents would be heart-broken if I act that bad again. I know that ‘heart-broken’ sounds a little dramatic but I promised to them that I wouldn’t get anymore suspensions not that I wouldn’t get into any trouble. Sorry (not that sorry) that I forgot to mention the fact that my parents own the most successful multi-billion dollar hacking companies in the world. So, they’re crazy rich and give a fund (as in donation) to the school each month. I know, right? My life is pretty unreal.

A sudden idea occurred to me and I knew it was bad but who am I? I’m a bad girl. I’ll do anything. “Principal Shawn, I heard a few rumours about Stefan and you. Is it true?” Those two sentences made her whole face red and I knew it was true. The girls are gonna be so grossed out.

“Anyways, let’s get back to the matter at hand,” she tried to change the subject, “Ms. Jackson, you have to be a mentor to these boys until they know this school, inside out.” That mother-fucking bitch!

“I’m not following these four around like a lost puppy! I have my own classes to attend to, if you don’t mind,” I shot back.

“Um… you could say that directly to our faces, right?” a blond-haired boy challenged and so I did.

“That’s why I’ll be giving them your exact same timetable,” she smirked. That sneaky witch! Ok, I need to handle this calmly. An outburst is exactly what she is expecting.

I put on my best smirk and replied, “Of course, anything for my favourite Principal.” The smug look on her face faded and a glare replaced it but I just smiled innocently.

“You’re dismissed!” she narrowed her eyes at me and I did a mock bow then rolled my eyes. The boys followed me outside.

“Look, if you want to survive here, there are a few rules,” I said.

“What rules? Not like we’re gonna obey them,” said the boy with the blue eyes.

“Oh, these are not exactly rules but more like guidelines. First of all, what are your names?” I asked.

“Hudson Daniels,” said the boy with brown eyes and blond hair.

“Max Daniels,” said another boy with the same brown eyes and slightly darker blonde hair. Oh, did I forget to mention the fact that they’re twins?

“Cade Vega,” replied a boy with black hair and very dark brown eyes that I almost thought was black. Daniels and Vega, huh? Sounds familiar.

I looked at the boy with icy blue eyes and brown hair. He did look pretty similar to Cade. He said, “Brandon Vega.” Brandon, Cade, Hudson and Max. Should be easy to remember. That’s when realisation hit me. Daniels and Vega!

I maintained a calm expression and asked, “Daniels and Vega as in, the multi-billion-dollar tech companies?”

“The very same,” Hudson replied before asking, “What’s your name?”

“Eva Jackson. By the way, love the tech, I buy 'em all the time.”

Their eyes widened. “Jackson as in the multi-billion-dollar hacking company?”

“Yup. Now, rules to survive. Number 1: Do NOT trust the Principal. The woman’s a witch.”

They all smirked at this and Brandon said, “We got that right as soon as we met her.”

“Number 2: Grades, don’t get bad grades unless you want a bad job and every girl (every type ,except for 4, cause world is weird in that way) following you around. But what I would recommend is grades that are not too bad but at the same time, not too good.” I know that I sound like a goodie two shoes but I actually want to graduate and become a hacker.

“Aren’t bad girls supposed to be... Bad? You’re acting like a good girl!” Cade said smugly as if on cue.

“1) You guys have absolutely no idea what I’m like. 2) I actually want to grow up to be something! 3) Class is probably starting. 4) I do NOT like interruptions,” I said sourly causing all of them to smirk. “Now, follow me if you want to know this school…” I started walking towards my class and muttered, “inside out.”

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