The Bad Boy Has A Crush On Me

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Brandon's P.O.V

Me: What do you want me to pay you? (eye rolling emoji)

Eva: Good choice! (devil's emoji) I want you to be my fake date when I'm attending the Shelton brothers' beach party day after tomorrow.

Me: I thought you didn't like the Shelton brothers. (raising an eyebrow emoji)

Eva: I hate them BUT, I can't turn down their invitation this time and I just changed my mind now because you agreed to help me.

Me: Um... I never agreed to help you.

Eva: Oh, Brandon, Brandon, Brandon. (sigh emoji) Ever heard of a thing called a DEAL? (smirking emoji)

Me: LMAO. Fine, fine. Deal. I'll be your fake date.

I can't help but feel a bit used. But that's hysterical considering I'm the one that's really using her. I don't want to use her. I want to keep her... Ok, I need to stop before I get all sappy and stuff. It's just that, I really, really like her. Are all guys like this? Just because they have one crush- Oh god, I've got a freaking crush on Eva fucking Jackson!!! Not that I mind anyway. But this is my first crush ever since... Primary school I think. Whatever, the real thing that matters is that, I want Eva and I'll make her MINE...

Eva's P.O.V

Why did I even ask him to be my fake date? I shouldn't have decided to go to that stupid party at all. Now Brandon hates me. I only did it because I felt a little bit used. It's been 5 whole minutes since he's texted back! I've ruined our whole friendship. I'm never gonna get a chance to go out with him!!! Why the fuck am I being so freaking dramatic? He's just a guy. Ok, that was a big fat lie. He's the guy. Calm down, Eva! I'll just text him again.

Me: Hey, you ok? It's been 5 whole mins since you texted.

Brandon: Yeah. I'm OK. Just daydreamed.

Me: Daydreaming about me? How sweet!

There we go! That should get him back on track.

Brandon: Don't get ahead of yourself! Like Giles said, you're not that lucky, Elena!

Why the fuck does everyone keep on calling me that?

Me: Haha. Very funny! (sticking tongue out emoji) What should I wear?

Brandon: So, the dress code is goodie-two-shoes but not at all dorky, sexy but not too fancy.

Me: So, normal?

Brandon: Not quite. It needs to be a bit fancy, like a dress.

Me: Fine. (eye rolling emoji)

Brandon: Why? Oh, the bad girl doesn't wear dresses!

Me: I do. It's just that I was already planning on ditching when my parents got invited but now how the hell do I explain it to them???

Brandon: Don't worry about that! Just say that I asked u to be my date. Technically it's not a lie so you'll be alright.

Me: Thx.

Brandon: Anytime.

Me: Found the perfect outfit! What r u gonna wear?

Brandon: A suit but without a tie cause that'll be gentle-manly. U?

Me: I knew it was something like that! Mine is a surprise...

Brandon: (eye roll emoji) Come on, surely you can say it to your Date!

Me: That's exactly why I'm not saying it.

My outfit is perfect!

Brandon: Fine, fine!

Me: I'll see you tomorrow. Time for me to sleep. Goodnight.

Brandon: Goodnight!

The next morning, I woke up and felt like a herd of elephants had a race in my brain. Must've been all that champagne!

I get up and got dressed then made my way downstairs to see my mom setting up the dinning table (for breakfast, duh), my dad writing on some papers on the dinning table and Amy was playing Among Us on her tablet on the sofa.

"Mom?" I asked.

"Yeah?" she replied.

"I'm coming with you guys to that dinner party today," I said. Their jaws dropped as everyone's eyes turned on me. Now I had their full attention. It feels like I've just told them that I was pregnant. Not that I am.

"This day needs to be marked in history!" Amy exclaimed.

"Can you pass me my phone, I want to record this," my mom asked my dad and he did as she asked.

"Why the sudden change in plan?" Dad asked sceptically. This is gonna be interesting.

"Because I have a date," I shrugged and their eyes widened.

"WHAT? What? What? What?" Amy asked. "Who's the guy? Is he good-looking? Do you like him? What's his name? Who is he? Is he your new boyfriend?"

"Woah there! Chill out!" I rolled my eyes at her. "It's Brandon! No big deal!"

"We're gonna have a talk, Missy," Amy pulled my to the kitchen leaving my parents who were gawking at me.

"So, you two are dating?" she exclaimed.

"NO! No we're not! I'm his fake date for today and he'll be my fake date tomorrow." I played it cool like the fact that Brandon Fucking Vega asked me to be his date is totally normal to me. On the inside, I was skipping around, jumping up and down like a giddy teenager who just had her first kiss. I really need stop, don't I?

"Earth to Eva!" Amy waved a hand over my face pulling me out of my thoughts.

"What?" I asked with a bored expression.

"Umm... I thought that you'd be at least a bit enthusiastic about the fact that your crush asked you out."

"Believe me, I'm happy and all but 'crush' might me stretching it a little too far." She didn't believe it for a second and gave me one of her vicious glares. "Ok, ok, I have a crush on him. So what? You were crushing on Ashton from 4th grade."

"Was not!"

"Was to!"

Our argument continued for about 15 more minutes until Mom called us to have breakfast. It was awkward the entire time until Dad spoke up and said something that made my head go crazy!

"So, me and a few of my friends have decided to introduce our children to the business community officially," he said so calmly that I almost thought that I was dreaming. This is my literal dream come true! I've waited for this day for what felt like ages!

"But," Amy interrupted, "Mom, Dad and I decided that you should be the only one who should be introduced because of my studies and I really don't want to talk to a bunch of old people bragging on and on about how their financial stuff is in chaos!" I smiled at her. She really wasn't interested in my Dad's company. Amy always said that she either wanted to create her own company or become a boxing champion. We might be similar in looks but in goals, we were the complete opposite. She always tries to please other people while I get what I want by force or any means necessary. Amy is nice but I'm mean (nice sometimes too).

"Thanks. It means a lot to me," I said and they all smiled at me.

"I'm waiting for the day to came when my sister is the number 1 business woman in the world," Amy sang.

"And I'm waiting for the day when my little sister can improve her taste in guys," I teased.

Breakfast was awkward after this. But I managed to survive. I just hope the same will also be applied to the dinner party...

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