The Bad Boy Has A Crush On Me

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Questions *from author*


It's me. The author. Weirdflexbutok.

So, I have some questions. Of course, it's based on this book.

1) Do you think Brandon and Eva would make a good couple?

2) What will be your reaction if I deleted this book?

3) What will be your reaction if I just made the work status of this book to 'excerpt'?

4) Do you like this book?

5) What will you rate this, um, piece of shit from 1 to 10? (Not wanting to seem like a "pick me" girl.) BTW, 10 being the best and 1 being the worst.

6) What would be your reaction if I changed the whole plot and wrote a story about a "good girl" and a bad boy?

7) Do you like the plot and the characters?

Let me know your answers in the comments... IF you want the next chapter... because it's finished already.


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