The Bad Boy Has A Crush On Me

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Brandon’s P.O.V

Who is this girl? The way her brunette hair cascaded down her shoulders and the way she swayed her hips as she walked. She is absolutely amazing. I’ve always wanted to meet a girl who isn’t all ‘Oooh! I like pink! My life depends on what people think about me!’ I’ve always wanted someone feisty. Eva is literally the perfect girl.

Sorry that I got all caught up in this goddess. My name is Brandon Vega. The heir to the CEO position in the multi-billion-dollar company, Vega tech. My mom and dad met at high school and they both had the same dream and since they were nerds, they made that come true. They created a tech company. They both want me to be Mr. Nerd! The only person who knows everything but I have absolutely no interest in that so I ditched their dream. That rhymed! Anyways, after that they backed up a little and gave me time to think of who I wanted to be. I want to be a business man. I love dealing with money so I spend most of my time betting or selling drugs. It’s fun as long as nobody gets caught. I’m 18 so, technically an adult but that Principal bitch treated us like children by giving us a mentor.

Cade is my twin but just because we were born at the same time, doesn’t mean we look identical. We’re one of those kinds of twins where the children didn’t look identical but similar and born at the same time. I was technically born 8 seconds earlier than him.

“So, number 3: where you sit in the cafeteria, basically controls your life unless, you have a higher social status. For example, I can get a whole crowd to move just for me (one person) to sit.” Eva was currently explaining the rules that I think the students most likely came up with.

“How did your fist get covered in blood?” I blurted out. Shit! I might have messed up everything. I didn’t want to pry but admitting that would be the actions of a loser. She stopped in her tracks, turned around and looked me in the eye. Whatever I do, I should never break eye-contact.

She noticed that I didn’t break eye-contact so she smirked and said, “That’s some power we’ve got there, isn’t it? I got into a fight with the soccer team captain. Although I can’t exactly call it a fight since he didn’t even bother to throw one punch. Anyways, back to the rules.” She started walking again and we continued following her. I know all this sounds a bit… Unrealistic. But let’s face it, things will always go to shit-hell and there will always be something to break the peace in my life. I just hope that this girl could be a part of the cluster-fuck that my life is. Ok, back to being normal and not melodramatic.

“As I was saying, number 4: Always set a goal for your social status. You can’t just wing it. Interact with the right people at the right time and maybe, just maybe, you can be on top of the food chain unless, of course, I try to stop you.” This girl is scary as shit but I like it.

“Why do you say that?” Max questioned.

“Let’s just say I’m one of the sanest people here,” she replied.

“Why?” he asked again. He’s playing with fire. Surprisingly, she was calm.

“Well, me and my girls are on top,” she retorted and that shut him up.

“Number 5: Always date the right people. If you’re dating from high school, people expect you to date certain people but (I’m saying this from my own experience) always prove them wrong. Date whoever you want and never let people assume what is coming unless it’s a fight.”

“Not to pry, but what do you mean by having your own experience,” Hudson asked. I kept my mouth shut. After all, I had no idea what type of girl she is.

“It is technically prying but the whole school knows so I don’t really care. Remember that soccer team captain that I said I beat up,” we all nodded in reply, “Well, we used to date until I caught him screwing my best friend. She was on top of the chain and the cheerleader captain until I leaked all her secrets and right now, she is trying to claw her way up.” Eva just made all of our mouths drop. She just shrugged at us before she continued to walk again.

“Doesn’t that bother you?” I asked curiously.

“Not that much since I beat him up every chance I get,” she replied. Wow! She is badass.

“Ok, this is the class, we have Literature class it’s pretty cool if you know all the answers. By the way, don’t answer every question unless you want to be a nerd or if you’re trying to prove that you have dominance over someone. The teacher’s name is Mr. Giles.” I am pretty good with writing. One of my hobbies are to read classical romance books. They’re funny sometimes but understanding the deeper meaning just gives me a good feeling.

We entered the classroom and everyone’s jaw dropped.

Eva’s P.O.V

Everyone was staring at me and the boys with mouths wide open.

“Ah, nice of you to grace us with your presence, Miss. Jackson!” Mr. Giles sarcastically commented. He was the one teacher that I liked. Everyone liked him. He’s probably in his late 30s.

“Oh, it’s my pleasure!” I shot back earning a chuckle from everyone (including the teacher).

“Explain,” the teacher said as he gestured to the boys behind me.

“Transfer students slash my punishment from the Principal,” I explained as I went to the back of the class to take a seat next to the girls. By now, the girls (of course not my friends) were fanning themselves and the boys (the transfer students) were winking or smirking at them causing one girl to faint. Of course, they knew who they were, thanks to the bucket-loads of trashy magazines they read each day.

“Take a seat,” Giles said gesturing to the few empty seats here and there. No one dared to sit at the back with us. It would show that they had the same amount of power as us. To our surprise, the guys walked over to the back and sat next to us. A lot of gasps could be heard (including one from the teacher) because we never let anyone sit with us unless we thought they were good enough. You might be wondering why my friends let them sit with us. Well, it’s because one, they trust my judgement. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be walking with them. Two, these guys are super-hot and they’ve got all the bad boy looks. But I knew just by looking at them that Brandon is the leader.

I stage whispered to them, “Number 6: Chose carefully where you sit especially in a classroom.” They smirked.

“Eva Jackson, you made my one wish come true. Now I can die happily!” Giles exclaimed.

“Giles, you do know that, that sentence could be used in a “different” way, right?”

“Well, it’s never going to be you. You’re not that lucky!” he retorted. Everyone said, “Oooooooh!” Mainly because we were like best friends and the perfect comedic duo. Don’t ever think of us in the other way. It’s just so gross.

I held a hand over my heart and said, “That stings... Not!” By now, everyone was bursting with laughter.

“So far, we’ve been learning about Pride and Prejudice. I trust you boys have read it?” Giles asked.

“Yes,” Brandon replied sounding exhausted. He is hot! Woah! I sound like a creepy admirer. Ok, let’s face it, I’ve been glancing at his biceps every time I can and acting like a downright stalker.

Giles placed the copies of Pride and Prejudice and some writing books on their tables. I took out my books and placed it on my desk.

“Well, would anyone like to say what they thought of it?” he asked.

No one put their hands up. Some glanced at me to start what I usually do. Why do I have to do this?

I put my hand up and the teacher asked me to answer.

"Pride and Prejudice totally changed how I judged a book. The fact that a woman from that generation has the audacity to reject Darcy when he considered her inadequately is just amazing." The boys dropped their jaws except for Brandon who just smirked at me. He raised his hand and Giles asked him to speak.

Little did I know that this was the most life-changing argument of my entire existence...

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