The Bad Boy Has A Crush On Me

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Showing off my Pride

Eva’s P.O.V

“Elizabeth Bennet need to take a chill pill. She put Darcy through a way worse time than he deserved,” Brandon said. Oh, I’m so not losing this!

“Are you saying that she didn’t love him?” I retorted. By now, the whole class was looking at our argument.

“Love is not a real thing. It’s just an attribute to desire. If we set the correct amount of desire for someone, then there we go! That’s what people think is love.”

“Ok, just for argument’s sake, let’s say that was true, but Darcy still doesn’t deserve Elizabeth. He should consider himself fortunate to be with a woman like her who has that much rectitude.”

“But it was Elizabeth’s big mouth and her attitude that always got her into trouble.” This is going in the wrong direction but who cares?

“You want to talk about attitudes? Fine. Darcy’s attitude towards Elizabeth and almost everyone else was impolite and derisive. Another reason which shows that he clearly didn’t deserve Elizabeth.”

“It was that exact attitude that made Elizabeth feel intrigued and attracted towards Darcy.”

“Well, I think that it was undoubtedly his abstract thoughts that made him feel like Elizabeth had any feelings for him in the first place.” The whole room went quiet.

“See, that is the power of a talented book and an amazing author,” Giles joked breaking the ice (laugh if you get it).

About 45 minutes later, the class ended and everyone packed up to go. I was still thinking about the argument. I’ve honestly never seen anyone put up such a good fight. I had chemistry next. That came out wrong, didn’t it? Cassie Parker (my other bestie) caught up to me before I left without her. She is the gossip girl. Cassie is an absolutely amazing friend. She helps me think through everything and was one of the people who helped me when Stefan cheated on me. She had black hair (with red extensions) and hazel eyes. She likes painting and she sells her portraits. Cassie can be as scary as she wants when she need to. Right now, she is single and has fooled around with a LOT of boys.

“So, are you already in love with Mr Darcy?” she asked in a British accent and I gave her a questioning look, “Whoops! Sorry, I meant Brandon Vega.” I rolled my eyes at her immaturity.

“Ok... But if you don’t want him, I’ll happily take him.” I tensed at this and a mischievous smirk spread over her face. “Someone’s got a little crush,” she basically sang.

“Seriously, Cassie? Grow up!” I rolled my eyes at her.

“Oh, come one! Are you seriously saying that you didn’t see the way he was looking at you?” she whisper-yelled causing me to blush. What the hell? I never blushed.

“Is a certain badass blushing?” asked Camilla. Camilla Parker is Cassie’s twin. She is awesome! But I’d never admit it. Camilla helped me learn how to fight and keep my emotions in tact. I know, this school has a lot of twins so it’s confusing. I knew the fact that Cade and Brandon were twins but not identical. Cassie and Camilla weren’t either. It eased things out a lot more. Every person is unique. Each person have different types of choices or different scents even. We walked towards the chemistry lab.

Cassie and Camilla’s dad owned one of the most successful multi-billion-dollar companies and so we became friends when we met at a dinner party.

“Um... I do exist you know?” said a cute little voice from behind us. It was Anna. By the way, Anna is the goodie-two-shoes is the four of us. Anna knows everything. She was the cool sort of nerd but as soon as she joined us, everyone gave her even more respect. She helps me study (for some subjects) and I make her chocolate cupcakes. All three of them had done a huge part in getting me where I am. Anna’s parents owns one of the most popular multi-billion-dollar companies too. So, we were like the perfect team.

“Sorry, we were just deep in conversation,” I said blushing again. God, why is my life becoming absolutely fucked up?

“Hmm... Deep in conversation about 4 certain billionaire bad boy transfer students?” she shot back. That was another thing I loved about Anna, her sarcasm.

“Sure is and Eva’s got a crush on the leader,” Cassie added as Anna squealed.

“Brandon Vega?” Anna asked.

“Do you have to be so damn loud?” I asked in annoyance.

“I was barely whis- Oh my God! You didn’t deny it!” Anna exclaimed and the others smirked as I blushed even more.

“Eva and Brandon sitting on a treetop, K-i-s-s-i-n-g!” Camilla sang making me roll my eyes.

“My baby has a crush!” Cassie said.

“Who has a crush?” Hudson asked from behind us and I silently cursed. We turned around all at once.

“No one! Cassie was talking about this stupid chick flick that she watched,” I quickly lied. The boys didn’t look the least bit convinced but soon, they all smiled. Thank god! That would’ve been so embarrassing.

“So, what next?” Brandon asked. I almost forgot that they didn’t have their time tables yet.

“Chemistry. The teacher said that she’s going to change our lab partners. Oh, and we have a test today. So, as long as you know all the elements in the periodic table, you’ll survive this class too,” I said. Unlike normal schools, we had about 10 minutes between the lessons to go to the classrooms. My friends and I have Chemistry, Literature and Music together.

About 5 minutes later, we were all on our way to the classroom. The girls and the boys were chatting to each other about anything and everything. People were parting like the Red Sea for us and a lot of people were surprised that we were walking with people I really haven’t beat up. I was walking in the front so, Brandon came up to me and said, “So, who were you trying to prove dominance over?”

“What?” I asked.

“Well, you said that you only answer questions if you’re a nerd or if you’re trying to prove dominance over someone. I’ve known you long enough to know that you’re not a nerd. So, who did you want to prove dominance over?” he asked smugly.

“Oh, sweetie, I don’t need to prove dominance over anyone. I have control over everyone,” I smirked, “I was just volunteering because it’s what I have to do to get an argument or a debate going. Good choice of words by the way.”

“Is that a compliment?” Brandon asked with a devilish smirk.

“No, just a comment,” I shot back.

“A nice one from the bad girl,” he pointed out.

“Well, there’s a soft side to everyone. Even you,” I beamed.

“Ok, I’ll pretend like that didn’t offend me but you still hurt me here,” he said with a fake hurt expression as he pointed to where his heart would be.

“Oh, I’m sorry, do want an icepack for that?” I retorted as we burst into laughter. A lot of people were staring at us (even the girls were giving me weird looks) because, of course, they’ve never seen Eva Jackson laugh with a boy. I laughed mostly at those boys. I’m a little bit of a misandrist sometimes. But Brandon (yes, I know the fact that I’ve known him for what, for like five minutes) he is smart, cocky, smug and mainly, the perfect guy. Woah! That was corny. What’s gotten into me? Since when did I start swooning over billionaire bad boys? Most importantly, how did Brandon Vega get the time to find a place in my head?

Author’s Note:

Hey awesome people of the internet! Sorry if this chapter seemed a bit offensive to some people. I apologize but it was needed to show that Brandon can put up a fight against Eva.

I’m currently obsessed with singing Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood. By the way, why is liquorice (is is spelt as 'lickerish') called that if we chew it? LOL!

Are you enjoying My Bad Boy? If yes, then please comment or like this story otherwise... *Waiting a few seconds to get the dramatic effect* Otherwise, I’ll just have to live with it. Sigh



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