The Bad Boy Has A Crush On Me

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Rule 7

Eva’s P.O.V

We were sitting in the lab. Apparently, Brandon is my new lab partner. The rest of my besties got paired up with each of the new boys. Cassie with Max, Camilla with Hudson and Anna with Cade. I know, it’s very unreal. Every once in a while, I can see Cade and Anna steal glances at each other. They would actually make a pretty cute couple. Ok, that’s it! Am I high or something? Cause I can’t possibly be thinking these kinds of stuff. I guess the hormones of a 12 year old is starting to kick in now of all times.


“Alright everyone, you are playing in pairs. The questions will be all about the periodic table. There’s a buzzer front of you and if you know the answer to a question, then hit it and obviously answer the question. Just to spice things up a bit, the pair who doesn’t get at least 10 questions answered, would have 5 whole days of detention and they’ll have to copy down the entire periodic table 100 times,” said Miss Williams (our chemistry teacher). I kind of hate her but hey, we’re all humans! She certainly hates me too.

“Turn off your cell phones if you haven’t done that already. No disruptions. No unnecessary talking-”

“What next? No breathing? We get it! We just want the questions to arrive. Oh, and you do realise that you’re just wasting our precious learning time, right?” I cut her off.

She gave me a death glare and turned on the projector.

It said, “Question 1: Are two atoms of an element exactly the same?”

Too easy. I pressed the buzzer and said, “Yes if they have the exact same molecular, atomic, electronic and nuclear states." Brandon smirked at me.

"Correct," said Miss Williams with a bored expression (which made me grin) as she wrote down a point for my team. I feel like a nerd but copying down an entire periodic table does not sound fun.

She changed the slide and the next question appeared. It said, "Which is the rarest element?"

This time, Brandon pressed his buzzer. "Astatine."

"Another point." I looked at Brandon (whilst smirking). We can win this thing easily.

I slightly leaned towards him (enjoying the sparks on my skin) and whispered, "Number 7: Accept every challenge you get. Dangerous or not."

He replied with, "You sure you can handle this?"

"I can handle plenty," I smugly responded averting my gaze to Cat who was answering the next question. If you don't get what were briefly talking about, then ask a parent. Seriously, I was kidding! Never ask a parent about shit like that unless you want them to think of you as an "innocent" person or if you want to go through a whole world of awkwardness.

1 hour of answering stupid, easy questions later, we walked out the class after getting the highest points (which was 37).

I'm kind of satisfied. I know that this doesn't sound like the things a bad girl would do but everyone has a soft side. I show that only in my grades, myself and my close family. By the way, I have a sister and she is in year 6. Everyone is saying that she has my attitude (not in a good way) but I like it and I help her not get out of control. She says that she wants to be fighter (typical) but I know that her dreams will change.

Ok, time to stop being soft. Now, it's lunch and I'm heading towards the cafeteria with Brandon by my side. Damn! Why does he have to be so good-looking? His gaze was intensely focused on mine. I loved the fact it made me feel the butterflies erupting in my stomach.

Seriously? Snap out of it! I can't stop thinking about him. It's like there are these two versions of me on each of my shoulders. On the right, there's the one who wants to stop thinking about him and be who I am and on the left, there's someone who wants and can't physically stop thinking about those perfect lips and muscular chest.

"So, what do you do for fun around here?" Brandon asked.

"I- Well, now that you actually ask about it, I have no idea," I replied.

He chuckled and a few girls looked our way. "Are they ever going to stop staring?" he whispered to me.

"You really don't like attention, huh?"

"Who does?"

"True, but think of it like this. Imagine you were one of those kids who nobody notices. If you were having let's just say a break down, would anyone give a shit? Nope, they wouldn't. Well, anyone except Anna. She's too kind sometimes. But since we have a lot of attention, people will notice if you were breaking down."

"Gotta agree with you on that one!" he smirked and we laughed again.

As we all entered the cafeteria, all eyes were on us. The people let all 8 of us in the front of the line. Time for another rule.

I turned to the guys and whispered, "Number 8: Do not eat the meatloaf. It is absolutely horrible. I have the perfect experience on my first day." They all chuckled and the girls (once again, not my friends) began whispering and fanning themselves. Pathetic.

We took our food and went to sit in our usual table in a corner. It had 8 seats but we used to put our bags on the extra 4 chairs.

Brandon looked into my eyes and I stared back at his with just as much intensity. That's when it hit me. He was trying to prove who had more power. A minute probably passed.

"Ok... I have a feeling that you two are werewolves," said Anna causing everyone to burst into laughter except for Brandon and me. Of course, she was relating to mates.

"1) Werewolves are not real even though there is a tiny possibility that that is not true. 2) Do you really think that I wouldn't tell the four of you if I was one, Anna? 3) We're trying to see who has more power. Try it out some time," I stated.

"Ok, I'm feeling kind of offended but grateful that you'll tell us one of your deepest secrets," she replied.

"This will be about the time that I'll be replying by grinning like an idiot," I said causing everyone to chuckle, again except for Brandon and I who just focused on each other's gaze.

About 3 minutes later, we were still staring at each other. Of course, we can blink, that wouldn't decrease our dominance.

"You know, I can sit here and stare all day, right?" I asked as I put my hand under my chin.

"I know, girls love staring at my face," he smugly retorted.

"Confident, are we?" I shot back.

"And patient apparently," he replied.

"Patience is a virtue," I teased.

"But procrastination is a real bitch," Brandon responded causing me to smirk.

"Ok, you two, let's call a truce," said Max causing both of our heads to turn in his direction. "There we go! Now stop staring like creeps."

Brandon huffed as he reached a hand out for me to shake, "Wanna call it a truce?"

"I guess," I replied as I shook his hand. My phone turned on with a notification. I got a message from Mom that says, "Hey sweetie. We're having guests today for dinner. So, dress up casual. Make a good impression. They'll be here at 8. Have a good day. Love you." Guess I'm stuck today then. I replied, "Ok, Mom. Love you too."

About 2 hours later, school finished. We had art and maths for the last 2 lessons. In art, we had to sketch something. It can be imaginary or real. I went for imaginary. For maths, we had to solve a bunch of calculus equations. To sum it all up, school is easy and boring.

"Hey, you wanna get some ice cream?" Anna asked us. Everyone else replied yes but I explained the fact that I'm stuck going to a lame ass dinner. They understood and I went home. You must be thinking what happened with the guys? Oh, right after school ended, they left in Brandon's convertible (Audi) not before giving us each of their phone numbers.

I started driving towards Anna's house (in my Benz SUV) cause I always give her a lift. She still hasn't gotten her driving licence even though I beg her everyday to. Ok, maybe not everyday. Heck, her parents beg to her too about this particular subject too.

"So, whaddaya gonna do about Brandon?" she asked.

"Whaddaya mean?" I shot back feeling my cheeks flush at the mention of his name.

"Well, are you going to go out with him, then become a couple then graduate, get jobs, be Mrs. Jackson Vega and make mini versions of you and Brandon?"

"Easy there, Bella. By the way, where is Edward Cullen. Whoops! Sorry, I meant Cade Vega," I retorted feeling smug at how her cheeks turned bright red.

"Shut up!" she growled playfully.

About 30 minutes later, I dropped off my Anna and headed towards my house. It is 7 now and if you were wondering what I was doing all this time, I was buying coffee ice cream with Anna.

I entered my house and didn't get what I always got. I usually had Amy (my little sis) following me around begging me to tell her what high school is like. I know it sounds sappy but she just wants to know what the dangers of high schools are... Or who to date and who the hot and popular guys are.

"Amy?" I called out and saw her scrolling on her phone on the couch. "Um... I exist!"

"Sorry, just busy," she replied still looking at her phone. I went to look at her phone and saw her scrolling though Instagram on Ashton... What was that kid's last name? Oh, Gale. He is in 8th grade in my high school and I have a feeling that Amy has a huge crush on him.

Time to be the over-protective sis. This is gonna be hilarious...

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