The Bad Boy Has A Crush On Me

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Dinner 1

"Why are you looking at his profile?" I whisper yelled because I don't want to get her in trouble with mom and dad.

"That's my business!" she replied as her cheeks heated. See, it's hilarious. I smirked.

"Does my baby have a crush?" I batted my eyelashes.

"Shut up!" she growled.

"Somebody has a crush," I teased.

"Urgh! Why do you have to be such a tease?"

"Well, I am me!"

"Whatever! Now let's go get ready."

An hour later, we were both dressed and ready. I had to make a good first impression so I wore a long sleeved, purple, off-shoulder top and a black, tube mini-skirt (that reached till my mid-thigh) and white, lace wedges (not the too high ones though). I braded my hair to one side. So, yeah, I do look like a goodie-two-shoes. But you can't blame me! I want to dress up like me but this is a small part of me and my parents want me to be "good" or whatever!

I went downstairs and saw my mom in the kitchen, making the most amazing lasagne. I know what you must be thinking, my parents are billionaires. So, why the heck would they do stuff on their own? Well, listen up here, buddy! We're not one of the usual snooty, rich families who can't even do 1 thing on their own. My mom cooks on her own for the four of us (me, Amy, mom and dad), I clean the whole hou- Oh, who am I kidding? We have servants just for that because the place is practically a mega, modern mansion but I assure you, I do clean my own room. My parents try their best to give both me and Amy normal lives but kind of fails since the whole town (mainly talking about reporters) knows that we're billionaires and wouldn't fucking stop trying to get interviews from us and prying on our lives. That's another thing I hate about being me. Attention. Speaking of people who doesn't like attention, what would Brandon be doing right now? Ok, I sound like freaking creep! I need to stop. I've barely known him for a day.

I sit on the kitchen counter and say, "Hey mom!"

"Hey, Eva!" she replies with enthusiasm. Suddenly, the door bell rang.

"I'll get it!" my dad said, "It must be our guests." He opened the door and I followed him to be greeted by none other than... The fucking Daniels and Vegas! I guess I didn't bother to ask who was coming for dinner. The four of them (meaning the Mr. Daniels, Mrs. Daniels, Mr. Vega and Mrs. Vega) warmly hugged and greet my dad and me. I've seen all of them at tons of events and they kind of love me. I hope the boys wont come. I really don't want them to see me in this stupid outfit that makes me look like a total good girl... but a hot one thanks to Amy's makeup skills. But oh no, the world is just too screwed up for granting any of my most important wishes!

"The boys would be here in a few minutes. They live in a separate house to us, that's why they're late," informed Mrs. Vega.

Amazing. FYI I was being sarcastic. Every single time actually.

"Hi, Eva! You've grown so much from the last time I saw you!" Mrs. Vega exclaimed. I tried to not take too much offence even though we've seen each other about 6 months ago.

"Taller or chubbier?" I asked feeling a bit self-conscious.

"Skinnier actually," Mrs. Daniels replies for Mrs. Vega.

"Thank you... I guess," I replied.

We were in the living room talking about anything and everything about business.

"Eliot, have you gotten someone for the position of the CFO?" Mr. Vega asked my dad. That one sentence got my attention.

"Yeah, did you get someone to replace Joey?" Mr. Daniels asked.

"No, unfortunately not. No one's qualified enough," My dad replied.

"What happened to Joey?" Amy asked. Joey was the old CFO. Apparently, he retired and Amy didn't have a clue.

"Joey retired about a week ago, sweetie," my dad replied.

"We just need to find someone to replace his position at least temporarily but Joey was pretty damn good at his job," mom added. My mom is the COO of our company and she is currently taking care of the CFO's position. She is under a lot of stress, and because of this, my dad is determined to find someone to replace Joey. I know that sounds very corny but they were high school sweethearts and are kind of the perfect couple.

"Can I volunteer?" I blurted out and all eyes turned to me. Ok, awkward.

"I think you should stick to singing. What do you even know about financial stuff?" Amy bluntly asked. She was right about the part where I'm good at singing.

"More than you'll ever know," I relied with a mocking smile causing her to roll her eyes.

"I kind of agree with Amy, Eva. What will you do if you got the position?" my dad challenged.

"Well, for one thing, I can improve the company even if it's a little bit," I retorted.

My dad put a hand on his heart dramatically and said, "I never thought I'll hear those words from my own daughter but let's hear you're ideas."

Oh, I forgot to tell you, what I mean by hacking company is that we teach coding, help people with technical issues if their devices have been hacked, recruit white-hat hackers (basically teach them) and create websites for people.

"Ok, the part where you annoy parents into making their kids join coding classes by constantly calling them, is just stupid and a waste of money. By money I mean phone bills. People don't want someone continuously bothering them. They need a little push and by that I mean persuasion. We need to use big words not irritating actions." I'll admit it, I kind of stooped low. But everyone's jaw was pretty much meeting the floor because one: my dad is a very important person and no one (except mom) corrected him. Two: they weren't expecting me to point out something so bluntly. Three: my dad is super scary. Ok, well not Dracula level scary but scary enough to make a lion pee in it's pants. Oh, lions don't wear pants. Look where my train to thoughts got me!

Back to my dad. "I guess you can interview for the job," dad admitted and I smiled.

"How much do you charge for the hour?" my mom asked.

"Huh?" I replied.

"How much do you charge for the hour to convince your dad with one point?"

"Wow! I'm flattered!" I replied sarcastically and we all laughed our asses off.

The door bell rang. Again. This is gonna be awkward...

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