The Bad Boy Has A Crush On Me

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Dinner 2

“Hey, sweetie, could you get that?” my dad asked and if I argue with him then no good impression.

“Sure thing, dad!” I put on my best smile and went to get the door.

I opened the door to see... *drum roll please* Not at all what I expected. I expected these super-hot guys to look badass and well, not “good”. FYI, “good” meaning looking like saints.

I looked at them from head to toe and they did the same to me them each of us burst out laughing. After the laughter died down, Hudson asked, “Um... Why were you laughing at us?” Is he serious?

“Have you guys looked in a mirror? You look like saints!” I snickered.

“What do you think you look like? You look like a goodie-two-shoes!” Brandon exclaimed.

“Well, at least I’m a hot goodie-two-shoes!” I defended and they looked me over once again as I smirked.

About 20 minutes of chit-chat later, we were all sitting at the dinning table waiting for mom to serve the lasagne.

“Why don’t I give you a hand with that?” Brandon offered causing me to roll my eyes for possibly the millionth time today. Nah, I’m kidding, that’s not possible anyway. Or is it? Ok, back to normal things that normal people think of.

“Yeah we’ll help too,” Cade said as he and the other twins nodded too.

“Well, aren’t you such gentlemen. Thank you,” my mom replied and the boys disappeared into the kitchen to reappear with salad (yuck), a bottle of champagne (yum) and finally... finally the lasagne. Come to mama! Oh, and the plates.

They set everything up and we were all sitting down and dad was going to chose someone to say the grace. Please don’t chose me! Please! Please!

“Brandon, would you please say the grace?” my dad asked and everyone’s eyes turned to him. Brandon looked like he was going to cry from embarrassment but he cleared his throat and began, ”Bless us, O Lord, and these Thy gifts, which we are about to receive from Thy bounty, through Christ our Lord. Amen."

"Amen," we all said in unison. Yeah, I'm a Christian but I rarely go to church. I had to keep myself from bursting into laughter because Brandon looked like he had humiliated himself. Then again, he just kind of did. The bad boy has a good side.

"Oh my lord, Clarissa! This tastes amazing!" Brandon exclaimed and I mouthed, "What the fuck?" He just smiled innocently in reply. I was sitting opposite to my sister and I she was smirking at me and Brandon for the whole dinner.

"Since this is the first time you're meeting each other, why don't you introduce yourself," my dad said as he gestured between the boys, me and my sis.


"Ok, I'll start," Cade volunteered. "Hmm... Let's see. My name is Cade Vega. I'm 18. A B and sometimes A student. Still haven't decided which college I'm going to. Favourite colour: Sky blue. Relationship status: Single-"

He was cut off by Hudson clearing his throat and saying, "I think that's enough details. Ok, my turn. My name is Hudson Daniels. I'm 18 too and a B student. Still haven't thought about college. Favourite colour: Grey. Relationship status: Single."

"Ok," Max said, "I'm Max Daniels. Age: 18. An A student for everything except Spanish and apparently creative writing," he eyed me slightly for that one and I just smiled innocently in reply. "Thinking about which college to chose but have absolutely no idea of what to look for. Favourite colour: White. Relationship status: Single."

"My turn, my name is Brandon Vega. I'm 18. An A student for everything except Spanish. Still making a decision about college. Favourite colour: Black. Relationship status: Single." I saw him casting a side glance at me when he said the last sentence causing me to blush slightly.

Amy cleared her throat and said, "I'm Amy Jackson. Apparently, I'm 11. I get A's most of the time but B if I'm not focused. Definitely going to Snowfrost high. Favourite colour: Lilac. Relationship status: Not possible since the guy would die about 5 minutes after my beloved sister finds out." With this, everyone was bursting with laughter and I was smirking at my sis. This is exactly how I want my sister to present me. *Not being sarcastic by the way*

After a minute, the laughter died down and everyone was looking at me expectantly.

"Ok, my name is Eva Jackson. I'm 18. I get straight A's for every single subject," I kind of eyed Hudson on that one since he eyed me but he smirked in response which I clearly didn't understand why. "Planning on going to Carrington's Institute of Technology and eventually become a pro and legal white-hat hacker. Favourite colour: Crimson... I guess. Relationship status: Stupidly single," I finished when Amy gives me a fist bump as Brandon smirked at me. I don't know why but I get the feeling that he likes me. Ok, I'm kidding! I know that he likes me. But this doesn't feel real. It's supposed to be filled with all sorts of problems. Life is never a fairy tale that always have a happily ever after! Life screws you over, it's always fucked up and nothing, nothing is always good. I'll admit, that sounded really dramatic even for me.

About 30 minutes and 3 servings of lasagne later, we were all finishing our dinner.

"Oh, I almost forgot! Eva will bring the chocolate, ice cream cheesecake that she made," mom said. I guess I'm volunteering today! I got up from my chair and walked over to my mom.

"Mom, too feminine," I remined her.

"Come on! There's nothing wrong with being a little bit girly!" Amy said.

"Yeah, yeah. Try not to embarrass me too much whilst I'm gone. It won't be that fun since you don't get to see my reaction," I called over my shoulder as I walked into the kitchen. I opened the freezer and got my cheesecake out. It looked good. But not as good as Brandon. Ok, I sound like a pervert right now. I need to control my thoughts or I'll probably just pull him into my bed or something. That's not what I want. I want a normal relationship not some one-night-stand. I honestly don't even know if Brandon wants that. Am I moving too fast? Or is this what happens to normal girls? Stop thinking for a damn second!

I walked out the kitchen, cut up the cheesecake and gave it to mum to serve. She served everyone some and they were practically moaning which caused me to feel extremely disturbed and Amy to make weird looks between Brandon and I. She is my sister after all.

"Oh my god, Eva! You should help mom with cooking all the time!" Amy exclaimed which caused me to roll my eyes and take a sip of my champagne.

Brandon's P.O.V

A few minutes later we were all sitting at the dinning room, chatting and drinking champagne. Did I mention how hot Eva looked?

"How many years do you think that bet will take?" my mom asked Mrs. Jackson.

"Probably just months of weeks now that they've met each other," Mrs. Jackson replied.

"What bet and who've met whom?" Eva asked. There's always that glint in her eyes when she is curious about something. Did I already mention how hot she looked tonight? Ok, maybe I just don't want to think of how awkward the next situation was. I took a sip of my drink.

"Oh, it's not that big of a deal, sweetie," she replied.

"We were all just seeing when you and Brandon would start dating," my mom added. Mom! I almost choked on the champagne. Key word: Almost.

"You hear that too, right? Or is it the champagne?" Eva asked Amy.

"I do hear that. It's not you. It's them," Amy replied whilst she smirked.

Eva got up from her seat and said to everyone, "Excuse me, I'll be right back." She went to the kitchen. What the hell would she do in such an awkward situation?

About 2 seconds later, Amy stood up and said to everyone, "Excuse me, I'll be right back after I save a tree or possibly our entire fence." Everyone chuckled at this except for me. So that's what Eva would do in such an awkward situation! Maybe I should try that. Or not.

After 5 minutes, Eva and Amy returned smiling brightly. Something told me that Amy had some persuasion to do. I just don't know if it's the fact that Eva is squeezing the life out of a stress reliever ball or the fact that Amy was practically clinging onto Eva's hand.

"Honey, are you alright?" Eva's dad asked.

"You tell me," she forced a smile onto her face. "I don't know if it's because my parents were betting on me or if it's because oh, I don't know... Planning my whole life for me?" she said sarcastically and Amy smirked at her.

"We just wanna give you the best, sweetie," her Dad retorted wittily. Everyone chuckled at their little encounter.

"Are you familiar with the term of sarcasm?" Eva smirked. I like this girl. Feisty.

"Honey, can you please give the boys a house tour?" her mom asked.

"Sure thing!" Eva replied. That was a little too enthusiastic and I have a feeling that she's up to something. I hope it will end up in me surviving...

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