The Bad Boy Has A Crush On Me

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Another Day

Eva’s P.O.V

I woke up to the sound of my stupid alarm. It’s 7. Another day.

I quickly got off my bed, took my iPod and rushed to the bathroom. After 25 Taylor Swift songs and 40 minutes, I was fully dressed and headed downstairs to eat breakfast. I wore a white top, a jean jacket, blue skinny jeans and white sneakers.

“Morning,” I said happily as I reached the dinning table.

“Someone’s happy,” my mom commented.

“I bet it has something to do with a certain billionaire bad boy transfer student called Brandon Vega,” Amy smirked. Thank god, dad was not here and left early for work.

“Shut up, Amy,” I said trying to calm the heat in my cheeks.

About 20 minutes later, I finished breakfast and headed outside to see Camilla and Cassie waiting for me in their car. You see, every Friday (BTW, today is Friday) the twins would have to pick me and Anna up. But every Monday, I have to pick all of them up.

I smiled at them and said, “Buenos días.”

“Someone’s in a good mood,” Cassie said.

“Does it have something to do with-”

“A certain billionaire bad boy transfer student called Brandon Vega?” I cut Camilla off. “Yeah, sort of.”

“Our baby is so straight forward these days,” Camilla cooed.

“Whatever! I’m sure that he probably doesn’t even like me,” I sighed. Ok, that was just me trying to get a reaction out of them and trying to check if they know anything. Mainly, I wanted someone to tell me that he liked me.

“He has a girlfriend, you know,” Cassie said.

“WHAT?” I was practically yelling.

“Jeez, calm down! I was only joking!” she said causing me to let out a breath that I didn’t even know I was holding. My friends really do know me.

30 minutes later, we arrived at school after picking Anna up. We were currently discussing our plans for holiday which will come in about 2 weeks.

“Where do you think we should go? Paris, London or Dubai?” Anna asked.

“Dubai,” I replied because I chose it.

“But they’re all so good. I mean, the pictures and the reviews were amazing,” Cassie responded.

“Gotta agree with you on that one. But I feel like it’s gonna be boring. We always go alone. Maybe we could bring someone else,” Anna smirked.

“What are you getting at?” I asked as I saw the boys walking towards us.

“It’s better to show than tell right?” Anna replied and turned to the guys with that mischievous smile of hers. What is she up to?

“I was just- Sorry. We were just wondering what you guys would be doing for the holidays. We usually have a girls trip but it would be boring since we go together every year. So, would you like to come with us?” Anna asked.

“You know, if you had that same confidence to say the word yes, then you'll be dating half the boys in this school, Anna,” I sarcastically commented causing Cade to grin.

“Nope, we're not going back to that subject!” she shot back.

“We would love to come if you could tell us where you’re going,” Cade replied.


“We were planning on going to either Paris, London or Dubai. But I have a feeling that you’re going to have a few opinions,” I said.

“Correct,” Max said as I rolled my eyes at him. “Paris? Really? City of love? What about communication? How are you going to speak to people if you don’t even know French?”

“Hey! Je parle couramment 8 langues! And one of those languages are French!” I said feeling annoyed and offended.

“Sorry I didn’t know but what about the rest of you girls?” he continued and they shook their heads. “So, Paris is off the list.”

“And London? Do you want to be freezing? It’s always rainy and cold there,” Cade said.

"Do you want spend all your time dressed in jackets and sweaters cause... Guys don't dig that," Hudson added. That maniac. We fall for that trick all the time. Well, more like they do but I really don't care however, I can't be the only one objecting, it's 7 against 1. I'll definitely loose.

"I guess we sorted this out then, we're going to Dubai but, what exactly are we going to do there?" Brandon asked. I smiled.

"We're going to visit the Jumeirah beach, Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, the Business Bay and many other places," I replied.

"I'm guessing you are the one who wanted to go to Dubai?" Cade asked and kind of stated.

"Yup," I responded. My eyes drifted to who were walking up to us. I've been waiting for this. Karina and her posse. They were the queen bees and they were exactly what you expect them to be. Slutty, mean, beautiful, annoying and most importantly... Bitches. They were the people that I hate the most in this school. Karina has slept with half the school but I've kissed like 3 guys in the same night and I get slut shamed. By the way, no one dared to call me a slut except Karina. But I slapped her and took a video of it. So, she is pretty scared of me.

"Hey," Karina said to the guys in a seductive tone. "I thought we'd show you guys around today and it must be pretty boring to always be with them," she said the word 'them' with disgust written all over her faces.

"Watch it, Karina," Camilla warned.

"And if you want to say something to us, then say if to our faces," Anna contributed.

"Gee, I don't think I have enough time to waste on you four," she shot back.

"Coward," Cassie commented.

"I'm not a coward. You're just not worth it," she replied as she and her posse started walking towards the other direction to go and flirt with the football team.

"Hey, Karina," I called after her (and no, I didn't move from my spot) then, she stopped in her tracks. "You should really work on your Maths another F would mean detention for the rest of your life. And just think about what your parents will be feeling if they knew that their baby girl was doing bad at school. Oh, and don't forget, you got two suspensions this year already. One more strike and you're out." I saw her fists clench. I must've pissed her off.

"But I'll let it slide this time. Now, run along, I've got more important things to do," I smirked then she and her posse continued their parade. The girls smiled at me and I gave them back a wide grin.

"Now I know why they call you the bad girls," Hudson said.

"How did you even know that she got an F in maths?" Max asked.

"Let's just say that I pay attention to a LOT of things," I replied smugly.

"What about the two suspensions?" Cade added.

"She didn't come to school for 2 whole weeks in March and July, then there are the rumours plus, the first thing I did when I came to this school is hack into their system," I whispered the last part. The guys smirked at this and the rest of the day went pretty good.

It was 12:00 pm now and mainly, lunch time. The girls still haven't stopped staring at the boys and I face-palmed a few times.

Like yesterday, we all got our food and went to sit in the usual spot. We're having a LOT of conversations.

"So, how did you become friends anyway?" Cade asked me. I looked at the girls proudly.

"Camilla, Cassie and I met at a dinner party when we were 12," I replied. "But Anna and I met in Snowfrost primary in year 1. She was covered in paint that day and that's pretty much the whole reason why I talked to her on that day."

"Then," Cassie added, "Anna met us both on our first day at Snowfrost high."

"Anyways, how did you four meet?" Camilla asked.

"We don't wanna brag about it but..." Hudson trailed off.

"Just tell us already!" Cassie ushered with excitement written all over her face.

"We met during an illegal poker game," Max said.

"Ah, now this I've GOT to hear," I commented. "When? Where? And who won?"

"When we were 15. At a party that the Shelton brothers were hosting. Brandon obviously won," Hudson replied.

"Wait, the Shelton brothers?" I asked and they nodded in response. In case you're wondering, the Shelton brothers are the very annoying brothers who keeps on hitting on me no matter how many times I tell them to fuck the hell off.

"Is something wrong?" Brandon questioned and the girls started giggling.

"Nope, it's just that I hate them both. So, what? You guys are like friends?" I asked.

The boys chuckled and I looked at them with an expression that probably said, 'Huh?'

"Oh, the thing is that, we can't be further from being friends. We basically hate each other's guts. By the way, we only went to that poker game because we got invited," Brandon explained.

"When was the poker game? Which month?" I asked.

"Um... July," Hudson replied.

"Ah, that's when I didn't go," I said remembering all the nosy texts I got from those fuckers. They just won't take the hint.

"Why didn't you? They only invite very important people plus, it's poker! It's fun," Cade said.

"Poker is pretty fun and I admire the fact that they only invite important people. But the main reason they called me was because they both wanted to sleep with me. So, yeah, I didn't go." By the time I finished, Brandon looked like he wanted to kill someone (why though, nah, I'm just messing with you, I have a feeling that he likes me) and their jaws were hanging open. I had to bite back a snicker.

"Oh, by the way, your mouths are open enough for a swarm of bees to create a hive in them," I commented causing the girls to burst out laughing.

"Oh god, just the image!" Camilla managed to gasp out. I continued eating like I didn't feel like I was going to die of laughter. I just hope I get my happily ever after.

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