The Bad Boy Has A Crush On Me

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"It’s your turn, Eva,” Anna said. Currently, the girls and I were playing Never Have I ever with the boys in my bedroom.

“Ok, Never Have I ever... Oh, had threesomes,” I asked. No one put their fingers down but Cassie and Camilla glanced at each other and put their fingers down.

I almost choked on my saliva. What the everlasting fuck?

“Please tell me that you didn’t do it together!” I squeezed my eyes shut.

“Hell no!” they both replied as I sighed.

“Good, cause for a moment there, I thought I had to wipe my memories,” I huffed. “Cade’s turn.” We all looked at him expectantly.

“Never have I ever, kept a deep dark secret from my besties,” Cade said. Why do I have a feeling that I want to hide under my blankets. I put my finger down but no one else did. They turned to me with wide eyes.

“Nope! No way in hell am I gonna say that in front of a bunch of boys!” I declared. In a second, the girls dragged me to my closet and shut the door.

“Oooh! Didn’t know that we were playing 7 minutes in heaven,” Hudson commented. I could almost picture that smirk the boys always shared.

“Ew! Shut up!” Camilla yelled.

“I’ll set a timer!” Max joined in. Cassie opened the door and stuck her tongue out at Max and the boys chuckled. She closed the door and we went to the far corner of my closet so that no one can hear us. My closet was the size of a normal person’s bedroom.

“So? What’s the secret?” Anna asked.

I took a deep breath in. There’s probably a million knots in my sto- Scratch that, there’s probably a billion knots in my stomach. How will they react? They’ll probably hate me forever. Here it goes...

“Um... I’m... a... virgin,” I said quietly but loud enough for them to hear me as I looked down at my feet like they were they most interesting thing in this room.

“What the absolute fuck?” Camilla exclaimed.

“Why didn’t you tell us this?” Cassie asked.

“Well, for one, you’ll treat me differently and two, no one really likes to admit that fact,” I replied.

“Oh, sweetie, don’t worry! You’re our bestie. We’ll never treat you differently! Even if you’re obsessed with eating chocolate!” Anna hugged me. About 2 seconds later, we were all sharing a group hug. You must be thinking that this is impossible. I’m a bad girl. I’m supposed to have boys following me around everywhere. Too bad, this is real life, get over it. I've given BJs to a few guys and they gave me the head but I never took the whole package. Because I didn’t really feel anything for. Too bad, this is real life, get over it.

“Time is up!” Brandon called from outside the door. “We’re gonna come in now, so, I just hope you guys weren’t having sex in there.”

The door flung open to reveal the four guys saying, “Aaaaaaw!” simultaneously cause we were still in the middle of that group hug.

“Care to share the secret? We could have a bigger group hug,” Cade suggested.

“None of your beeswax,” I muttered as I walked out of the closet causing the boys to chuckle.

“She does that when she’s nervous,” Cassie explained.

“The bad girl is nervous?” Brandon gasped as he put a hand of his heart dramatically. It was my turn to stick my tongue out. Everyone laughed.

“Oh please,” I shot back, “You wouldn’t be laughing like this if you told your friends that you were a-” I was cut off by Camilla putting a hand over my mouth.

“Do you want to expose your secret?” she asked with annoyance. I shook my head and she took her hand off my mouth.

“Wait, what happened with Stefan?” Anna asked.

“Nothing happened!” I defended.

“I meant, why did nothing happen?” she asked.

“I didn’t actually like him, Ariel!” I shot back. She hates it when I call her that because her hair is red.

“Whatever, Elena!” she smirked. They boys looked at us warily.

“Oh, Anna gets called Ariel because of her hair and Eva gets called Elena because she is obsessed with Vampire Diaries,” Cassie explained (again) and the boys nodded their heads. Anna and I smiled at each other.

About 30 minutes later, we were all sprawled on my Alaska king sized bed (not in the after-sex kind of way though) watching Vampire Diaries. Now you might be wondering why in the hell I need a bed this big. Well, it’s because one, my parents have a bucket load of money and two, I have a habit of moving in the bed whilst sleeping so, I sometimes end up on the floor.

“Hey!” Amy greeted with a bright smile as she opened the door to my bedroom.

“Hey!” I replied with just as much enthusiasm. She groaned when she looked at the TV and I chuckled.

“Vampire Diaries again? You need to grow up, Eva,” she sighed.

“Hey, I resent that! Vampire Diaries have sexual content so technically, I’m grown up. Plus, I’m 18,” I basically sang. She huffed causing a smile to spread across my face.

“So, why were you late?” I asked making her blush. What the hell? She’s never blushed unless I was talking about- Oh, no you’re not!

“I had a project to do,” she lied.

“But don’t you usually ask me for help?” I acted innocent.


“Don’t worry, I’ll try not to kill Ashton,” I said causing her to let out a breath. “But can’t promise on me being ok with it.”

“As long as he lives,” she smiled and I gave her the fakest smile ever but she bought it and got out of the room. I rolled my eyes.

“What was all that about?” Brandon asks and I turn my attention to my friends who were looking at me with wide eyes.

“My sister just got a boyfriend and kind of changed her relationship status. So, I got all overprotective-sister mode and was pissed off this entire time but managed to hide it with my amazing acting skills,” I explained and their eyes widened.

About 1 hour of watching Vampire Diaries, they all left and I lay down on my bed in my PJs. Brandon looked soooooo hot today. Whenever I close my eyes, all I can see is him in his black leather jacket, white t-shirt (that brought out his extremely muscular arms) and black denim jeans.

Ok, I need to get my shit under control or else I’m just going to probably end up gawking at him every time instead of making an actual move. I know, I’ve known him for like 2 days, but his whole bad boy attitude, sarcastic comments, the way he treats me not to mention that amazing body... I mean, I really really like him. But, what if he doesn’t like me back? Screw that thought, I think he likes me. Are all girls like this? Do we always feel uncertain about a boy we like? Why can’t I be straight forward enough to just ask him out? BTW, isn’t that the boy’s job to do?

I took a deep breath through my nose and exhaled through my mouth. Suddenly, my phone lit up with a text and I went to check who it was. Probably Anna asking to make plans tomorrow. It was Brandon.

Brandon's P.O.V

I texted her. Will I seem too needy? Does she like me? Ok, that one was not necessary, I know for a fact that she likes me. The girls said so. So, I texted her.

Me: Hey!

Eva: Hey! You ok?

Me: Yeah, why wouldn't I be?

Eva: Um... Have you checked the time? It's 12. People usually text me at this time if there's an emergency or something.

I smiled at that. She is kind and caring even if she doesn't want to admit it. I like her.

Me: Why would they text the bad girl? (smirking emoji)

Eva: Ouch! Anyways, it's 12! What's the matter?

Oh, I almost forgot.

Me: My dad is hosting a stupid event tomorrow. Would you please, PLEASE, help me by being my fake date????

I just hope that she doesn't take it like I'm using her.

Eva: Why do you want a fake date? And why me? (raised eyebrows emoji)

Me: I need (not just want) a fake date because Angel Harrison (the most annoying bitch ever) is following me around, flirting with me. I chose you because one, you are one of the 4 girls that I can actually stand being next to, two, I like your attitude and three, I don't need to pay you. Do I? (eyes narrowed emoji)

Please, please, PLEASE don't say no!!!

Eva: I'll take the first two things as a compliment but I don't know about the third reason...

This girl is driving me crazy (in a good way of course)...

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