Izzy and Jazz

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Chapter 5 - A new family

It was a happy walk home, Jazz and Sam raced ahead whilst Eve and I walked hand in hand. When we were almost home I broached the subject that had been bothering me. ‘Where is Sam’s father?’ I asked. Eve tensed up, and I immediately regretted asking, it was obviously a sore spot. She squeezed my hand and said ‘I’ll tell you, I just need time’. I squeezed back, I was prepared to wait. When we got back I rushed into my mum’s rooms to tell her all about the wolves. She was just as excited as I was, and she hoped one day she’d be able to come see them herself. This made me sad, I knew it was hard for mum being housebound. Her sickness wasn’t getting better and it worried me. But I had to be strong, for mum. So I hugged her and told her she’d be out with us in no time. She wanted to nap then, so I re-joined the others in the lounge. I found Eve on the couch, she told me Jazz and Sam were curled up on the bean bag fast asleep. The excitement of the day must have worn them out.

I sat next to Eve and smiled, it had been a great day. Eve shifted nervously next to me took my hand, then begun. When I was 15, she said, I was walking home from a friends at night, I was only a few blocks from home when a van pulled up beside me. A guy jumped out, he was wearing dark clothes and a balaclava over his face. He grabbed me, and though I struggled I was no match for his strength. He covered my face with a rag that stunk of chemicals. I passed out from the smell. ‘Eve’ I said, ‘You don’t have to continue’. She squeezed my hand ‘its okay I want to’. When I woke up he was looming above me, breathing heavily. I tried to scream but my mouth was gagged. He forced his way inside me, and then after he’d had his fun he threw me out of the van. In pain and crying I stumbled along until a woman found me and rung the police. He was never caught. He left me hurt and scarred, but he gave me one thing I am thankful for. Sam. Sam is my life, without him I may have never made it through the dark times that followed.

I was shocked at the terrible thing Eve had been through. I pulled her close to me, and brushed away her tears. ‘I’m so sorry that happened to you, thank you for telling me. It must have been difficult’. ‘It was’, she whispered, ‘but I wanted you to understand’. I hugged her tightly. Humans could be such disgusting creatures. It made me sick. But like Eve had said, at least she it meant she now had Sam.

A week later I had a surprise for Eve. I bought tickets to her favourite band. When inviting her I even called it a date. A nurse was looking after my mum, and Eve’s mum was looking after Sam. We met at the venue at ten past eight. I was wearing a dress, mum had picked it out. Eve told me I looked beautiful. I blushed. I had yet another surprise, they weren’t just tickets, and they were front row seats ‘blind benefits’ I grinned. It was perfect, just me, Eve and the music. I love all music, since I can’t see hearing was is my favourite sense. When the music started I could forget I was blind and just get lost in the music.

The beat was slow and beautiful. The crowd sung along, and we joined them. On the second to last song Eve grabbed my hand and pulled me close. I was confused but followed her lead. We stood in front of the stage, the music surrounding us and we danced. Slow dancing, with Eve’s arms around me, everything else was forgotten. Eve’s smell, her closeness and her warmth. It engulfed me and I was entranced. As the song drew to a close I put my hands on Eve’s face, drawing her close for a kiss. When the audience applauded it felt as if it was for us. I had never had such a perfect moment.

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