The Blind Girl

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A little girl that is determined to reach her dreams and to discover that even that she's blind, people will truly get to know the real her.

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Chapter 1 Ruby's broken Friendship

I may be blind but I could her the kids in my grade kept making fun of me or would be spreading rumors about me. I was the unpopular person in my grade level and the only friend that I had was Maddie,she would always find some sort of way to cheer me up.Me and her would always tell each other's short stories of what we did over spring break,the best part about it was that we would spend time at the park or are favorite tree spot near the river. sometimes I think about what she looks like and what color eyes she has but she always says that I may be able to see her one day,if that would ever happen.I can hear her sweet laughter whenever she would see or say something funny,every moment that goes by that would never stop thinking of if I could Really be able to see.I always wish had more friends like Maddie,the ones who can see the real me and not seeing me as the blind freak.I know that I may never meet anybody as sweet and kind as Maddie,but it seems that I was wrong.One day I was heading to my first period class and as I was walking their someone from my grade pushed me down,their was this strange voice that said "hey leave her alone".As that kind person helped me up and picked up my stuff,as that person was picking up my things he or she said "what is your name".At first I didn't know what to say and then I had calmed myself down and said"My name is Ruby".That person told that I had a wonderful name and that I was very kind,That person said to me"Hi Ruby,my name is Lucas.From that day on me, Maddie, and lucas became the best of friends and we would do everything together.I was so lucky to have friends like Maddie and Lucas, anytime that I had needed help they would always be there for me.Days had went by and I was spending my days with my mother,but for some reason I Never got the change or even be able to see Lucas or Maddie ever again.It's like they had disappeared without a trace,but on one a sunnyday I could hear Lucas and Maddie's voice coming from the park when I was trying so hard to find them I was In shocked of what maddie was saying"how can we even be friends with her,if she can't even see us".To me that was the most saddest thing that I had ever heard,as I crying lucas had noticed me standing there crying.Lucas and Maddie keeped on saying"Ruby,we can explain" instead of me listening on what they had to say to me I ran home crying and having a hard time on finding my way back home.
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