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book contains various different stories of different plots. this one THE MASSAGE is the first story of the book BANGERS

Drama / Mystery
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The message

Once there lived a girl named lily with her beloved father in California. Lily’s mother had passed away when she was 3, so she has a deep relationship with her father. Lily loved her father more than anything. Her father was her life.

When lily was 14 her father had lung cancer. Lily’s father didn’t have a good job so the salary was pretty less and it was not enough for the full treatment of her father’s disease. After 2 years when lily was 16, her father unfortunately passed away.

Lily was pretty upset of her beloved father’s death. After few days lily saw that her father’s second mobile number is active. She was shocked that no one has blocked this number. Lily ignored this and thought of an idea. She thought that she would massage her father often, like when she had made a mistake or did something her father would be proud of.

The next day she had an A* in her math exam, so, she massaged her father and then turned off her phone. This thing went on since lily was about to graduate. But all these years lily haven’t noticed something strange. The thing was that the massages were read. After few days it was the day when lily was graduating, she was really happy and massaged her father once again.

But this time, something unexpected happened, there was a reply! It said “hi dear lily, you have been massaging me for so long, today let me tell you the truth, I am not your father. Your father exchanged numbers with me when he was alive. But there is a thing I want to tell you. Actually when you were massaging me I thought it was my daughter Amanda. My daughter died in the same year your dad had died. I really miss her. Thankyou for all your help to calm me down for years and years I thought that you were my daughter since you sent me the picture of your graduation ceremony. Which is today.” Lily was shocked, she never expected that she had massaging a random person of her father’s age.

The man asked lily to be her daughter and live with him. They both lived in the same country and city so lily agreed and they both lived happily together forever. Lily was happy to have a father and the man was happy to have a daughter like his own.

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