Club Dead

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Frank's Club

“How goes Club Dead?”

“Oh, hi Jesse.”

“Don’t call me that. You were right, it was not a very good pseudonym.”

“I’m sorry. You seemed to like it. Have you replaced it?”

“Working on it.”

“How about Max? Max is a terrific name. Somebody in Club Dead plans to use it.”

“An awesome name. But I can’t take an established super name. I need to take a vague name and make it extraordinary.”

“You want to be extraordinary?”

“Don’t you?”

“It’s not a big ambition with me, no.”

“For the time being you see me, say ’what’s up?’ or ’hey, what’s going on?’”


“I notice that your first official meeting is today.”

“Will you come? I’m not sure what I’m doing. You lend me courage.”

“How about that! But I haven’t had an interview.”

“You have a way of making a person like you one second and then not the next.”

“Come on, you deserve a little mockery. Interviews?”

“They made me hold them.”


“It’s complicated, at the first meeting there was this assembly of students.”

“An assembly made you hold interviews?”

“Oh, forget it, the point is I was under the impression they wanted it, so yes, I held interviews. There are twelve members of Club Dead.”

“Twelve! Like the apostles, and that makes you Jesus Christ!”

“Humor has a perverse effect upon a person obsessed with death. Do you know that?”

“What does ‘perverse effect’ mean?”

“It means I don’t know if I want to be around you.”

“Sure you do. You just said you want me to check out your club. As for my humor, you are not the first person for it to rub the wrong way. It’s a lousy self-defense mechanism.”

“What are you defending yourself against?”

“I am not as confident as I appear.”

“Well, knock it off around me. I have violent tendencies.”

“You get more interesting every square floor tile we walk over. By the way, where are you headed, or are walking around in the circles again to avoid class?”

“No, this is my stop.”

“Ah, English, with the melancholy Mr. Worth. No jokes there.”

“His mood works for me these days. Besides, we’re reading Kafka. Have I told you my theory of the absurd?”

“Another time CJ. For I must move along. Miss Griswold is vigilant marking tardies, even for seconds. Until 2:30 for the first meeting of Club Dead.”

“You’ll come?”

“You bet. Can I ask a favor in return?”

“Are you one of those types? I thought you were being generous.”

“It’s not generosity. If my presence makes you felt confident, that’s great. I actually want to see what Club Dead is about. Okay, scratch the favor bit. If it will make you feel I am not asking you for something in return, I’ll tell you about something I am doing. It will make you want to check it out.”

“What is it?”

“Look for my flyer.”

“You’re going to post a flyer?”

“You inspired me.”

“And the cause?”

“Let anticipation eat you up.”

“How will I know it’s yours?”

“Be imaginative. I bet you’ll be able to tell.”

“Can’t you give me a hint?”

“I am on a mission…”

“To be extraordinary, I know…”

“To alter Blissfield High School.”

“In what way? You have me very intrigued.”

“Good, I’ve whetted your appetite. I have to go, Miss Griswold beckons.”

“You sound a little like Mr. Worth when you talk that way.”

“Now who’s insulting who?”


“Oh god, I’m falling for a grammar snob?”

“You’re falling for me? That’s fast.”

“There’s no time to waste. High school is only four years and we’ve already knocked off eighteen months.”

“I totally think the same way, though the reasons differ.”

“Aren’t you falling for me?”


“Stumbling? What are you crying for?”

“That’s what I do.”

“Strange girl. We have to change that.”

“Please do Max!”

“Don’t call me Max. I haven’t done anything to earn such a name.”

“Oh, you should know that I am not what I seem.”


“CJ is not the only thing I’m changing.”

“And you want me to guess?”

“And I’m leaning towards obscure ways of being.”

“You’re testing me.”

“I hate tests.”

“On whether I can endure vagueness.”

“Vagueness has nothing to do with it.”

“You make no sense.”

“And can you put up with a person who makes no sense?”

“Well, wouldn’t that shake up my world-view?”

“You sound as if you might mocking me.”

“How, if I’m thinking of changing my world view?”

He had me there.

“Aye, three minutes late. Look what you’re doing to me: making me ignore Miss Griswold. You have powers.”

From my seat I saw Frank outside the closed door talking to someone. He was now seven minutes late to Mrs. Griswold’s class.

I never thought I was the type who had powers.

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