Club Dead

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Wade is Not in the Hospital

“They think you’re a spy.”


“You have a way about you.”

“Which is?”


“Come on. I can be trusted. You trust me. Don’t you.”


“What the heck does that mean, generally? I’m your girlfriend.”

“You know I don’t like labels. And you know I’m not keen on this girl business.”

“But you are a girl!”

“Think outside the box Brink. It’s the twenty-first century. Being a girl is so twentieth century.”

“You’re talkative today.”

“There’s a lot to talk about.”

“Enlighten me.”

“I told you about how Club Dead views you, and Wraithe’s parents are trying to get Mr. Blok to reinstate him at school.”

“Never happen.”

“It may.”

“I’ll still have my 50 foot buffer.”

“That may be hard to enforce. You take math with him.”

“I’ll drop math.”

“For an anarchist, you have a great deal of confidence that the system has your interests in mind.”

“My parents pay Blok’s salary.”

“And the administration is getting nervous about the play.”

“It is taking shape. That Emig is a ballsy one.”

“But Mrs. Stone is determined to put an end to Club Dead. She has it out for CJ.”

“What do you think of her? Kind of nervous, don’t you think?”

“You shouldn’t make fun of her suicide attempt. I’ve tried. So have you. We’re all nervous.”

“You look at her.”

“I look at many people.”

“But with her, it’s different.”

“And how do I look at her?”

“In an interested way.”

“She’s interesting.”

“More than me?”

“Don’t get jealous on me Brink. After labels, I loath harmful emotions fueled by an undisciplined imagination.”

“How dare you lecture me on an undisciplined imagination. That defines you.”

“I am very disciplined.”

“I feel besieged on many fronts – Club Dead, Wraithe, you and CJ…”

“What you fail to see Brink is that you, Club Dead and CJ have become targets.”

“And my plans are in ruins.”

“Not completely.”

“What do you mean?”

“I have more news. Wade is not in the hospital.”

“I’m listening.”

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