Club Dead

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Emma Could Rule the World

Emma sat on the committee. She was one of five students who would judge the school’s play competition.

“How did you get on it?” I asked.

“Mr. Blok asked me to,” Emma said.

“I heard Mrs. Stone asked you.”

“No, she did not.”

How had Brink mixed that up?

“Who else is on it?”

“A bunch of seniors I do not know too well.”

“Why ask a sophomore to join a committee with seniors?”

“I do not know.”

“Didn’t you wonder?”

“Mr. Blok asks me to do a lot.”

“You never say no.”

“I do, have.”


Emma tilted her head and said nothing.

“I heard that Stone wanted you on that committee. Maybe she said something to Mr. Blok.”

“How would you come to such knowledge? And why would Mrs. Stone want me on that committee?”

“I don’t know. I think I’ll find out.”

“Are you going to submit your dead play?”

“Looks like it.”

“I will be impartial. Do not expect me to play favorites.”

“I’m not submitting it. The club would submit it. I couldn’t care less what happens to the play. Besides, I’m not writing it. I haven’t written a thing for it.”

“Yes, well, you inspired it. Everyone knows your role in that club.”

“You say ’that club’ in a funny way.”

“How ’funny’?

“Like it stinks.”

“I do not think it stinks.”

“That it’s a lesser club.”

“Fabian, it mocks. I am not into mocking.”

“Fine, you don’t mock, but art does mock. It’s called satire. It does a lot that you don’t do. Like talk in contractions.”

“Do not be petty. I was probably picked because I am a good English student. They want students who know good writing and art.”

“So who are the other judges?”

“Kelly Hinton, Paul Kildore, Stephanie Baxter and Hester something. Cucumber.”

I wrote down these names.

“Cucumber? You sure?”

“Cumbersome…Cuckold..I do not know.”

“Are they good English students?”

“I am not sure.”

“I’ll find out that too.”

“You seem perkier Fabian.”

“Please call me CJ.”

“CJ. And you are not crying as much.”

“I’ve noticed.”

“I am glad.”

“Me too.”

Emma took on a lot at school. Teachers liked her. She had many friends. Her future looked bright. I didn’t think she wanted to go to mom’s school. But she wouldn’t resist. If she did once in a while, she would be an even more impressive person. I would have loved to see her use her strength and abilities to say ’no’. No one could obstruct her. She could rule the world.

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