Club Dead

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The Committee

The committee met to judge the screenplays.

“We have fifteen plays,” Stephanie Baxter said.

“Is that a lot?” Hester Chukwuma asked.

“Five each,” Kelly Hinton noted.

“What are they about,” Paul Kildore asked.

“How about I read the titles?” Emma said. “The Assassins, Stan, OMG!, Zombie Charter School, Jane is in the Cosmos, Rocks and Scissors, School Times, Frogz rule the World, Moses Was First, Can’t Say I Like Spanish, You Stole My Diary, He Wears a Slip, The Horses, Tupac is Alive, Elvis is Not, and My Mom is a Mailwoman.”

“I like the titles.”

“I want to read He Wears a Slip.”

“No, just hand them out randomly.”

”We have a month to make our decision.”

“Next week have yours read, pick your best one, and we’ll read another five. Then we’ll do some voting on our picks.”

Emma scanned at the first play on her stack: Zombie Charter School.

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