Club Dead

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Carrie handed me an envelope, and walked away before I opened it.

A yellow rectangular sticky note was attached to several pieces of standard typing paper. I read the note:

FYI, you’re not the only target. Brink

I opened the envelope and pulled out copied emails. I read the one on top.

To: Mayor James Keller

Subject: Stark charter school


Find attached the economic impact re: Stark school upon BHS.

Next, I read the attachment. Many columns and rows and numbers filled the page. I returned to the email.

…my investigation thus far has learned that the Stark school has 33 commitments from students currently attending BHS. At $10,657 per pupil, BHS stands to loose $351,681. How will BHS make up for this loss of revenue?


I flipped to the next printed email.

To: Jane Stone

Subject: $


Stark school enrollment is weak. Their state charter stipulates a minimum student body of 88 is needed for the school to open legally. The following year, they must double that amount. Obtaining 88 students at this point of the school year can be viewed as unlikely. BTW, I do not intend, as mayor, to see Blissfield High School gutted to support the visions of that mad woman.

On to the next email.


Good to hear your support. I may have plan that guarantees the Stark school will not open. I’ll be in touch,


I found it hard to focus when so much swirled around me. I wondered if Brink knew about Mrs. Stone’s plan. I wondered if I was part of that plan. I didn’t consider myself the paranoid type, but I suspected that I was part of that plan.

I cried. My tinnitus whined. I was dizzy. I had not eaten. I’d like a cookie baked by Emma.

How did Brink get those emails?

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