Club Dead

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And the Winner is...

The screenplay committee met to choose a winner.

“Stephanie, what’s your decision?” Kelly asked.

“Frogz Rule the World.”


“Jane is in the Cosmos.”

“I like that too,” Kelly said, “but I go for Tupac is Alive, Elvis is Not. Emma?”

“Zombie Charter School.”

“Emma, you can’t vote for that.”

“Why not?”

“You have a conflict of interest.”

“Which is?”

“Your sister wrote it.”

“She did not.”

“It’s by her club.”

“So what. She did not write it.”

“Who did?”

“I do not know all their names. I think three people collaborated.”

“But still…”

“Still nothing. It is good.”

“Okay, okay. Let’s share out thoughts on our picks and see what we can do about finding consensus.”

“Back to you Steph. What caught your eye in Frogs Rule?”

“Oh, the characters, the scenes, the drama.”

“That can be said about all of these. Come on, why was it better than say Zombie School?”

“Look, Frogs Rule doesn’t attack our school. That zombie story was mean.”

“Ironic,” Emma said.

“Let’s stick to finding the worth of each play - ”

“It was mean,” Kelly says. “Gosh, really, we can’t pick a play that mocks our school.”

“It can be any school, not necessarily ours,” Emma said.

“Oh, pu-lease,” Hester drawled. “Tell me that the head zombie is not Mrs. Stone. Come on, tell me.”

“She is an archetype. There are many administrators who come across exactly like Mrs. Stone.”

“But she’s call Iron Head Zombie. Iron, Stone. Jeez Emma, I can’t believe you liked that piece of crap,” Stephanie said.

“Manners, remember, we are a committee. Norms of group behavior. Let’s keep a professional demeanor,” Kelly said.

“Stephanie, what was so good about Frogs Rule?” Emma asked.

“It was sweet.”

“But what does it say?”

“What do you mean?”

“Exactly what I asked. A play has to say something about us, our world. We are talking about art, yes?”

“I don’t know about art, but I thought the Tupac play was funny,” Kelly said.


“I don’t know.”

“I liked the way Tupac spoke.”

“He spoke like an illiterate black man.”

“So? It was funny.”

“It was an updated minstrel show,” Emma said.

“What’s that?”

“It was racist!”

“Hester, convince us that Jane is in the Cosmos should win,” Kelly said.

“Well, Jane is a very strong female protagonist.”

“What kind of protagonist is she? She gets lost in space and three guys save her,” Emma explained.

“Emma, you don’t have to be so negative about everything!”

“Who is negative? I am making a point. Jane is passive. She does nothing. She waits for guys to do everything. And what is the constant description of her body? I will not support this sexist drivel,” Emma concluded.

The committee members looked around for a decision to descend upon them.

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