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Letter to the Editor

I read a letter to the editor.

To the editor:

It is no secret that a new charter school, having been approved by the state, is set to open its door in Blissfield when the next school year commences. I am not writing to express my views on whether or not Blissfield requires a new school. Still, something needs to be inspected, namely the abilities of those planning to administer this new charter school.

I will state my concern clearly: will this new school harm our young people?

Harm students, you ask? But hasn’t the spokespeople for the new charter school defended their school precisely because they feel that Blissfield High School is harming certain students? How can this be, if that is what they claim?

Let me be clearer: it has come to my attention that a BHS student recently committed an atrocious act of self-harm. The parents of this student are intimately involved with the new charter school.

I ask: if the parents of this child have created a home setting where their child harms him/herself, then what can we expect will happen to students who transfer from BHS to this new charter school? If the parents are so ill-equipped to raised their child, what assurance can we have that they are capable of meeting the needs of the students under their care? If your child expresses a desire to attend this new charter school, how will you be sure your child will be safe?


A Concerned Citizen

“Yes, I am a target,” I said.

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