Club Dead

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She is Very Intrepid

“How do you know?”

“I went to the newspaper and spoke with Mr. Kesey.”

“So much for confidential sources.”

“I am not sure he wanted me to know. He is not a fan of anonymous authors. He tracked down the copy editor who let it be printed without a name. That person blurted out Mrs. Stone’s name. Mr. Kesey gave me a long look after he saw that I heard it.”

Emma stuffed the taco shells with sautéed tofu, a gift for me. She knew that I needed a lift.

“What? He hates mom’s school too?”

“I do not know. He stands to land some advertising from mom. I do not know who his friends are.”

I dipped my finger into the tahini sauce.

“More lemon?”

“You and your taste for tartness.”

Emma squeezed in one half of a lemon.

“Mr. Kesey left me quickly. Looked like he wanted to perform some damage control. I spoke with Kathy, you know, the writer whom I interned with?”

I nodded and squeezed in the other lemon’s half.

“She asked me about your play. Mr. Kesey told her to attend the opening of your play. Said he wants to see her story before it goes to print.”

“Kathy writes theater reviews?”

“Kathy is the paper’s political reporter. She snoops around and finds out that parents have been encouraged to attend too. Front rows will be reserved.”

“Who invited them?”

“Kathy tracked that down too. She is very intrepid. The invitation came from the high school office.”

“Mrs. Stone?”

“Could be.”

“All parents? There’s no way you could fit them all in the audience.”

“Kathy found more. No parents of senior students were invited. Why should they care about mom’s school? Their children are heading to college. But parents of under classmen have been contacted. Also, a survey had been sent home asking parents if they were thinking about transferring their children to mom’s school. They want a commitment. This has never been done before. But get this – emails were sent to any parent who has attended any of mom’s open houses.”

“There’s a mole at mom’s meetings?”

“Seems so.”

“This is no simple high school drama production.”

“No. Once these parents get a glimpse of Zombie Charter School, and provided they are bright enough to connect the dots, well, mom’s job will be made that much harder.”

“How many students does she need?”


“How many does she have?”

“Not eighty-eight.”

“Will you be there?”



“To support my mother.”

“She’s my mother too.”

“Act like it.”

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