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This story is about a girl that was saved.

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1

Evie’s POV:

I was on my way to the supermarket because my dad ordered me to, just another say as usual.
I was limping and I had blood all over myself, so I dressed with lots of clothes so that nobody could see my face with blood, or my arms, or hands, or legs. I dressed up so that people wouldn’t see how I was looking. My father head beaten me up again because I woke him up when I opened and closed my door to loud when I was going to make breakfast for my sister, stepmom and father. I was starving because I haven’t eaten all week as it was a punishment for me not coming back home at the hour I was supposed to form the supermarket last week because I came 10min late.

After 20min of walking to the supermarket

I was almost at the supermarket and then a group of boys came to me and I put my head down, hiding my face and kept on walking until one do them threw me it the ground, but my face was still covered and I was glad but they threw me to the street and I wasn’t on the side walk anymore, but the guy picked me up and threw me on to the side walk again.
“Gay freak! Get out of the way. I don’t like gay boys.” He spat and started punching my face threw my coat and tears spilled my eyes, I saw people just walking around me not caring.
One of the other boys came to the guy and started laughing. “So useless and ugly guy, I don’t even need to see your face to see how ugly you are.” He said and laughed more and kicked me on the stomach and I screamed and he kept kicking me everywhere.
“Let’s see that ugly Face of yours” the first guy said and I stood up and tried to run tot he closest place, it was a bar so I ran inside to a bathroom and hid in one of the bathroom stalls and started heavily breathing and saw blood running down my face and my clothes had blood now and I started getting nervous because nobody could see the blood.
“Don’t you dare run from me” I heard the guy that had beaten me up before and throw me on to the street before say and came into the girls bathroom and hit the hand on the bathroom stall door so hard the door was shaking and then it somehow opened and he looked at me for a second and smirked as he said: “your a boy. What are you doing in the girls bathroom? Oh I forgot, your gay! Freak.” He said and I was staring to get a little upset for the fact that he thought I was a boy and that I was gay but I was scared to death right now so I just put my head down and he grabbed me and threw me to a table of the bar and grabbed a knife and I screamed again as I saw him grabbing it.
“I don’t like you.” He said and grabbed my head still with the cap on and pushed it down and stuck the knife into my back with the shirt and everything into my back and I started screaming in complete pain and the people at the bar started staring at me and one of the guys friend came to me and started punishing me while the other stuck knifes into me until another guy came to them and I started getting even more scared because now it would be more than 3 guys hurting me and is started crying even more.
I saw the guy come and push the guys away, he grabbed me and put me on a table, took off my cap, glasses and jacket, I tried to stop him but I wasn’t strong enough to stop him.
“What happened to you?!” He asked shouting at me and he raised a hand and I put my hands at my face thinking he would hit me but then I realized he just had thrown the knife away that was on the side of the table with my blood on it.
He turned around and went to the guys and threw them to the ground. “why did you hurt her! And why did you call her a gay guy when she’s a girl you fucking idiot?!” He said and punched the guy who had struck the knifes into my back and he punched the guy who was beating me up too.
“We thought she was a gay guy. And I don’t like gay people.” He said and the guy who stoped the the group from hurting me, stared at both of them as the other guy nodded.
“That’s not a reason to hurt anyone!” He shouted and punched him again, he pulled out a gun and I looked away as I heard 2 shots and 3 men all dressed in back came and dragged the dead body’s away.
I saw the guy came to me and I tried standing up because I was afraid he would shoot me but I failed and just fell down.
Fuck, I think I broke my legs, a rib but that was already broken and so was my arm.
“Why did you throw yourself to the ground?” He asked as he looked at me confused.
“I didn’t throw myself to the ground. I fell, I really need to go sorry but thank you so much for saving me.. please, please don’t shoot me.” I said and I was proud because it was the first time I actually stood up for myself, well..kinda because at the end I begged him not to hurt me... but it still counts!
“No your not going before you tell me your name.” He said and Stepped closer to me and I leaned against the chair tables for support and stood up.
“Evie.” I said.
“That’s my name. What’s yours?”I asked.
“I’m not telling you my name. You can go but if I see you again I’m taking you with me.” He said.
“Uhh.. yeah, no you won’t see me ever again” i said and tried to rush away but fell down.
“Shit.. I don’t want another punishment for coming too late...” I mumbled and the guy who saved me look at me.
“Punishment?! Is that why you have so many fucking scars all over you?!” He said almost shouting.
“N- No that’s not W- Wh- what I me- meant.. you must have understood me w- wrong” I shuttered.
“Your getting away with lying to me this one time.”
He said as if we would know each other.
I Slightly nodded.
“Do you need help going home?” He asked seeing that I couldn’t walk but I panicked, he couldn’t see my home! And I’m getting late and still need to go to the supermarket, shit. And I didn’t even know how I would get there since I couldn’t even walk.
“No thanks I’ll find a way to go by myself.” I said and smiled, he nodded and just looked at me before saying anything.
“I can call you a Uber or something?” He offered and I politely declined.

The guy leaves and Evie gets a taxi for herself to go home since she couldn’t walk around

At home

“Where the fuck where you?! Your late you little bitch! Your late! Where is the food?!!” My father came running to me and punched me right on the face and on my stomach which made me scream in pain.
“I- I g- got B- b- beaten on the street by some boys and t- they broke my l-leg and I thin- think one of my r- ribs too..” I shuttered trying to speak out my words normally, but obviously failed that mission.
“Here’s your punishment. I’m going to tie you up with the chains on the room of punishment, you won’t eat for a week, won’t have your phone, won’t see your mother and I’ll let you suffer, oh and I can punch you whenever I want and wherever I want, and if you scream it will only get worse.” He said and I nodded as he dragged me to the room of punishment and put the chains all over my body and I was now almost handing on the wall and the chains where so tight that when I breathe it was almost like being chocked.

Blake’s POV

I wanted to know more about that girl immediately. So I called a friend of mine to take research about her and give it to me in at least 24 hours.
I couldn’t stop thinking about her, her beautiful eyes, face and body.. but sadly it was covered in blood.
I didn’t even know why Eu where attacking the girl but it made me really angry as I saw them hurting her. I know she’s a stranger but I feel like- she’s- special..

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