The Rift

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Chapter 24

Jay made the dust sparkle and shine, like glitter in the air as he let sand crystals flow out through the spaces between his fingers. “This place is amazing.” His words came out soft and subdued, like he had entered a naturally created, sacred sanctuary.

Liam sat beside him on the beach under the stars and the moon. “It was worth the trip then?”

Jay turned to him and his mouth fell open, but he had no words.

Liam laughed. “Yeah, I know it’s hard to describe.” He let his fingers snake through Jay’s and curled them up together as they both fell back onto the soft beach. They laid there looking at the stars.

“I never want to leave here.” Jay whispered, almost afraid to break the quiet song of the surrounding night. “I don’t believe I have ever felt this right in my whole life. This place, the group... you.”

Liam turned to face him. “I’m glad we met, and that my sister fell for you,” he chuckled, “and that you fell for me.”

Jay eased his face closer to Liam’s, the moonlight painting natural highlights across their skin. Liam closed his eyes, but Jay didn’t want to miss a moment, his eyes remained wide, drinking in every curve and angle of Liam’s face before he kissed him.

Their lips parted and Liam licked a sugary sweet residue away with the tip of his tongue. “What is that?”

Jay’s face turned a blush pink. “Toffee chews. Sorry, they’re like a sweet whisper of happiness in your mouth.”

Liam rolled his eyes and then wrapped his arms around Jay. “Let’s come back here every year until we’re old and have great grandchildren. We’ll make them paddle the kayaks while we eat toffee chews and hold hands in the sunsets. We may be wrinkled and haggard, but we’ll be together in our favorite place.”

Jay’s green eyes twinkled. “Promise.”

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